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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. naynay
    Hi,i will be adding M Scaler.
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  2. musickid
    immediately or later. i'm interested how folk are managing the upgrades.
  3. naynay
    It will be a little later.
    Qutest, TT2 was enough audio pleasure to go for Dave.
  4. musickid
    good luck with dave!
  5. AndrewOld
    I use the mains lead it came with.
  6. Triode User
    So do I. No other power filtering or mains gizmos either.
  7. Torq
    I'd go with just a DAVE over M-Scaler -> Hugo 2 (or M-Scaler -> Qutest).

    I've not gotten to try the Hugo TT 2 with an M-Scaler outside of show conditions, so it's possible I'd take that over just a DAVE - though probably not very likely as I could find a used DAVE for very close to what the Hugo TT 2 costs right now (if the comparison were to a used Hugo TT 2 at some point in the future that would obviously change).

    As to why ... I find that DAVE on its own still provides a more resolving, nuanced, and enjoyable overall result along with having better micro-dynamics and sense of scale/power (not talking about output power) to boot. Hugo 2 might benefit a bit more over DAVE with the addition of an M-Scaler, but still doesn't reach quite the same level as a pure DAVE for me.

    Beyond that, I don't really care for Hugo 2 on the desktop (nothing to do with its sound). Love it in a transportable role, but on a desktop I find it ergonomically irritating - especially with the M-Scaler. And while I can certainly see people using it both on-the-go/transportably, and then putting it back into their desktop rig for more considered listening, that particular use case, ideal as it is for Hugo 2, is something I'd personally get too irritated by with the plugging/unplugging (yes, even if it was just once a day - I'm fussy that way).
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  8. rgs9200m
    I second Torq's comments above on the unique, almost inscrutable goodness of the DAVE.
    Sometimes a component is so good, it's really not worth second-guessing whether substituting it for something else to save a modest amount of money is a wise move, because you'll always be wondering if you did the right thing.
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  9. SCBob
    I agree with getting the DAVE now. Once your wallet settles down without a doubt you will follow this with the purchase of the HMS. You will read too much about it not too. Enjoy!
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  10. musicday
    Some people, I think, they still prefer the Hugo TT 2 over Dave beacuse is more versatile, easier to transport , has more power output and can be used with external USB battery pack. For me must be Dave, I love everything about it, sounds really good with my Empyrean and is powerful enough to drive Omega loudspeakers.
    I don't own one but I hope I will this year :)
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  11. musickid
    join the club. the mscaler is so fantastic though you would just end up wanting to add one to dave!!
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
  12. naynay
    Is that colour available to order now on the Empyrean?
  13. musicday
    I don't know, sorry. Best is to ask them directly.
  14. xxx1313
    Another picture of DAVE + EMPYREAN, but no prototype this time. :) A really great combination, imo.

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