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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor

    Lol, Auto Correctus in Extremis! :D
  2. extenso
    ACE. [​IMG]
  3. Mython Contributor
    @ x RELIC x:
    I think it's time you upgraded your auto-correct algorithm to one with 164,000 taps, don't you? It doesn't seem very accurate, right now! [​IMG]
    x RELIC x likes this.
  4. Light - Man
    I think that there may have been one too many taps in the algorithm? [​IMG]
    Guys, what is the Mojo doing on the Dave thread? [​IMG]
    Has anyone tested if the IFI IPurifier2 improves the SQ of the Dave?
  5. onsionsi

    It will not make a difference or any improvement in the SQ as per advice from audiophiles here in this forum
  6. Light - Man

    Thanks for your reply!
    That is interesting, as it seems that the microRendu improves the SQ?
    One last general question, has anyone experienced if a simple battery powered supply to a DAC can compete with the expensive and more elaborate linear power supply's?
  7. paulchiu
    None with the DAVE.
    a little with Hugo.
  8. rkt31
    @Light - Man, before Hugo I had arcam irdac. 12v supply from a battery improved the imaging considerably.
  9. romaz
    Yes, Rob has.  The Mojo, Hugo and TT are all based on some form of battery technology (supercapacitors).  For these DACs, it was what he thought was best.  For the DAVE, because of the techniques employed to isolate the DAVE against the power supply and against ground noise, he went with a medical grade switching PSU.
    As recently debated on this thread, there is much more to consider in a power supply than whether it is linear or switching in topology and with linear power supplies, they are certainly not all created equal with many factors to consider including the size of the transformer used to avoid core saturation as well regulator design to minimize ripple noise, output impedance, etc.  Rob has stated that he believes the ultimate power supply for audio is a 12v sealed lead acid car battery as they provide very large amounts of clean power on tap with sufficiently low impedance and so this is the standard of power supply he strived to compete against.
  10. paulchiu
    I wonder how long a car battery can power the DAVE without recharging.
  11. romaz
    I agree with what JaZZ and Crgreen have said.  The quality of the recording more than the genre is probably the more important factor and I find modern recordings to be more consistently of a high standard regardless of genre.  There is a head-fier here who owns a DAVE (who I will not name) who listens largely to gangster rap with his DAVE.  At first, I thought he was joking but he was not and he was quick to tell me that rap recordings are some of the best recordings out there and sure enough, while listening to some gangster rap on the DAVE, while I could do without the offensive language, I was quite impressed.  It has been said that an unamplified voice is the most difficult thing for audio equipment to convincingly reproduce and while no one will be fooled in a blind test against the real thing, the DAVE does a very credible job.
  12. romaz
    I know people who power their monobloc amps with car batteries.  It's not a pretty sight but very effective.
  13. Light - Man
    Guys, thanks again for all your answers!
    As most of you will know, it will depend on the Amp-hour rating of the battery, as to how long it would last with the Dave, etc.
    If we knew the power usage of the Dave was, it would be easy to work out how long a particular battery would last.
  14. paulchiu
    I wonder how they do this on a daily basis.  
    For one, you need a quality inverter to connect the car battery with a power strip.
    This additional unit may bring in noise and distortion.  Whether this is less than the local utility is debatable.
    Another issue is that the inverter can run truly hot so safety can be an issue.
    Finally, a really large car battery rated 500 amp hours can drive a 25 amps system continuously for 20 hours.  That's not even a day.  Of course, if all we want is to drive the DAVE with headphones, we won't need 25 amps.  Still, that $150 battery will need to be replaced regularly.
    Hmm, maybe through Amazon subscription service....
  15. romaz
    Rob has already said he could no longer differentiate his setup against a 12-volt car battery and so I'm not sure what you think you would achieve trying to use a car battery to power the DAVE.
    paulchiu likes this.
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