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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. pkcpga
    Thanks, sounds good, I like clear present natural sounding vocals, how are the vocals on the akg?
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    Clear and present. :wink_face:

  3. pkcpga
    Great sounds like a perfect match.
  4. ecwl
    I use my Oppo PM3 with my Mojo at work. It's okay. I doubt you'll hate it. It's worth what it's worth.
  5. paulchiu
    The Telos works great with my Hugo as well. So probably fine with Mojo.
    Has an airy feel, much wider staging than my other IEMs.
  6. pkcpga
    Thanks I like my IEM's just don't work well with taking them on and off for quick questions all the time.
  7. x RELIC x Contributor
    Yes, the PM-3 as well as the Audeze Sine are very good options as well. They reportedly perform very well (I haven't heard them) but from what I gather are less 'bright' than the AKG, and decidedly more money, even though they may be the better performers all around.

    Edit: To add, the Meze 99 classics are getting good reviews, but the styling is a bit 'flashy'.
  8. pkcpga
    I listened to the Audeze sine at my local dealer not impressed at all very muddy sounding, not clear vocals at all.

    Has anyone heard the pm3, I can't find anyone that carries in NYC or Boston area.
  9. extenso
    My impression is that most owners and reviewers measure the quality of DAVE based on music genres known for pristine recording quality - classical, jazz and other mainly acoustic genres. I am all for testing gear using recordings where you have an idea about how instruments and vocals are supposed to sound in real life. I would do the same. But when daily musical preferences point toward the harsh, murky world of extreme metal, what would Rob Watts`creation become then? A very shine pearl before swine? To put it another way: I am very tempted by DAVE for pairing with my HE-1000, but will its vanishingly low distortion and exquisite timing work wonders for the black metal buzz as well as the vast dynamics and ambience of a symphony? The temptation to have a top-flight DAC is hard to resist. In the grand scheme of things, DAVE is affordable if it could provide a lifetime of musical joy.  
    Or should I just aim for the possibly rounded flavour of the Mojo? 
  10. JaZZ Contributor
    Yes. Metal with its dense sound fabric benefits a lot from DAVE's high resolution and dynamics, orchestral music anyway. That said, the way it renders all the subtleties of a solo violin, saxophone or flute is equally outstanding.
    Generally DAVE's virtues are not restricted to certain genres, as I see it, but certainly to some degree dependent on the recording (quality).
  11. Crgreen
    I've played a wide range of music on the DAVE, and everything benefits from the increase in resolution and removal of digital nasties. Guitar distortions are simply more apparent as inentional affects, though there have been times when I've worried if my speaker cones have split, and realised it's the recording. A good example of a heavily processed recording which sounds great is the hi-res version of El Vy's "Return to the Moon" (recommended). How much you value this accuracy, and the extent to which it makes a significant difference to the music is of course, a matter of preference.
  12. JaZZ Contributor
    That's a good example. I especially like the way DAVE reproduces electric guitars, distorted or not.
  13. LouisArmstrong
    Hugo = You Go
    Mojo = Mobile Joy
    Why "Dave"?
  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    Digital to Analogue Veritas in Extremis (truth in the extreme).
    DMck2000 likes this.
  15. extenso
    Not a big deal, but the exact phrasing is "in Extremis".
    x RELIC x likes this.
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