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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. pkcpga
    If you are looking for a great DAC at a more affordable price the naim DAC v1 is extremely good with a class a headphone amp and a more detailed listen like the Dave but not quite as refined. But the naim piece is around 2,400 and to me has a much better DAC than the mcintosh. The naim DAC also plays DSD. And you can easily attach a rega or arcam integrated preamp, amp piece for 1,200 more that will give you a better sound for your speakers as well or spend double on the speaker amp and attach a naim intergrated amp. I'd suggest going to a hifi shop and demoing some, mcintosh is no longer tube amps just "tube like filtering" on solid state amps at a premium price.
  2. Sonic77
    I took my cheap doohicky player to my high end dealer and compared it to the Dave and it was just as good as the Dave. My skull candy headphones rule!!!!! [​IMG]
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  3. rkt31
    I don't own Dave right now but have hugo and use it with a very revealing beyerdynamic dt880 600ohm headphones. frankly speaking while I enjoy Hugo with headphones but Hugo truly shines with a properly set speaker system. the kind of dynamism and depth Hugo offers can be best experienced with speakers. I use a sub too fed by Hugo rca out which further adds the magic of Hugo's ultimate bass definition. for comparing sometimes you need a bit of extra time as in a non familiar environment the brain finds it difficult to focus.
  4. bigfatpaulie
    I owned just the standard model. 
  5. Crgreen

    All later versions of JRiver have the option of playing from Ram, which is the preferred option. My understanding is that it 1gb is the maximum it can load (though I might be wrong) and I'm not sure why you need 128gb.
  6. romaz
    I agree, the DAVE brings out the smallest details out of any recording, even at whisper levels and time resolution is one area in particular where it excels.  I also think it's good to bring a variety of musical genres during an evaluation, unique or not, so long as you are intimately familiar with those tracks.  If I have a short space of time to evaluate a piece of equipment, I am very purposeful about which tracks I prefer to listen to.  Daft Punk's Random Access Memories is very well recorded and is an excellent way of showcasing the bass of a system but as you stated, it's hard to have any reference of accuracy with synthesized music, it's truly more about which presentation you prefer rather than DAC fidelity, and with some types of music, the drive of the amplifier used or the tonality of the speakers used have as much influence on what you're hearing.  If you're looking to see how well one DAC presents even the subtlest details, then knowing the track intimately is more important than anything else but for me, complex tracks hide many more details and trip up many more DACs.  Since this is the genre I listen to the most and attend the most live performances of, my ears generally don't perk up until classical music is demonstrated but obviously, this is very listener dependent.  I try to also be careful about letting my emotions guide too much of my opinion during an initial evaluation because there is always the novelty of hearing something new and of course, there will be the contribution of other possible variables such as the amplifier and speakers or headphones that are being used that might be better or worse than what you have at home.  
    Trying to evaluate a piece of equipment like a DAC is not always easy especially since the ultimate goal of a DAC is to be invisible.  At the same time, in the same way that you can't really properly evaluate a Bugatti Veyron buy driving it to the local grocery store, I think it helps to have music that will challenge a DAC to make sure the performance is there.
  7. Crgreen
    Actually, with JPlay, which I also use, there's no limit, but do you really need 128gb?
  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    Thanks. :)

    Improved the sound? I don't know as I haven't listened to it without being in the cradle, and don't plan to take it out in the near future. I'm still getting used to the sound and what I'm hearing overall. :wink:
  9. paulchiu
    I had to wait for my legs and while speakers sound the same, there is a bit more details with an even more darker background using headphones.  The unit top and sides certainly measures cooler with the legs.
    With the legs, temp gun measures 97-99F
    Without legs, about 99-101
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    I use the machine for other things when I'm not using it for music. When I'm using it for music it's dedicated. I have several OSs that I can boot from depending on what I'm doing.
    You know, all said, I can't get the sound of the DAVE out of my head either. Hmmmm... I think because I'm a headphone listener, and the input straight into the DAVE was superb, I just keep thinking about it.

    What I'm REALLY thinking about, though, is the crossfeed, which sounded like you were changing to a different DAC each time you went from 1 to 2 (I didn't care for the 3rd crossfeed setting; it didn't sound near as natural as the first two).

    I've read all the pages here, but I just can't remember, is there any added reverb to the DAVE crossfeed? I wonder how it's done.
  12. Rob Watts
    Cross-feed is a digital implementation of conventional 1980's analogue techniques - so mathematically it is identical to conventional analogue cross-feed.
    Absolutely no added reverb at all within Dave.
    I would recommend you try Dave at home - not that you can't hear what Dave can do in a show or at a dealers - but I find my sensitivity is an order of magnitude worse outside of home. I have often tried headphones that sounded good at a show - take them home and within 5 minutes you can have a very different impression (in both directions - much better or much worse than expectations). Moreover, it takes time to fully appreciate what Dave can do as the way it handles music is very different to conventional digital. 
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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  13. lovethatsound
    Croos-Feed,it's amazing how some people like it,and some people don't.I personal don't use it with my hd800.It just goes to show how we all hear things in a slightly different way.
  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    Is there a hearing equivalent to color blindness? We have different preferences is how I would more accurately put it. Sure, not all hearing capabilities and acuity are at the same level, but I'm sure we all can generally tell a C note from an E or G. Apologies, it's pet peeve of mine when I keep reading this.

    I like Crossfeed 3 or none, depending on the strength of the recording.... so far....

    Binaural is ALWAYS no Crossfeed.

  15. romaz
    I know what you're saying.  I could easily be happy without it but I prefer it, especially Crossfeed 3.  I leave it on permanently with each of my headphones.
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