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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Jawed
    I find it remixes the music too much (on my TT), so I leave it off. It doesn't simply change the apparent imaging.
  2. bmichels
    Any news from CHORD about the "new version" of the BLU CD-player that will take full advantage of the DAVE ?
  3. miketlse
    The only person who can answer that is @Mojo ideas
  4. STR-1
    Slowly getting round to trying some options with my Dave/HE1000/AK380 setup (all stock). I'm putting back decisions about adding a server to the system and focusing instead on the mains and cable upgrade for the HE1000

    My situation is a two-floor house with separate mains rings for the ground and first floor wall sockets. Not easy/convenient to switch everything off on the ground floor but at night I can arrange things so that the Dave is the only thing running off the first floor mains, and then the sound is clearly much cleaner and more detailed. Loan options from my favourite hifi dealer include a PS Audio P3 regenerator and a selection of AudioQuest mains cables. I hope to be able to get my hands on the P3 shortly but for the moment I have the AudioQuest NRG-10 mains cable, which has that company's battery-driven dielectric-bias system. Comparing that cable to stock, the sound is darker, more detailed and natural. What I can't yet make my mind up about is whether the apparent slight lack of dynamics is real or just the effect of removing some of the hash. Unfortunately, I don't have experience of using other upmarket mains cables so I don't have a feel for where the NRG-10 stacks up against other cables. Grateful for any thoughts on that.

    Can anyone report on good (or bad) experiences using the P3 (or the P5) with the Dave?

    On a related matter, I have now received a couple of helpful replies to my emails from Rick Schulz at High Fidelity Cables. I would like to try one of their mains cables and perhaps also the MC-0.5 Wave Guide (thanks to romaz for his encouragement on those products). I have also now received a reply from the UK distributor, so I think a loan (at least of a mains cable - I think I would have to order the MC-0.5 directly from HFC) might now be a step closer.

    Turning to the HE1000, can anyone comment on what I would gain over the stock cable if I was to go for the DHC Silver Complement. Would it be win-win all the way or are there some things that the copper stock might still be better at? Any recommendations for UK-sourced cables with similar qualities/characteristics to the Complement?

    Thanks in advance for any comments.
  5. ToroFiestaSol
    Just have one question to Rob Watts.
    It's from a curiosity point only, not mean to bash or anything like that.
    If DAVE is the most advanced DAC ever...why it has a thin PCB, a small switching PSU and a tiny headphone amp?
    I mean, wouldn't be better to have a dual mono separated PSU, a ceramic/teflon PCB and get rid of the headphone amp?
    I want to audition one because of all the hype, and will probably buy one if sounds like all people in this thread says, but curiosity is killing me, why is it made that way?
  6. rgs9200m
    Is anyone who is familiar with DAVE also familiar with the EMM XDS1 (v1 or v2) CD player (or the equivalent EMM DAC) and if so, could you please offer any comparison comments? Thanks in advance. (I've been experienced with EMM sound for a long time myself; that's why I ask.) 
  7. jelt2359 Contributor
    Try @bigfatpaulie , he sold his PSAudio before realising it made a noticeable difference.
    BTW, after reading your post I've dusted off my HE1000 again. With the Chord Dave feeding my EAR V12 (HE6 amp), the HE1000 sounds the best I ever heard. What an amazing combination.
  8. romaz
    If you're noticing changes in your SQ during the late hours when nothing else is running, you likely will benefit from some sort of mains conditioning.  I know of several including bigfatpaulie who have noticed an improvement in SQ with their DAVE and a PS Audio AC regenerator.  I also know of one person who felt his AC regenerator (a P10) robbed his speaker system which includes a DAVE of dynamics and didn't feel the tradeoff was worthwhile and so he moved away from it.  The one area where AC regenerators may be a necessity is if you have wildly fluctuating mains voltages since an AC regenerator will tightly regulate this.  It would be ideal if you could try before you buy.
    As you might recall, I reviewed a variety of mains cables with my DAVE and in my system with a dedicated circuit, good earth grounding and what has proven to be fairly clean power, a variety of mains cables made no significant difference, generally not worth their high asking price.  The exception was the CT-1 mains cable by High Fidelity Cables.
    While this is an expensive mains cable, it is less expensive than most AC regenerators and may provide you at least equal if not more benefit based on how it works.  If you have access to a local dealer who can lend you a cable to try, I would encourage it.  I would be surprised if it doesn't make a significant difference.  A less expensive option that may provide you similar benefit as an AC regenerator if you have stable mains voltage would be balanced power, either in the form of a distribution block like the Son of Q by Equi=Tech or a mains cable that incorporates balanced power such as the Equi=Core series by Core Power Technologies.  These cords have become quite popular:
    The Equi=Cores currently have no European distribution but I am aware that you can order direct from the company and I have been told they can provide these cords with UK or Schuko plugs and proper voltage ratings.  Having spoken with the company recently, because they have no European distribution, they will sell you their cables for 20% off of list and also provide a 30-day return policy.
    As for alternative headphone cables for the HE-1000, I was asked this question recently on another thread and here was my response:
    Here is a recent specific review of the Silver Complement4 by bacon333 with his Abyss although I believe you will find that the benefits translate equally to the HE1000 as that has been my experience.  In this review, he also compares the Complement4 against another good alternative, the Danacable Lazuli HF:
    In my personal experience, the DHC silver cables (Silver Complement4 and Spore4) have provided me the best SQ with any headphone that I own.  @jelt2359 recently made me aware of a new flagship that DHC just released, the Prion4 which comes in a stock and a Spore configuration.  It sounds like an incredible cable but also comes with an equally incredible price tag and probably a long wait.
    Should you decide to buy this cable, please report back.
  9. bigfatpaulie
    Ah the P3...  Yes, thanks everyone for bringing my premature selling of it to the attention of all :)
    I purchased the P3 originally for use with a tube amp.  I had an issue with a noise floor with it and the P3 quickly resolved the issue.  I live in a condo downtown and the AC in my building seems to fluctuate pretty heavily not to mention that there are literally hundreds of devices plugged in in the building all adding to line noise.  The P3 handled all this nicely.  
    Enter the DAVE.  I am trying to make my system physically smaller (condo life, am I right?) so along with the tube amp selling I listed the P3 because, after all, the DAVE is immune to everything before it.  Not the case, I assure you.  
    Other feel that the PS Audio units don't make a difference, and they may not.  I think if you are starting with decent power the P3 is probably not going to add anything for you.  If, however, you are in a case like mine the P3 is well worth exploring.
  10. Beolab

    I will receive the Prion4S ( 18AWG Compliment 4 ) cable incl some other new not released cables and silver cable adapters from Peter @ DHC in 1 week in monday, so i think i going to be the first one to test the Prion4S with DAVE + Abyss.

    I will notify you my impressions incl. pictures.

    romaz likes this.

    Yeah, I remember reading that. The only thing is, the Berekely he used was the Series 1, not the new Series 2. :wink:
    That being said, in all honesty, I keep thinking about the DAVE. How many of you would say that the DAVE is your "end-game" DAC (if such a thing exists)?
  13. maxh22
    I must have read his Dave review a handful of time's. I found it very interesting. The Dave is not Rob's final design. He will continue building upon Dave from what he will learn from the Davina project. I don't think there will ever be an "End game" dac. Maybe if Rob reaches 1 million taps. 
  14. lovethatsound
    The Dave is my End-Game Dac:grinning:I really don't feel the need to go any further,and i also known how lucky i am to be able to obtain such a piece of fine equipment I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy this fabulous music making machine:joy:
  15. supabayes

    Me! I don't own a Dave yet but it's close. yggy was end game some months back for me but the game got restarted after hearing Dave. In all honesty. My wife totally understand that.
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