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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. shuttlepod

    Hi Speed--
    I listen mostly to my two-channel system and thought it sounded great with DAVE. You can see the system by looking at my profile. You won't be able to find many, or just about any, of my system components at a standard dealer. But it may be of interest anyway. 
  2. JaZZ Contributor
    The good thing about my headphone orientation is that my neighbours aren't bothered by my strange music (anymore). [​IMG] And myself I can live very well with headphones now – which I always had a weakness for anyway.
  3. esimms86
    Auralic Aries>Lightspeed 10G usb cable>DAVE>Marantz PM KI integrated amp>Gallo Strada speakers/Gallo TR3 subwoofer

    All components plugged into a PS Audio P5 power conditioner

    Strada speakers mounted on Mapleshade stands

    Audience AU24E speaker cables and interconnects

    Music sits on a Synology DS412+ NAS drive


    2012 MacBook Pro with Jriver media center>Lightspeed 10G usb cable>DAVE>HE10000

    DAVE is plugged into a basic power strip with a surge protector circuit

    Hope this helps.

    - Esau

    You could load a trial copy of Jriver on a laptop(Mac or PC versions available), add in a few music samples for demo purposes, and then throw in your favorite usb cable. Load your laptop and usb cable into a carrying bag and head back to Sound By Singer for another demo.
  4. Mojo ideas
    Chord as in musical Chord. Not cord something that ties your Pajamas together :nerd:
  5. speedracer1
    See below...
  6. speedracer1
    Hi John, 
    Lol ok..Thank you.  Could you or Rob answer some of the questions I raised?

    Are you sure it was an Aurender FLOW DAP and not an Aurender N100H Server that you heard? Coz I think the FLOW only can have max 1TB....The other thing is did you get to compare the exact same music files?
  8. speedracer1
    Hi RESNFX,
    Yes it could have been the Aurender Server I'm honestly not familiar with the product line but I distinctly remember Andrew saying it was a server with 2TB of storage not 4TB and only a USB output and it was 1/2 price of the Aurender TOTL and I think that server was 8k.
    We listened to the Bill Evans Trio, Waltz for Debby (Take 2) @ 24/192kHz.  This was the same on both sources namely my RWAK 380 and the Aurender music server and it's a beautiful well recorded live performance.  
    I'm looking at this potential purchase as I'm stepping into a great sounding  TOTL Dac player (for home use) that I will be using initially with headphones but I'm looking to transition to a great pair of loudspeakers as soon as I'm able too.  I may keep one or two headphones for private listening but not sure.  What loudspeakers are you using with your Dac?  What does your entire audio chain look like?
    Thank you and sincerely,
  9. ecwl
    My stereo setup is in my profile. My speakers are the Dynaudio C1 Signature. They are driven by Sanders Magtech amplifier because I don't know what's a better amplifier to upgrade to (because many have euphonic distortions on Stereophile measurements and even load-invariant class D amplifiers that measure well would have transient and timing issues). The Chord DAVE is connected to my Sanders Magtech and also my two Sunfire subwoofers. I used a real-time analyzer to set the Sunfire's crossover/phase/volume to integrate best with the Dynaudio C1 Signature speakers. I bought the CAPSv3 Carbon design from Small Green Computer (design specifications on the Computer Audiophile website).
    So for Speedracer, I think you can start backwards. Start with what headphones you like (neutral vs not) and then pick the speakers you like best (neutral, e.g. Magico, Dynaudio, Focal, PSB vs "designed" e.g. B&W, Wilson, Sonus Farber). Afterwards, you can decide whether you want full-range +/- subwoofers or monitors + subwoofers. And then you can decide what's a neutral amplifier that can drive the speakers well. If you're never going to change the speakers, you can even pick a load-variant amplifier as long as the amplifier has good synergy with the speakers. Otherwise, pick a reasonable class A/AB load-invariant amplifier. And then if your mind is set on Chord DAVE, just figure out what user interface you want for your computer music server. Because DAVE is really quite source-independent, you're essentially picking user interface. Build your own machine if you want JRiver/JRemote or like me, if you need to add a little bit of DSP to help tame the room acoustics (which I know is suboptimal if I want to get the best from DAVE). Get Meridian Sooloos if you like their interface. Aurender has its own user interface. Auralic has their own. Or get the Sonore Sonicorbiter SE if you like Roon to run on your PC/Mac.
  10. REXNFX
    I'm actually a vinyl guy, Pink Triangle deck, Conrad Johnson amps, B&W speakers. Been looking for a digital front end since the 80's LOL...I've heard the other Chord DAC's but not the DAVE, hoping it may equal my vinyl set up. What is interesting from your listening experience is that the digital transport made a big difference to SQ whereas others have stated that the DAVE sounds the same whatever feeds it. 
  11. yellowblue
    I am a bit surprised that the Dave sounds so fantastic with my Oriolus Iems. Sheer bass, dynamics and musicality. Some more of you trying Iems with the Dave?
  12. Amomentiny
    Hey romaz,Have you tried using like this?  DAVE → SRM-727(bypass mode)  → SR-009 
    "Direct" connection to DAVE’s preamplifier .This system can do to avoid (intermediary amp) pollution?
  13. metalboss
    DAVE HiFi News Review! http://bit.ly/1U0mG1d
  14. Mython Contributor

    Hmmm... well, that's controversial, if nothing else! [​IMG] 
  15. Mython Contributor
    Congratulations on another fine press review, Rob [​IMG]
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