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Chord Electronics - Blu Mk. 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Crgreen
    Which as I said, suggests he's still looking into it. It might well be that Rob confirms your own views on the subject. I'm not yet in a position to form any concluded view however, have no bias, and am keeping an open mind.
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  2. esimms86
    As I said, I expect I'll get a pair of cheap cables to have on hand for when my Blu2 arrives. Beyond that, I'm keeping my options open.
  3. Clive101
    Sorry should have quoted Mayclg, swap was in jest Blu mk 2 for my new Tours.
  4. nicoludio
    Interesting system you have there. The 845 PP reminds me of my previous Line Magnetic LM219IA.

    I am in the market for a DAVE sometime down the line, and have always wondered about the pre vs direct route. My impression (might not be totally accurate), from reading the tons of information on headfi, was that a number of those who prefer the direct route are not using 2-channel systems. Of course, I note that romaz uses the DAVE to directly drive his speakers. To me, it would be ideal if I could dispense with a pre-amp, for cost and system complexity reasons.

    Would you happen to know the input impedance of your amps, and if this might have been a factor? That the MFA is a TVC and not an active preamp might have contributed to your findings as well. The others who prefer to run direct appear to have made comparisons with active preamps.

    With the MFA in place, was there a difference in terms of dynamics, resolution and soundstaging?

  5. Triode User
    My experience is only with valve (tube) amps but so far with every one I have tried it is the case that connecting the Chord DAC (I have used Mojo, Hugo, HugoTT, Dave) direct to the power amp resulted in a loss of dynamics, resolution and soundstaging as well as bass and general quality. Inserting either an active preamp or a TVC restored all to normal.

    People have tried to suggest that it is the colouring of the sound introduced by the pre amp that I prefer. This is absolutely not what I am discussing. Indeed, the MFA TVA preamps are well known for zero change to the sound colour.

    Sorry, I do not know the input impedance of my amps.

    Hope this helps.
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  6. Crgreen
    The specs for the power amps are here:


    They have high and low input gain settings, and presumably both were tested.
  7. Triode User
    Thanks, but I did not see an input impedance in the specs.

    Also, yes, high and low input gains tested. No differenece.
  8. dmance
    I agree ...both my SET 45, 2a3 and first watt f7 sound much better thru a preamp than direct from a DAC. As Triode says ...it just sounds better.
    Curiously, I have read that Dave direct into ATC scm40A active speakers is spectacular. And I heard a 2Qute direct into Focal Twin6Be active studio monitors ...also with great results.
    So ...something in the design of 'Pro' equipment line level input is 'different' ?
    ...fodder for another thread I guess.
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  9. Crgreen
    I've been listening to my DAVE this evening and wondering: "Seriously, how can it get better than this?"
  10. oscarnr
    Short answer: Yes! :grin:
    This evening I've been listening for example to Rolling Stones' sticky fingers (Bob Ludwing remaster) and the sound was simply awesome. Like the best analog gear. Holographic and tonally perfect, dense sound. Later Alice Coltrane's "World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda" was simply jaw dropping. Really happy with tha Blu2
  11. miketlse
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  12. Triode User
    You have posted in the Blu2 thread so possibly you know the answer. :)
  13. Crgreen
    Good to know I just wish Chord would hurry it up with my delivery.

    I have a couple of Alice Coltrane albums, but not that one. Frankly, it's a bit too hippy-drippy for me. I will however, be playing plenty of John's music on my Blu 2. I even reviewed the most recent release of his music:

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  14. Jawed
    I think it bears repeating: if the power amp requires a pre-amp to sound right, then the power amp is broken. The pre-amp must be doing something to change the sound to make it "compatible" with the power amp.

    Now playing: Arditti Quartet/Antonio Pinho Vargas - Monodia Un Requiem
  15. Crgreen
    I’m not convinced, and am sceptical about such general observations which suggest the triumph of theory over experience..

    It might be thought that any good audio equipment will work seamlessly with other good equipment, but the truth is more complex: some components work better together than others, and it’s often impossible to know in advance. Although some volume-controlled devices such as phono amps and DACs perform well direct into some power amps, it’s clear from reviews and forum posts that this isn’t always the case. I find it difficult to believe that the people who prefer a pre-amp are all mistaken in what they hear, or that the power amps in question must be “broken”. The mundane truth is that some things work better together than others, and I’m not sure that when they don’t it’s necessarily down to deficiency.
    Last edited: May 25, 2017
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