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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Amberlamps
    I posted a huge pic of the case and a link to Valentin’s shop a few days ago if you want a close up.

    Post # 7900

    You are lucky, because I was going to buy that case last week when Valentin linked me to it, I changed my mind and bought his hugo 2 case instead.

    But his mojo/poly case does look nice, post some pics when it arrives.

    I am thinking about getting him to make me a snakeskin case for mojo/poly, but at the moment I am loving the van nuys case, maybe in a couple of weeks or so.
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  2. Amberlamps

    Snakeskin tames the bass and makes the mids much clearer, especially for female vocals.
  3. Amberlamps
    Jeremy I see you have the MPDluxe app, is it anygood, is it worth buying ?
  4. jirams
    Lot of background hiss.
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  5. Mojo ideas
    I’m waiting to hear myself I’m told it’s imminent. The team were sorting an almost random problem it was so infrequently happening and occurred only with the latest iOS
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  6. Amberlamps
    John, will gofigure be the app used for 2go, or will that be a different app altogether ?
  7. headmanPL
    That made me laugh out loud in the office!
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  8. turkayguner
    Don't tell me you do not know that already!?! :p
  9. miketlse
    Groan. Probable winner of cheesy joke of the day award. I thought that snakeskin was good at reproducing musical scales.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
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  10. jirams
    Perhaps some snake oil would help things?
  11. Mojo ideas
    Yes but it’s an adapted or upgraded version of Gofigure with expanded capabilities for 2go. and as it’s just a further upgrade I'm certainly hoping it won’t be so long or painful to complete.
  12. Peter Hyatt

    I got my cover for Hugo2 from him. He does quality work and it improves the sound.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
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  13. Peter Hyatt
    Due diligence!

    Thanks, John for this and tidbit on 2 Go.

    It’s an exciting time for music lovers.
  14. JeremyLaurenson
    Doesn’t work in hybrid mode
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  15. Amberlamps
    Thank you John for replying.

    Sounds good, especially the fact that the app for 2go is only an update to gofigure, which should make things a little easier.

    Is their a rough date for 2gos release ? I havent read the hugo 2 thread much, so I am unaware if a date for release has already been mentioned ?

    Cant wait for 2go release. Hugo with the capabilities of poly is going to be a game changer.
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