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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Amberlamps

    I had my polly replaced, original one was PO206** I cant remeber last two numbers, when it was cold it took roughly 1-2 minutes to start, when it was warm it took 20-30 seconds.

    My new Poly po26***, boots up within 20-30 seconds all the time.

    If your poly does not turn on and only turns on when connected to a charger then you need to have it replaced with a newer upgraded poly.

    The first few polys were set to turn on when detecting a certain voltage from mojo, Chord then made changes to poly so that it turns on if it detects any voltage from mojo. If I recall correctly.
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  2. DavidW
    So I thought I understood some of the basic Poly operations, but perhaps not. @JeremyLaurenson advised that I should not be able to get access to the internet on my iPhone in network mode (solid blue light). I went into access point mode, found the Poly and selected it, and then saved on reboot. I then went into network mode and can listen to my music using Glider on the Poly. I don't see the Poly when I go back to settings on the iPhone, yet I am listening to Charlie Parker with Strings as I type post. So confusing...
  3. StevieDvd
    The only times you cannot get access to the internet on your iPhone is when the wifi connection does not allow it. In standard Poly hotspot the internet is blocked as Poly has no internet connection, there is a pass through option (hybrid mode) that lets the phone use your data carrier for internet. If you had an internal network with no internet access then there would be no data carrier present, though typically if you had broadband you would get internet access. This is why Jeremy has devised the hybrid mode and asked Chord to implement it as standard (if possible).

    If you are controlling Poly and the playing music, and no Polyxxxx in iPhone Wi-Fi list you are likely to be in network mode and not hotspot.
  4. mashuto
    I was having the exact same issues. I would charge it up, then a week or two later without using it, half the charge would be gone. I contacted chord directly about this and they told me that some battery drain was normal (like all batteries do) but that the amount I was seeing was not normal and that I should send in for a replacement. I unfortunately have not had the time to actually send it in yet, so I do not have a replacement to compare with yet. But thats what was told to me, and thats where I am at right now.
  5. JeremyLaurenson
    It’s in hotspot mode that you can’t get access to the internet :)
  6. paulgc
    H2 and Van Nuys Case just came in. So while it is on the charger decided to change my picture from the Poly!
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  7. NYanakiev
    Waiting for my H2 to arrive tomorrow:p
    Do let us know how you like the VN case!
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  8. paulgc
    Both the Mojo/Poly and H2 cases are very high quality and nice and snug.
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  9. youkeum
    hello, is the Gofigure app ready yet?
  10. Priaptor
    It is pretty amazing. We have heard just about every excuse possible as to the reason behind the "missing app". I don't buy it anymore as everyone of my previous apps have been updated in the last week. Gimme a break already with this. Now it's the new iOS excuse, which apparently has been in developers hands how long?? I think it's enough already.
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  11. Chump
    Why is nobody asking the really serious question:

    Which headphone socket do you use, the one in line with the spheres or the other one?
  12. supervisor
  13. NaiveSound
    In 2020
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  14. headmanPL
    I use the other one
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  15. Amberlamps
    I had to send my old Audio Technica cans back to AT as the jack was faulty, it started losing one side when the wire was moved, anyway I cut the jack off to find 3 of the worlds thinest wires imagineable.

    I did manage to solder them to a new jack but I knew it was just a temp fix as the solder didnt want to stay on the wires.

    So I sent em back to AT to be repaired, now remember all it needed was a new jack or recabled at worst.

    I got an email this afternoon with a quote.....

    £85 all in, that also included a pair of pads, basically £65 to put a new jack or cable on, I dont know which as I havent got them back yet.

    Now I understand why the wires inside the cable was sooo thin, its designed to stop us from fixing them ourselves and having to rma them and being charged up the ass in the process.

    Word of warning, if the jack on your hearphones are playing up, if you cant solder wires that are about 1 10th of a millimetre thick and have a special anti solder coating on them, then do not try to fix them, find someone local who can do it.

    Only send them back to AT as a last resort and if you have atleast £50 to waste on a new jack.
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