Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. SilverLodestar
    Are you talking about the Tin Audio T2?
  2. Slater
    When the nozzles are ridiculously large, such as Pioneer CH9T or the KZ HDS2, I often have to go down to the next size smaller tip. For example, I normally use a M size tip, so I switch to a S size tip. It usually ends up fitting the same way, because the large nozzle takes up more room inside of the ear canal (so less silicone tip is needed to fill the gaps and seal).

    The other option is double or triple flange tips, but those usually make my ears itch bad, so I try to only use them when absolutely necessary.
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  3. hydroid
    Received this TRN V10 and it's very dissapointing..sound is so veiled. No subbass, recessed mids and extremely harsh/peircing highs. I've sealed the vents and dampened the BA's nozzle with a tiny sponge foam and still sounds very bad. KZ ZST sounds even better night and day difference. The only positive thing is the fit and seal to my ears. Better save your money and get the pioneer ch9t or ibasso it01.
  4. SilverLodestar
    Welp, the TRN V10 are now scratched off the list.

    How do the Pioneer CH9T sound, in your opinion? I’ve seen them before and they look very comfortable.
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  5. hydroid
    I really liked the CH9T's sound quality, it fits very well to my preference. Neutral to slight bright sound signature. I really like the sparkle and detail representation of the CH9T and no harshness or sibilance. IMO, subbass doesn't go as deep as the ibasso IT01 but the mid-bass is what I really like on the ch9t. The fit is great and comfortable as well. Based on my experience, It's also not source-dependent, it sounds great whether from a smartphone or dedicated DAP. Unfortunately, I prefer the Ibasso IT01 over the CH9T in general.
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  6. Nymphonomaniac
    Did you use DAC or just amping?

    Amping isn't that good, especially non-balanced one, power of phone out is just absurdly low and will perhaps benifit IEM but no more than 64ohm headphones for sure....
    On another hand, I really adore how it sound as a dac using balanced out tough, and it do not sound congested at all, perhaps if you use bass gain but I even love little warmness it give and think its really a good bass gain that do not create distortion to earphones. No sure about line out if its a true one because you can still use volume control with it. About volume control, i'm not a big fan of how easy it can be turn in a pocket....have lot of bad experience with it were it turn on at max volume by accident and barely make explode my head.
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  7. HiFiChris Contributor
    Good options would be the Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII and ifi micro iDSD. Both have got traditional analogue volume control though.
    The JDC C5D would be a good option as well.

    They are closer to the "ideal" since their output impedance is even closer to 0 Ohms (well, in case of the iDSD, this is only true if no iEMatch is activated).

    Depending on the FADs' impedance response though, it might even be that the FiiO's 1.3 Ohms won't lead to any tonal changes yet.
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  8. paulindss
  9. Skullophile
    Can Brainwavz B100 owners have a listen to their set and comment on the imaging.
    I have been listening and want to know if my findings are similar to yours.
  10. toddy0191
    I think they image well with each instrument in orchestral recordings appearing in a natural space.

    With regards to your earlier comment about them lacking extension at both ends, have you been inserting them deep?

    I made that mistake initially and after pulling them out a little I could hear sub bass and lovely treble, but prior to that they sounded like a muddled mess.
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  11. Skullophile
    I did tip roll and the sub bass showed up. Nice texture but does not reach as deep as I've heard.
    If the bass does reach to 50hz there is very little of it.
    Same with the top end, To my ears the treble rolls off at the very top.
    I have phones that extend further at both ends. Although full treble extension can cause fatigue which the B100 does not.
    I find them a little warmer than (from memory) an ety. I am guessing this is due to the treble roll off rather than the bass.
    Also a tad darker than neutral from the roll off.
    I'm surprised about how good the imaging is in the medium sized stage, especially considering the price.
  12. DBaldock9
    You can verify the actual lower & upper frequencies, by visiting this website -
  13. Skullophile
    Thanks DBaldock9, I took the test. The bass test I could hear it at 30hz and then it steadily got louder all the way to 200hz.
    With the treble test I could hear it at 16k and it got a little louder and then softer towards 8k.
  14. Skullophile
    Took the same test with my T-Peos H300 and can hear 20hz but again 16khz up top so that seems like the limit of my hearing on the top end.
  15. toddy0191
    I don't think I can hear much above 14-15hz so might explain why I'm satisfied with them and also not too bothered by the ZS6 treble.

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