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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. trivium911

    Yup so i removed the foam, settled on a flat cotton pad for the rear of the inside of the cup and a fully opened unrolled cotton ball running along the inside of each cup. The result is a tamed smooth bass with a deep and BIG/airy sounding soundstage. Its well controlled for rock and metal music and perfect for jazz and classical. Just compared side by side with the pro 80s, the sub bass seriously sounds lacking in the pro 80s while there is alot of midbass. The treble as always in the pro 80s is somewhat sibilant and too bright, and a much more linear with a smaller stage. In comparison the isk mdh9000/marrantz mdh-2 sound very large and deep sounding like full speakers. Its like being in a tube sound vortex, very satisfying! The stock pads feel like marshmellows on the ears, very plush and soft. The only complaint i have at this point is they are not for people with small heads, im still working on a proper mod in this department. For the record the pro 80s fit me perfect, i extend each side by about 3-4 notches so my head isnt that small...just the isk's are meant for big noggins lol.
  2. Pharmaboy
    Ordered the Status Audio CB-1 closed back monitoring headphones. Got a good price thanks to 20% holiday discount. They'll arrive on Thurs 1/5th. Looking forward to burning that in & listening.
    These headphones rec'd uniformly positive reviews plus a few outright raves. Many praise the comfort of the angled pads (not typical to see angled pads on inexpensive closed back designs in my experience). Most reviewers describe the sound as accurate & balanced (with unusually good soundstaging for a closed design)--having no particular emphasis or exaggeration in any frequency band. All that intrigues me, plus possibility of swapping pads to push the sound on in one direction or another...
    (I continue to explore inexpensive closed headphones).
    Also next week I'll reorder the Marantz MPH-2 headphone, which I really miss, despite having a near-clone of it in the LyxPro HS-30. I remember the Marantz' as being just a tiny bit better than the LyxPro in several ways--and in some ways, the best, most balanced & capable headphone I've yet heard. Will be fun to compare the clones, once the Marantz are burned in. Will almost certainly end up selling the LyxPro HS-30's after all is said and done.
    The "odd man out" lately = the Yenona's. I just haven't been able to get them sounding as good as they once did. Sometime last month they started sounding significantly brighter, and so I started changing pads. I got the best results w/MrSpeakers alpha pads (brutal to put on, tho, and not a great match for these 'phones physically). May have to return to those. The Yenona's started out sounding so good...I'm still mystified that they somehow changed (not due to any equipment changes or swaps on my end--nothing like that happened).
  3. mysacisanorange
    I too ordered the CB-1's. I am provided with tracking information (although it is taking a ridiculous amount of time to get here), but I was not supplied with an estimated arrival day. Did they tell you your ETA through another email, or through the tracking website that they gave you?
  4. Pharmaboy
    I'm having the opposite of your experience: I ordered the headphones late Thurs night, 12/29th. By the end of the next day, Friday, I'd received an email w/UPS tracking number--they were shipped. The ETA to me in NY State is Thurs 1/5th, but knowing UPS, they'll get a day earlier--unless UPS is off tomorrow, in which case the Thurs arrival date is solid.
    Under the circumstances, I can hardly complain.
    When did you order the headphones? And where do you live? Far from Brooklyn, NY (where Status Audio is located)?
    BTW, for anyone who doesn't already know this, the Status Audio CB-1 is a re-brand of the Somic V1 headphone, itself was an update of their previous MM163 model.
    Compared to the Somic iteration, CB-1 supposdly has the same drivers & frame, but a slightly different color scheme + greatly improved pads.
  5. Pharmaboy
    PS: forgot to mention that I checked the UPS tracking website using the tracking # given me by Status Audio. Got the same ETA that S.A. gave me--Thurs 1/5th.
  6. mysacisanorange
    I ordered on the 21'st. I'm in southern Ontario, which is fairly close to Brooklyn. They still haven't arrived. Maybe they will tomorrow
  7. Pharmaboy
    Even accounting for the inexplicable problems Canadians seem encounter in buying US goods (sometimes)--this is weird. After all, I was contacted repeatedly and very swiftly after placing my order.
    If I were you, I'd be emailing and/or calling Status Audio to get some customer service: an update on transit time, tracking number, all that.
  8. torpoise
    Hi. Thought I'd post my impressions of the Takstar HD 5500 here.
    I received them today and the build quality is definitely better than comparably priced Chinese headphones, specifically the Superlux HD 668b. I am not really blown away by the sound quality. To me, the HD 668b and Beyerdynamic DT770 sound better. The Takstars just don't seem all that clear, and I can't make out individual instruments as well as I could with the Superluxes and DT770s.
    Are there any must-do mods for the Takstar HD 5500? I read several people's impressions and while sound is quite subjective, after my experience with Superlux HD668b (which was a great purchase), I didn't think the HD5500 would end up being this... mediocre.
  9. trivium911

    Is it possible they are not as bright which as a result dont reveal as much high end detail? Sometimes headphones are unnaturally bright and sound detailed but tinny and metallic up top, not great IMO.
  10. torpoise
    I see. I guess I'll stick with Superluxes for future purchases or look for headphones with a brighter sound since that seems to appeal more to me.
  11. trivium911

    You could always chnage the pads and see if that changes for the better. You can try the hm5 hybrid pads which can increase detail/ brighter in general. It seems alot of lower end headphones tend to have that aritifical metallic trebel which can give the perception of more detail. Im not saying thats what thebsuperluxes have as i have never heard them but in general this is what ive found the pro 80s being a good example of over emphasized treble and some tracks sound artifical.
  12. slowpickr
    Not familiar with the Takstars, but I did get to demo the DT770 (16 ohm) recently and was really impressed.  I would probably get them if I wasn't already quite happy with my Philips A5 Pros and Yenonas.
  13. trivium911

    Yeah you must like bright sound sigs, ive been told the dt770 is quite bright which is why ive never purchased them. I perfer the sennheiser sound sig which is darker with clear mids. The 770s also have a dip in the midrange which is also the annoyance i found with the takstar pro 80s. Whcih does not surpirse me because i think the pro 80s are supposed to be budget 770s, at any rate alot of people like the pro 80s perhaps you should give those a shot, some have said they like them better than the 770s. Im treble sensitive though so you would probably love the pro 80s, they have an excellent nuetral bass reponse aswell.
  14. Pharmaboy
    I own the Takstar HD6000--essentially the same headphone design, just with a different headband and earcup swivel design (they're currently F.S. on Head-Fi).
    Based on my experience w/the HD6000's, I have 2 simple/easy recommendations:
    1. Burn them in. I typically burn in headphones 100-200 hrs on a mix of music, pink noise, and brownian noise. This will change the sound slightly, but for the better.
    2. Most important: ditch the stock pads and put on Brainwavz HM5 "extra thick" pads--not hybrids. Velour is not a friend of "analytical" headphones such as this, for it tends to slightly decrease bass & slightly increase treble, neither of which is desirable here. Anyway, w/the pleather HM5s on, the HD6000's sound started to come together: more coherence, more bass, less treble, a little better soundstaging.
    These aren't particularly "enjoyment" oriented headphones. I think they'd be more effective in studio playing/monitoring situations, as they're relative non-editorial.
    But w/o question, they sound pretty lame until you do the "due diligence" outlined above.
  15. Nachash
    Tomorrow I'm gonna finally receive the B8

    Those seems interesting as well... there's also and open back version, Status OB-1.
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