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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Pharmaboy
    And here's a fairly detailed review/overview of the ISK HD9999's:
  2. trivium911
    Yes so basically i used a very thin strip of electrical tape stuffed in each channel where the pinholes are. I used the rounded back end of tweezers to insert the tape to cover the holes. It basically makes the bass less boomy and sound slightly less like a ported subwoofer. Try it and it makes a bit of a difference, still a bit too much bass for my liking though especially for metal and rock. It sounds great with EDM and electronic music but i dont listen to this to much. I tried my HM5 hybrid pads and while they tame the bass to a perfect level they make the headphones sound a little too bright and sibilant, maybe others will like it?  I need to get my hands on the Thinner pads that the ISK HD9999's come with, someone mentioned that these really tame the bass on the MDH-9000's which makes sense. 
    Oh and one more thing to mention that the electrical tape over the pinholes, reduces sound leak by a large margin.
    Yes so the foam and tape i mentioned, that is on the headband as my head is too small apparently which is strange as all my headphones fit perfect and some such as my 598's i need to pull the headband out more.  
  3. Lurk650
    I now have Hybrid HM5 pads on the Yenona and they sound just the same as when they had regular Pleather HM5 pads. Ill hybrid pads to the Lyx tonight and see what happens.
  4. trivium911
     Less bass and too bright with the hybrids. 
  5. trivium911
    Ok Scrap everything i said guys about putting electrical tape on the outside. I removed both drivers just now, stuffed in some open cell foam behind the drivers and put electrical tape on the holes from the inside (where the pinholes ports are). With these mods it sounds much more nuetral, brings out the mids more and loses its boomy annoying sloppy bass on some rock tracks. Now they are perfect! 
    Now if you like the boomy over powerful bass dont do this mod. You can also try not blocking the ports and use the foam and see what you think. I really prefer them this way with a faster and more tame bass. Think Ported vs sealed subwoofer, If you block the ports theoretically you might lose some sub bass though which is what i wanted. These still dig deeper than the Pro 80s, i just tamed the bass a bit.  
    Update: I removed the tape from the vents and stuffed a bit more foam in the cups. The more foam you put in the less DB the bass is try it guys you might like it. 
  6. Toothless
    Thanks for the link. One guy in that thread compared the HD9999 to the Beyer DT770 and thought the Beyer is a bit better. With that I may want to rethink my plan of purchasing the ISK, considering I already have the DT880.
  7. Pharmaboy
    Thanks for this explanation. Much appreciated!
    I also read your later post about stuffing foam in the earcups as an alternative to covering the vent holes. I'm not sure I'll do any of these things, insofar as I found the bass nearly perfect for me w/stock pads. Then I replaced the stock pads--because, unlike those on the nearly identical Marantz MPH-2's, they seem to lack sufficient memory foam inside. I put the HM5's on instead and found the bass to be still excellent/perhaps hitting a touch harder: a bit more midrange presence; slight but definite increase in soundstaging; and, as you point out, an increase in the treble/brightness. I got the treble ~90% under control w/a cotton/fabric insert in the earpads. I may try different fabrics & layers to get the treble 100% back to where it was.
    But reducing the bass...? It just doesn't seem necessary for me. It's a "YMMV" situation. Everyone hears things so differently. Some relish elevated treble, while others love elevated bass.
    What I liked about the stock pads on the LyxPro HS-30's/Marantz MPH-2's is: while the bass may be slightly elevated (not even sure about that), it doesn't affect the midrange at all--and hits with excellent impact/isn't "boomy."
  8. Lurk650
    Yeah not boomy at all. Elevated but well done and addicting
  9. trivium911
    Hmm its possible that these isk could be different with the same housings and different drivers but i doubt it. 1clearhead said that the main emphasis was on bass with the mdh9000 which is why he modded his. In comparison my pro 80s have a more balanced bass which is why i stuffed the foam behind. Another theory i have is because these are too big for my head im getting less side pressure which does not compress the pads as much. If i push on the sides a bit compressing the foams they sound less boomy in the bass department and better overall but lose a bit of soundstage which is to be expected i guess. Im still trying out different pads, but so far liking the foam packed cups with the stock pads. I would like to pick up a set of the thinner HD9999 pads but not sure where to look. Which genres have you tested the marrantz with?
  10. Toothless
    Those thinner pads look very similar to Superlux pads
  11. crabdog
    Last night I was listening to the N650 with HM5 pads. While the HM5 pads are much more comfortable they absolutely murder the sound. Bass takes a massive hit, the mids get sucked out and become hollow and even the highs lose some of their sparkle. Now it makes me really dubious about Z reviews because he insists on using the HM5 or ZMF pads on EVERYTHING. Sometimes the default pads might not be as comfortable but they're often much better matched to the headphones they come with.
  12. Pharmaboy
    I change pads often on my few & inexpensive headphones. But I'm well aware that in any competent headphone design, the exact dimensions & characteristics of the stock earpads are "part of the design"--and thus, part of the intended sound.
    I'd actually rather not change pads. I generally only do it to "solve a problem," either having to do with comfort, or with sound.
    In some cases, everyone pretty much concurs that the stock pads are an abomination, and changing them is a considerable overall improvement. Exhibit A for this: my now sold JVC H1K's, the stock pads of which were bizarrely uncomfortable--ears on drivers--so that the replacement HM5 "extra thick" pads improved sound and comfort.
    Things aren't so clear w/the LyxPro HS-30's. I only changed the pads because they didn't seem to have sufficient foam inside. By contrast, the nearly identical Marantz MPH-2's pad (visually identical) had more foam, and that headphone sounded superb. I never would have changed the pads on the MPH-2's...just saw them last night @my brother's house and confirmed my memory of how ideal that headphone was just about every way.
  13. Pharmaboy
    QUESTION (plea for information):
    Does anyone on this thread have experience with the Status Audio CB-1 and/or the Fostex TH500RP? The CB-1 is inexpensive (~62 direct, incl. 20% "holiday discount); and the TH500RP is definitely not.
    I'm thinking of buying the CB-1 before New Years just to get the discount, and because I'm very curious about them. I have several pairs of pads I could swap the stock pads out for--and possibly improve the sound from stock pads (as described in various comments).
    This is my achilles heel: fascination with inexpensive closed headphones + a strong desire to experience "planar" sound.
  14. yvfed1
    I don't know anything about Status CB-1; just bought TH500RP, should receive in few days. I have heard planars and have couple of electret phones; they do sound very different from any close cans that I have/had.
    What specific info you are looking for?
    I am also always in a lookout for inexpensive phones, close/open, guess looking for some hidden gem; well, have not find one yet :) Can't say I've been disappointed, either  :), by keeping the expectations in check.[​IMG]
    Gemini HSR-1000, MI Philips SHP9500, Braiwavz HM5. Somic HM463, Philips L2, KRK 8400 all bought in this pursuit :).
  15. Pharmaboy
    The information I'm looking for, particularly on the more expensive (for me) TH500RP's, is your general impressions of how they sound: the usual bass/midrange/treble stuff, but also some context & perspective on how they satify/fail to satisfy vs other headphones on hand. I'm very curious how planars sound vs dynamics (never heard a planar).
    The most extensive coverage I've seen for planars has been for the various T50RP mods--MrSpeakers, ZMF Omni/Ori, etc. The Omni/Ori strongly interest me, based on descriptions of their sound. But recently ZMF launched 2 new flagship dynamic models, 1 of which (Atticus) appeals to me so much that I'm planning to buy one in mid-2017, or whenever add'l wood choices (for the earcups) become available. Net/net: that planned purchase knocks me out of the running for a new Omni/Ori (~$950 to $1100, new...sensibly priced used ones come up rarely, if at all).
    Long way of saying the TH500RP's seem like an affordable way for me to learn about planar sound. They can be had new for ~$400, somewhat less for the occasional used pair. I like a lot of what I read about them...also have an awesome pair of earpads I could try on them (MrSpeakers alpha pads) to play around w/increasing bass impact. All in all, the TH500RP's interest me a lot & I'll eagerly await your comments, either via PM or on Head-Fi's dedicated threads for that HP.
    The Status CB-1 is a very different matter--part of my ongoing love affair w/inexpensive closed back headphones, particularly of Chinese manufacturer.
    In that connection, I can definitely recommend an inexpensive "hidden gem"--the Marantz MPH-2's (re-badge of a Chinese model probably sourced from ISK--the ISK MDH9000's). I owned the Marantz MPH-2 and regarded it as a real "home run" sonically & in appearance (w/good comfort, too). I gifted it to my brother, assuming I'd easily buy myself another pair. But that has proven hard, as no US retailer currently carries them. 1st thing next week I will buy a pair from a Japanese ebay seller who offers returns (need that safety-net in case of DOA-out of the box possibility, however unlikely):
    The cost (~$72, shipped) is considerably more than the $39.99 I paid on sale from MusiciansFriend.com--but still totally worth it IMO. I wrote comments earlier in this thread about the MPH-2's, if you're interested.
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