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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. mbwilson111
    the x2/00 version... the old one is only available used for £167 which is $219

    the x2hr/00 the new one is £269 which is $354
  2. Humblepie
    United states does not pay VAT. It is not 167 euro to be shipped here.
  3. mbwilson111
    I know but pounds £ are not euros € . The exchange rate is all over the place right now for reasons we do not wish to discuss here...

    Even after taking off the vat I don't think it would be $150... too tired to do the math... up ALL night listening to music and then an amazon delivery woke me three hours later...
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  4. mbwilson111
    £167 -20% = 134 which is $175 and that is used... probably all the returns after that sale on prime day
  5. Lurk650
    Plus, I have to create an Amazon UK account, as well? Where a hassle lol.
  6. Roderick
    @Lurk650 how does he400i compare to chinese headphones you have? Which ones you got? I'll be getting he400i next week so I'm curious :)
  7. Lurk650
    I have the LyxPro HAS30 and the Lasmex L-85. They all have different sigs but the 400i bests them in width, imaging and spacing. Only mod I have on the 400i is a 2.5mm balanced cable. Considering getting the pad rings and putting on Brainwavz sheepskin (Ori pads are a bit too expensive for my tastes but hear they work very well so I may do it)
  8. peter123
    Fwiw the HE400i is the second best Chinese headphones that I own (only beaten by the HE560 :wink:). Seriously though, imo they're a considerable step up from the Takstar Pro80, HI2050, MSUR N550, Yenona, Superlux HD662f etc.
    groucho69 and Lurk650 like this.
  9. peter123
    Btw, my Aliexpress "HM5" pads arrived today and they're the real deal. They might be a touch smaller than my older ones but I've seen variations in my multiple pairs from before as well so might just be batch variations.

    I paid $25 shipped in total for a pair of hybrids and a pair of angled pleather ones. I see prices are even lower now and will be even more so on 11/11.....
  10. HungryPanda
    Absolutely wrong thread
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  11. groucho69
    Knowing it is half the battle.
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  12. HungryPanda
    Yay man
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  13. Saoshyant
    G I Joe!
  14. groucho69
    Kung fu grip?
  15. Lurk650
    Just snagged a pair of 99C on here for $200. L-85 going back tomorrow. I highly recommend them but no need for another open back. 400i suits me
    groucho69 likes this.
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