Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
  1. Cruelhand Luke
  2. peter123
    I'm on my phone that always moves to the app when I'm opening Aliexpress but just search for HM5 and you'll get plenty of results.
  3. wastan
    With real life hair and beard
  4. colourhaze
  5. Humblepie
  6. Saoshyant
    We should steampunk our Diza
  7. wastan
  8. Nymphonomaniac
    So, I think I do enough homework but lack in teacher here, read lot of vague stuff about MSRU & BLON & BOSS etc....and ISK MH9000 (Freebos etc)...

    Like....i have a visual fixation on the MSUR N650 but we talk of high risk here as I don't want to pay 80$ for the look only, i'm more about beauty hide inside even if the Headphone look like a big fat ugly girl.

    And the Freebos Marantz clone cause their half the price and look great for portability and its quite well praise here.

    So, anybody heard MSUR or BLON or BOSSFI headphones here?

    If 40-50 chifi headphone can compete with 100$ good one, is it possible at Alisale to find 80-100$ one with same value relativity law?

    My ISK HP2010 tell me YES YES YES!

    I search for something better than my Ultrasone HF580 that have just good bass and nothing else and its a torture to wear for big head guy.
  9. Lurk650
  10. Cruelhand Luke
    I think the look of all of those are hilarious. I can HEAR the over the top chinese character accent in the way they look. I won't try to replicate it here and get myself in hot water...., but imagine Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's describe to you why these headphones are so cool.
  11. maxxevv
    I'll be getting the Bosshifi B8 as the prices seem compelling for this upcoming sale.
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  12. Nymphonomaniac
    Hey thanks, it was on my Bosshifi list, they look beautifull and are closed and surely perfet for portability.

    Did you own or head them and if so, just a little description about their soundsignature will be very appreciate!

    Oh, and best price you find was around 55$ or even less?

  13. maxxevv
    I don't, that's why I'll be getting them. :) There's enough positive impressions both here on Head-fi and elsewhere on other forums to form an arms-length impression that I think is worth the asking price.

    Yes, that's the best price I could find too. In any case, at that price, its not too bad if it turned out just " average " in sound quality considering its build quality. It would be a good candidate for modding purposes without too much of a pocket burn though. :p

    I'm still contemplating whether to get a second set as a birthday present for a friend who appreciates "nice but NOT expensive" presents.
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  14. Nymphonomaniac
    Did you read THAT???

    Look like MSUR have stay in obscurity way too long and that the one that try them have a BIG surprise!

    Was looking at them since alot of time, cause of Berylium driver assumption taht look to be true finally, and this headi thread isn't some paid kid to praise chifi stuffs...MSUR have a IEM that was intriguig me as well....will surely take the 550 or 650!
  15. Roderick
    Unless you are willing to mod n550's alot I think b8 is a propably a better deal. From what I red it seems to improve those aspects that needed modding on n550. Basically it seems like a upgraded n550. Both have The beryllium coated drivers too.

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