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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. yorosello
    Yeah, I think it will also be my only upgrade cable. Just buying those to replace the stock cable of my T2 Galaxy that seems a little fragile. I was hoping to hear some changes on the T2's performance but I heard nothing. But on my TFZ no. 3, it boosted the volume & I heard more clarity than with the stock cable, somehow :thinking:. The sound stage too became a bit open.
  2. superuser1
    I think someone pointed out earlier about the nozzle angle being different making the shell of the iem jut out at an angle. Is that assessment accurate and does it make the fit a problem?
  3. SweetEars
    can someone comment how this sounds in the Blon 3?

  4. 1clearhead
    Probably, it refers to Chinese Fidelity (World)? Or better yet, earphones, headphones, or other products made and sold by Chinese companies as their own products, and tweaked under their own standards with built in Chinese parts as well, and not under any branded name outside of China like, AKG, Pioneer, Sony, Sennheiser, etc...but I don't know when it was first mentioned or started in head-fi.org. Researching, or asking ADMIN when it first appeared would be best!

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  5. baskingshark

    The Spring 1 is number 1 on my wishlist for 11/11, I might get it if it is substantially discounted then.
    But as @DynamicEars and other reviewers pointed out, the bass is probably the weakest aspect of the Spring 1, it looks flabby from some reviews. That's the only thing putting me on the fence about getting it. Maybe burn in or tip rolling might fix the bass, not sure.

    And at the Spring 1's $139ish price range, there's lots of competition. For example, Audiosense is releasing a hybrid (AQ3), tuned harmanish, next week, also around $150 USDish.
    I've already found my endgame hybrid/multi BA IEM with the T800, so I'm wondering if it is still worth it to get the Spring 1.
  6. Slater
    ^^ This ^^
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  7. durwood
    I think more so the price range, most of the budget people do not consider $30-50 out of reach, but once you start venturing towards the $100+ mark you start to loose a few folks. I know once I started out, I was in the $15/25 camp and have slowly edged upwards. I think harder about parting with $100 let alone closer to $150. It is a bold move by BQEYZ. As to the comparison to DT6, the DT6 fits like crap for me, and the tonality and timbre are weird.

    Yeah I consider this the main event thread and then the brand specific threads where only the brand followers end up. I think some people might not even be aware there is a BQEYZ thread, it's not like the brand name is memorable at all.

    For me again I think the price is the main detractor, but I think it does some things better than the DMG/M6 which is also in the same price league.

    I think it will slowly become a favorite for many, as they move on from the $50 budget range.

    While the nozzle angle points downward instead of forward and straight, I didn't have any fit issues. YMMV, but I posted a picture in my review of several nozzles compared to the Spring 1 as well as them shoved into my ears. See for yourself at the link in my sig. I think this was a valid concern, but way overblown and very specific. The Nicehck bro for example has an extreme angle for their nozzle and it hurts me to wear it for extended periods. I just used the Spring 1 on my transatlantic 8 hour flight and it was comfortable the whole way.

    The bass is the weakest point of the Spring 1, but it is not terrible, it just means the rest of the earphone outshines the bass region at least for me.

    The T800 is intriguing, but now you are well above what is considered budget and was considered TOTL pricing not more than a 4-5 years ago. Before I spend $300, I would like to audition. I have more expensive over ear headphones in this price range that I listened to first, before purchasing. I am still waiting for my turn at the Fearless Audio audition set, it would be nice to be able to compare the T800 to some of these, as well as the Moondrop blessing...now we are in the $400 range.

    I think if the Spring 1 is offered on sale at 11.11, there might be more takers.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
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  8. Slater
    I can totally understand that. I know that was the main detractor for me. I wanted it but was like ‘eh, at $100 I’d consider it, but not $135’. That’s not to say it’s not totally worth it and a steal at $135. BQEYZ makes solid products, and the Spring 1 is their flagship. So I have no doubt it’s good.
  9. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I have the Spring 1 bought myself based on comments in here.
    Wasted my money (that's how this hobby goes...can't be helped)
    Incoherent hybrid where bass is clearly detached from the rest of presentation.
    Better than the BLON 03?? Different music prefs aside I find that hard to take serious.
    Will do a review later but I hope it doesn't gain traction. Too much other stuff that are cheaper and sound better
  10. durwood
    I have the BLON as well, it's pretty good, yes it has better coherence and good tonality and signature but I don't find the bass that much better than the Spring 1, just different. I like that I can drive the Spring 1 harder when needed, I can't with the BLON it comes undone. Still haven't found the magical tip combination either, all of my usual go-to's slip off and get stuck in my ear when I remove them, and some of the tips were ones recommended by other users. I think it is hard for any hybrid that has a dynamic driver in the housing and a BA in the nozzle to be coherent, but a tradeoff. The DMG bass was way worse than the Spring 1, I just wish the Spring 1 had more subbass and less midbass, the boost was centered in my non-prerferred spot.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  11. SciOC
    The spring 1 requires lots of burn in, something HBB doesn't believe in....

    It's an interesting pair. Good, not great.

    Honestly I'd take the bqeyz bq3 over it....

    I think the problem is that it needs a couple more BAs and better tuning of the dynamic.
  12. durwood
    I don't own the BQ3, but I was sort of hoping the Spring 1 had the BQ3 bass type that I had read about. That is my my one nitpick about it.
  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Yup. This is such a public but personal hobby if you know what I mean?

    My opinion is no more valid than anyone else's and visa versa. I stopped doing negative IEM reviews about 8 months ago iirc? I might say pass or something rarely but have not expressed my negative feeling towards over 1/2 of what i bought or was sent. I have most of what is mentioned in the threads but if I have nothing constructive to add I should shut my face. I stuck my head in on this one cuz it was a few days a go i decided to just move along. I also think the Sony flagship IEM has the same issue and I am a stone cold fanboy. The M9 is actually the one they nailed IMO.
  14. SciOC
    Damn straight. I like niche pairs myself, this is definitely one of those. It sounds fine but feels like a prototype that maybe should've been tweaked before releasing. But it is way better sounding than anything I heard on or in my head until the year 2005.... We're just so spoiled with good stuff now that we can nitpick it all to death. The parity between gear is kind of nuts...

    One word of advice with the spring 1. Turn it up really really loud. The dampening they used makes it eat up power without murdering your ears. Very strange... But sounds better at very high volume. That might not be the best selling point for an IEM, that you need to listen to it at high enough volumes to damage you're hearing to make it sound it's best, but in this case I think it's true.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
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  15. DynamicEars

    If you already found your endgame with t800 i think you wont need the spring 1, as the t800 maybe will surpass almost everything, except maybe smoothness or maybe timbre ( i never listen to t800 but from what i've read and by following audiosense thread)

    Unless you are like me, want to keep the endgame safe for listening session at home, while using other iem on the go. If this the case, they are worth the price because just like blons that hold high value, this smooth gems also do.

    About bass though, i already tell my honest impressions, but they got benefit from burn in process and become much better now, and try wide bore eartips (blon also better with wide bore for me for reducing mid bass bleed). The spring 1 mid bass actually after a brief listen, they are not bleeding, mids are very clear. Its the sub bass that too rolled off and not being bigger than the mid bass. So on tracks that have sub bass attacks with little mid / upper bass, they are sounds great and deep. But on tracks that attacking with sub bass and mid bass and upper bass at the same time, i heard mid bass more particularly on 80-120 hz before the subbass level reach my preference. This is the same case with previous bqeyz products with spring 1 is lower on quantity on both subbass and mid bass although they already have better subbass quality and quantity.
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