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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. DynamicEars
    Nice! M7/M9 needs some more love. My endgame.

    Love your recent reviews especially with comparison table chart etc. Love aerosmith's no more no more too!
  2. DynamicEars
    I want to emphasize this also, not so many IEMs can be listened on high volume as certain frequency will kill your ears first, with those harmans referenced iem, 3 khz will smack your ear down first before you can hear other frequencies loud.

    Sony ier m7, blon bl03, bqeyz spring 1, sony ex600 are those from little group that so balance that can be heard on loud volume, and on high volume you can hear the details from every frequency ranges.
    And actually i think they were tuned this way, thats why i like them, just at my preference volume level
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  3. superuser1
    I think you're trying to give Indian songs and movies a bad name :D
  4. SweetEars
    Hmm no.....
  5. dharmasteve
    I agree with you. Having spent large amounts of time in India I do love Indian films and more so Indian Music and Dance, whether classical or more modern. I can't really see how this bit of film/music score really gives any indication of the qualities of the Blon 03.
  6. RikudouGoku
  7. Nimweth
    TRN V90 and Senlee 8 core single crystal cable. A brilliant combination! Sound excellent across all genres and extremely well balanced. IMG_20191021_141732.jpg
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  8. NymPHONOmaniac

    To me Spring1 is all about mid range richness, clarity and texture, only drawback is sub bass extension wich is a little too tigh-thick, but overall bass is quite hard thumping and present.

    For rap and such, I would take the warmer, more mellow and U shape BLON....for all the rest, Spring1 is my go to iem.

    Tough this song sound great with Spring1, with better imaging and tigher attack than BLON wich stole lotta details and veil it too much with sub bass:
  9. NymPHONOmaniac
    +1 about sub bass ackwardness....even if it isnt that much of an intense drawback. this is why i dont suggest them for trap rap or sub bass heavy tracks that need transparent rumble.
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  10. NymPHONOmaniac
    COPY-PASTE some first impressions of SHUOER TAPE (taking from NBBA facebook group)

    ''Paolo Tellano[​IMG] After an hour of listening, here are my impressions....

    Cons - Upper midrange spike (specifically the snare, it's my sensitive area), vocals have a weird timbre at normal volume but can sound a bit shouty when you up the volume, and treble peaks (I didn't mind these because I'm not treble sensitive), and can get a bit fatiguing in long listening sessions.

    Pros - amazing detail retrieval, resolution is excellent, imaging is superb, and the soundstage is above average. Great quality package and ergonomic fit.

    General observations: more sub bass than mid bass oriented, mids are dependent on the volume, and highs extend well and has great quantity as well.

    If you love your details and instruments, these IEMs won't disappoint you. You're not going to miss much in terms of micro details. However, if you want something smooth and musical, look elsewhere.

    Comparing to my current gear:
    v.s. Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered

    The soundstage width and depth goes to the UERR. Pure resolution, I sincerely believe the tape has more or at least throws it more aggressively in your face. Imaging goes to the UERR but the Tape is at its tail as it presents the instruments distinct from one another in the sound space.

    v.s. BLON BL-03
    Soundstage goes to the BLONs. Imaging are excellent on both but the Tape has it beat on resolution. The BLONs sounds more natural to my ears and can throw the details without being fatiguing.''

    I wonder if burn in will tame treble harshness...
  11. SciOC
    Ok, so the blon bl-03 are good... But I think the comparisons are getting a bit out of control in my opinion. It's a good reference set. Sort of reminds me of the ibasso it04 but at a lower price point. It's good but it's not knocking your socks off.

    The soundstage isn't great, it's artificially large because the vocal ranges are recessed. As a basshead, I really can't get on board with the bass here compared to any of the other DD sets I've tried recently. It's middle of the pack, and inoffensive but also unremarkable. Attack and decay is middle of the road, punchiness and extension also middle of the road. Detail is simply good, not fantastic or out of the ordinary for a single DD.

    These are in undoubtedly a good set, but I see little that they truly Excel at. I actually don't agree that the tuning is overall very balanced. I do hear harshness in the lower treble that makes them need EQ for high volume, and that's with a copper cable on the hiby r6 pro, so not a shrill setup.

    A good set, undoubtedly, but the main thing it does is set the bar really high for $30 and make it unacceptable for more expensive pairs to have really glaring weaknesses... That's a very good thing, but I think the hype is a bit much.
  12. ozziecook
    Fair enough. It's a view. Not a common one...but a view, nonetheless. I've got three pairs and they all sound slightly different: different cables, different stages of play...so dunno what that says?
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  13. yorosello
    Tanchjim Darkside vs NS Audio NS-3 vs TFZ No. 3
  14. peter123
    Yeah, I've got the same feeling about them. Good for $30 but doesn't excel in any area for my preferences. Personally there's even a couple of cheaper offerings that I enjoy more. YMMV and in this case it's pretty obvious it does :wink:
  15. SciOC
    The main thing I see is that it's an easy recommendation for $30 because it is so inoffensive and all around pretty good. I doubt anybody is going to HATE the bl-03 for the sound, most likely it'd be because they have fit issues.

    But also because of that, I'm not even sure if the blon will be my lawn mowing pair, they're just not secure enough for physical activity...

    Long term, I just don't see myself getting much use from them as a hobbyist/collector because they just don't really standout in any way to me. They'd be a great pick for a random person who wants "the best" IEM they can get for $30 without knowing anything about their preferences.

    I can definitely see why people like @Hawaiibadboy recommend them, it's a no brainer. To a casual user without much basis for comparison, they're pretty great. To a collector and avid EQ user? Meh... Nothing special about em.

    Edit:. I take that back, the packaging is very "special". Oppoty!
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019

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