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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. RikudouGoku

    So far everything he says are also the same as the things I hear. You might want to check out his comparison
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  2. peter123
    Yesterday I used the DT6 for the first time since I got the BL-03 and personally I prefer the DT6 over the Blons by quite some margin. I agree that the DT6 has less midbass and more subbass. Even the DT6 is borderline too much midbass for me so the BL-03 is just too much for my preferences. That being said the Blon has better bass quality and a wider stage to my ears. Just my 2c and as already shown YMMV..
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  3. Coyro
    It's a matter of pricing that adds to the overall reception. BL-03 cost 5 times less than Spring1 so a bunch of people has a natural reaction "wow, the cheap ones are doing exceptionally well". I love my KC2 and would like to have Spring1 too, but for me $27 clearly was a no-brainer to taste a new flavor and as for $139 - I'll wait for a sale. Still have some undelivered orders from China and don't want to pile them up.
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  4. MrDelicious
    Any ideas where to buy tips that come with Oriveti IEM's, the white ones with the black tubing, bottom right in the picture?

  5. chickenmoon
    They look very similar to the Dual Density Ear Tips sold by RHA but I can't guarantee they are exactly the same.

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  6. RikudouGoku
    Moondrop KXXS vs Blon bl-03

    Source: Fiio M11, Flac or better files.
    Cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000009633191.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.27.56f1727cq8NgMN (balanced 4,4)
    Tips: Spinfits Cp145 Large
    the same setup for both.

    Build: they both look like they are from the same price range, but when you hold it in your hand the KXXS feels better built and heavier. The 03 is smaller and may not fit everyone but they are both equally comfortable. Fit is also much better on KXXS and seals a lot easier. KXXS wins in build.

    they are both average on isolation but the KXXS is better due to it having a bigger body that can block more sound. Winner KXXS

    overall they sound pretty much the same if you are not using 100% concentration on telling them apart. the lows is the biggest difference in them.

    03 has more quantity while the KXXS has more quality and is faster. I prefer the KXXS but for bassheads the 03 is the winner

    : honestly can not hear the difference, females sound a tiny bit less sibilant on the 03 due to the KXXS being the brighter one. I prefer the KXXS

    the KXXS is brighter which gives it a little bit more detail but the 03 sound more organic/real. Tie, I can not decide between them

    KXXS is bigger, but this might be due to the overall brighter sound, so this might not be a "real" soundstage difference. KXXS is the Winner

    if you do not have either of them I would say go for the 03 before they make version 2 of them and triple the cost because OH DAMN they are worth it. If you already have the KXXS then you do not need to buy it, except if you want a very cheap backup for your KXXS. the price of the 03 is around 30$ while the KXXS is 190$, the KXXS is not worth the almost 7 times the cost of the 03. I will still use the KXXS as my daily driver because it is overall better for me.

    Winner in value 1000000000% blon 03

    Winner overall if you are made of money Moondrop KXXS

  7. chinmie
    the Blon indeed has a bloomy and raw midbass, although borderline for my preference too, luckily it doesn't cross the point where it gets annoying for me.. looks like my midbass tolerance is a nudge higher than you :grin: , might be because of playing bass in my high school years..
    this Blon is really boosted the low frequency right in that electric bass guitar sound.

    i did some tip rolling again with the Blon and followed the advice of another member here (I'm sorry i forgot your name:sweat_smile: ) to use the Spiral Dots. so i put the Spiral Dots ++ on my Blon, and it indeed decreases the midbass hump and shifted the focus to the lower bass instead. you might want to try it too, maybe it would make the Blon a bit more tolerable for you
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  8. mayank11280
    Hey, could you please help me out with comparing Final Audio E5000 and LZ-A6?
  9. superuser1
    Very precise and well written. Thank you.
    Just a suggestion for you to try... Final Audio Type E tips are the ones I settled on the KXXS. IMO they work very well for KXXS.
  10. RikudouGoku
    Thank you, I do not have those tips but I have spinfits,newbee foams, jvc spiral dots/spiral dots++, symbio W and some others. Spinfits are my favourite for everything with the spiral dot++ coming up second If the iem is dark and fit.
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  11. Nimweth
    TRN V90 arrived today. First impressions very positive, nice balanced tonality with good treble detail. More to come after burn in....
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  12. MrDelicious
    Very similar indeed, might as well give it a go for that price. Thanks!
  13. Firevortex
    hey guys. i got recommend here to try a pair of CAA-C10s with TRN bt20 for decent wireless Chi-Fi experience. although cheap. i find the sound to be overly bright and very fatiguing. i do have it burn-in around 40hrs or so. do i need to let it burn in more with the CAA?
  14. Slater
    Some things you can try to tame the treble:

    1. Wide bore eartips
    2. Foam eartips
    3. A small piece of foam put inside of the eartip
    4. Remove the eartip, cover the nozzle with a small scrap of tea bag or 3M micropore tape, and reinstall the eartip
    5. Do the ZST form mod (search to find it) to the BA driver(s) in the nozzle
  15. LaughMoreDaily
    CCA and KZ are over hyped by chifi hypesters. Some of those hypsters are probably paid while others got free iems and some are generally fans of the uncomplete sound due to the lack of quality in the components used.

    Hopefully messages like this will get KZ to step up their game cause it sucks right now.

    I've found much better brands: BQEYZ, Audiosense, etc.

    PS: Don't trust anyone that doesn't have at least one iem from a few brands as their opinion isn't strong.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
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