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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Cevisi
    Yes get the pro
  2. requal
    Lol, those GuideRays are awesome.

    Even if I have some candies to comparison right here now.
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  3. George Taylor
    One thing I can say about the GuideRay is that for a change I didn't switch out the tips on them yet. Nor do I feel the need to. They are eminently comfortable as is out of the box. And yes, I really like the sound of them as well.
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  4. requal
    Yes, also I was pretty surprised by quality of tips and I'm using them. Build quality is nice too, comfortable as Fiio FA1.

    I need some time to spend with GRz. Highs are on border of piercing, but it will probably disappears after some time of burning.
    Great value for sure. Some ppl prefer that kind of tuning - from memory - IMR R2 has about the same highs.
    Blons are also nice, but quality of sound depends to tips/seal. For me Sony silicone are perfect.

    Both, BL-03 and GR could be easly selled as 300 usd earphones. If problematic CA IO (at beginning I liked them), FIIO FH7, Dunu Falcon-C, IMRs, Flc8s, Rhapsodio Orla or Oriolus Finshi can, why those can't?
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
  5. 1clearhead
    BLON BL03 and LZ A6mini comparison stats:

    The BL03 has an HD carbon nanotube graphene dynamic driver on each side, while the A6mini is a hybrid with its own advanced dynamic driver plus a 7 layer piezoelectric ceramic ultra-high driver. They both have an excellent low soothing sub-bass with rich low-end details, the A6mini has better MID/vocal and instrument details with a large and open soundstage, while the BL03 has more of a laid-back approach with excellent transparency with a touch of lusciousness and well-rounded soundstage. Both have superb hi-end details, but the A6mini takes it to another level with some of the best micro-details i've heard by far due to the piezoelectric ultra-high ceramic drivers.

    Final Comments:

    The dynamic drivers in the BL03 can only be described as superb and exceptional to the highest standard and definitely "bang for the buck"! ...While the A6mini has an openness and airiness, which I personally consider as one of the best I've heard with soaring top end micro-details for its new lower price!

    Glad to compare...:thumbsup:

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
  6. RikudouGoku
    ...Just got my blon 03 and wow. I wasnt 100% buying the hypetrain that is here on headfi or even BGGARs video about it with the comparison to the KXXS but wow, all expectations was destroyed and beyond. I need to burn it in a few days until I confirm which one I like the most but so far it is a very even battle.

    (I didnt try the stock cable and used this cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000009633191.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.27.11f1c137TJwv4g
    and am using spinfits cp145 large)
  7. yseviel
    I am getting a gift and I would greatly appreciate advice from people with listening experience on an entry level for primarily Death Metal, with a side of Synthwave. I don't know a lot about this topic but as I understand a fairly neutral like Tin2 would be great for Death Metal, however I need something with more bass or the Synthwave will sound thin.

    The things that seem important based on the glossary: sub bass response, fast/snap/transient response, articulation, flat frequency and also maintaining clarity at higher volumes will be important, while isolation is not a specific concern.

    Audiosense T180
    KZ AS10
    KZ BA10
    KZ ZSX

    My shortlist of ones that seem promising and are within my budget, have various reviews praising them for balance and mids that aren't recessed, but I'm less sure about the differences between them when it comes to the above word salad.

    Of course I'd be open to other suggestions, like I can see the BLON is very popular right now but I'm not sure if it's as suitable to these specific guidelines and buying and trying a bunch of tips wouldn't be on the table.
  8. harry501501
  9. durwood
    I finally had time to fully digest the BQEYZ Spring 1. I had the trn v90 for a week before it arrived and while the V90 does a bunch of things right, sound wise the Spring 1 does more things right. I have to work backwards now and Trn v90 will get it’s day as well.

    My first full review is up.
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  10. Viajero
    Does it have a similar sound to the DT6? Because I love that one. There's something special about its sound. Maybe it's
    that piezoelectric driver. I don't have any other IEMs with that kind of driver to compare it to.
  11. silverfishla
    The Spring1 is very good. Not being talked about too much with the Blon hysteria. It’s presentation shares BQEYZ DNA. I enjoy it’s effervescent quality. Not extremely thick, but spry on it’s feet. It has a very musical quality and is extremely good with delicate instruments. Sounds great louder.
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  12. superuser1
    Will look forward to your comparison with the KXXS
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  13. baskingshark
    I don't have the LZA6 Mini, but BLON BL03 is quite different in sound signature and tuning from DT6.
    BLON is very good at timbre and tonality and coherency, whereas the DT6 has quite bad timbre for acoustic instruments IMHO. I listen mostly to jazz, acoustic, classical and bigband and the DT6 is a no go for me, in fact I gave away my DT6 after I got the BLON.
    But DT6 has better instrument separation, soundstage, clarity and details. Both are good sets for the price, I guess it depends on what genres u listen to and whether u are OCD about timbre and what sound signature u prefer.
    BLON has a bigger quantity of midbass compared to the DT6. But from what I recall, the DT6 seems to have bigger subbass than the BLONs.
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  14. superuser1
    DT6 is a no go for me too.... it just sounds very off to me.. very!
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  15. 1clearhead
    I still like my DT6 for it's unique signature and the capability to give excellent details from the piezoelectric drivers, but the A6mini are just in another level of pleasure and coherency with a broader soundstage, transparency, and hi-end details/micro-details that the DT6 can not display. With the BL03, the soothing lower sub-bass is downright better than the DT6, and though they both sound slightly similar in the sense of transparency...the flow, clarity and balance has to go to the BL03. Micro-details are quite similar with the BL03 and the DT6, which gets its help from the piezoelectric drivers. Personally, because of the uniqueness and differences of all three, I like them all!


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