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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Firevortex
    i'm using the JVC Spiral dot which is wide bore. i have very limited experience with IEMs only went for the True-wireless route. Its a lot brighter than my Sony WF1000XM3 and Momentum TWE (unfair comparison i know) but clarity is there and the sound stage is better than the Sony, Momentum is better in every way sounding more natural. i cant seem to enjoy them due to the brightness. coming from a AKG owner thats saying a lot lol.
  2. Ziggomatic
    Daily laugh achieved.
  3. dflock
    Please forgive me if this has been discussed. I know many are looking to replace the stock cable on the BLON BL-03. I have a decent solution. I ordered a KZ Type C ( .78 mm, actually .75mm not sure of difference) cable from AliExpress for about $3.50. Its the cheap generic one that comes with certain KZ models.

    It is a close fit but BLON is square and KZ female end is round. I lightly scraped corners with exacto (to square corners). Then used a hair dryer for about 20 seconds to soften plastic and inserted BLON right into KZ cable. Let it cool for a few minutes and BOOM. Works just fine and cable fits better for me around ear. You may not even need to use exacto and just heat end to soften and it could shape right over BLON.

    You could also replace with higher end Type C cables and try my method. This was just a cheap tester but 100% with this cable.

    Attached images. Let me know if you can not access them.


    * Rechecking my order, it looks to be .75mm for use with KZ ZS5.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  4. Tonymac136
    Yeah brightness and steely timbre is pretty much the failing of most KZ/CCA BA or hybrid stuff. I've got tinnitus (and ears which are almost 40 years old belonging to a man who has played in bands and done destruction derbies) so anything above 14kHz is indistinguishable from tinnitus even if I can hear it, yet I still find my KZ ZS10 uncomfortably bright. Horrible things.
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  5. Firevortex
    Thanks Tonymac. Many of the feed back on these IEMs never mentioned they were bright. thus my initial post here. i thought my unit was weird or it requires more burn-in. for the price they are pretty good i guess. i mean i'm comparing them with true wireless IEMS x10 the cost.
    Any recommendations on better set that has the 0.75mm connector?
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  6. SiggyFraud
    Great tip! Can't believe how simple it is. Took like 3 minutes
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  7. Coyro
    As for myself - I didn't found C10 too bright, at the time I didn't found anything especially bad in them. But couldn't find anything prominent either, a bit boring, I daresay. Jack of all trades, master of none.
    IMO they seem OKish for the price, nothing more, nothing less.
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  8. Johnny2R
    Do you have a URL for this?
  9. dflock

    US $1.96 25%OFF | Practical L Plug Wire Upgrade Earphones Cable Durable Stable Replacement Accessories 0.75mm 2 Pin Copper Plated For KZ ZS5 6

    You are going to select the Type C (Mic or No Mic).

    Look for other cables with same design and it could work if end of connector is pliable when warmed.

    * Link doesnt seem to work. ALSO is looks like it is the .75mm and not .78mm csble that I used.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  10. dflock
    Can you confirm if it was .75mm or .78mm? I original thought I ordered .78 but after checking order details it was a .75mm for use with KZ ZS5.
  11. Mybutthurts
    The KZ cable .75 will fit, but will be a little loose in a .78 hole.
    This was confirmed on another thread, but I can't it at the moment.

    I very much hope this true as if my Blon cable is no good etc. Then I am hoping to use spare KZ cables instead.
  12. Tonymac136
    Seems the c10 uses the same paragraph c cable as the C12. Or with a bit of filing could be made to fit the Blon BL-03. Blon is less detailed but more musical sounding than the C12. Though the cable won't be an exact fit, plenty of people have put Paragraph C cables onto Blons so they would be able to advise.
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  13. SiggyFraud
    Can't seem to find the order, but since I ordered the cable for the KZ ZSN some time ago, I'm pretty sure it's. 0.75mm. Fits and sounds fine with the Blons.
  14. Slater
    So to clarify, you heated and reformed:

    1. the 2-pin plug on the cable
    2. the 2-pin socket on the Blon
  15. SiggyFraud
    The plug on the cable. Worked like a charm.
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