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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Slater
  2. dflock

    The 2 Pin Plug on Cable (female end) gets warmed so it forms around. No heat to the BLON.
  3. Slater
    I’ll have to give it a try!

    Thanks for sharing the mod idea. It sounds like a simple and effective solution :)
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  4. SiggyFraud
    Actually it was @dflock who came up with the idea. I just used it on my spare type C silver-plated cable.
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  5. zr0dfx
    Did you use a knife to “square” the connector on the cable as well or did you just use the hairdryer?:)
  6. CoiL
    Thanks for impressions!
    Again, very similar opinion as I`ve read from some others about KXXS (or KPE) vs. BL-03.
    I also think KPE is winner for MY preferences and will be using BL-03 as beater everyday-everywhere IEM.
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  7. RikudouGoku
    Yeah, that is also my plan right now. Altough when 11/11 comes I will probably buy the Tin audio P1, Shuoer Tape and the Thieaudio Phantom.
  8. SiggyFraud
    No knife. Just the hairdryer:slight_smile:
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  9. zr0dfx
    Brilliant! Will definitely try this before breaking out the jewellers files. :beyersmile:
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  10. 1clearhead
    So, a few days ago I was searching on taobao and looking forward to purchasing the BLON BL01, but stumbled upon one that eerily looks like the BLON BL03 on "steroids"! I did not even think twice and pulled the trigger on this one! It's like BL03-superman meets Ranvoo H21-bizarro superman! ...The interior is a crazy looking hyper-drive unit in a similar casing to the BL03, but incredibly incased in hardened China glass! Unfortunately, you can only find them on taobao by searching, "Ranvoo". ...Unless, someone finds them elsewhere!

    I purchased it on sale for 148 Chinese Yuan, which is around $21 US dollars! And, though the cables are not detachable, I still think it's a steal and want to give them a try!

    Check them out...!

    Screenshot_20191018-004311_1.jpg Screenshot_20191017-223320_1_1.jpg
    Ranvoo H21 (2).png Ranvoo H21 (3).png Ranvoo H21.png

    ...They come in white, too!


    Hopefully, I'll receive them in 4 days!

    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
  11. Otto Motor
    Why So Cheap? The Story of Chi-Fi Earphones - Part 2!

    We investigate the motivation behind cheap earphones from China in a three-part series and shamelessly uncover the truth behind this ever growing business. You'll get spectacular insights like never before right down to the cost break-down of these.

    A must-read for everyone with ears!

    Banners and Alerts-2.jpg
  12. Slater
    Once you reshape the cable, how well do they still fit the KZs (ie ZSX, C12, ZSN, ZS10 Pro, etc)?

    I assume they’ll still fit fine, but might be a little loose.
  13. Slater
    You’re the John Stossel of ChiFi; uncovering and reporting on all of the secrets :)
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  14. PhonoPhi
    A "rose oil" to everyone with ears! :)

    It makes all the sense now - TRN X6 as a perfect multimedia IEM! Thank you!
  15. Otto Motor
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