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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. randomnin
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I wouldn't say they're that different. Also, I really should stop remembering graphs. A skill of very limited applicability.
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  2. DocHoliday
    I'd definitely like to see more micro-dynamic driver in-ears. They're kind of an underappreciated. .....thing 'round here.

    Every "SHE" model puts forth a different sound profile.


    The SHE3590 & 3580 are probably some of the earliest budget champs several years back. They have great extension on both ends but the mids are somewhat thin. The SHE7050 and other SHE models are tuned differently.

    I picked up the 7050's for about $6 a pop and $4 shipping ($24 + $4 = $28) back in 2016.


    The white and the pink were $25 a piece back then so I opted out, though I wanted the white that Otto has.


    .....but I agree with MB about the yellow/turquoise/orange combo looking funky


    At any rate, it's all about the music and the 7050 had me from the start, inadvertently.

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  3. jant71
  4. DocHoliday
    Haven't heard it.

    The last decent "bass" models I heard were the SHE9950 and those are hell and gone today.

    Always wondered about these Philips TX2WT, though. They were $130 when new but are only $35 if you can find them. Anyone with info on these can PM me. Thanks

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  5. NeonHD

    WOW! Didn't know these Ostry eartips could make my teeth stronger! An Ostry a day keeps the dentist away :smile:
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  6. LaughMoreDaily
    Apparently, Vitamin A, Iodine, Vitamin D and Xylitol make teeth stronger.

    I thought I liked my Ostry tips at the start but I'm not so sure anymore. KZ Starlines are fine.
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  7. Otto Motor
    Philips seem have have dropped pricier earphones from their selection. The TX2 can be found on ebay from a reliable Korean seller at $35...same who sold me the 7055s (=7050s with mic).

    Ordered the TX2s and wonder how diminishing the return will be compared to the 7055s. The TX2s are still on innerfidelity's Wall of Fame.

    And you can also get the Fidelio S1 on ebay for $80.

    I wonder about the fit of the TX2 and S1 with the angled nozzles: had bad luck with similar designs such as the NiceHCK EP35 and a couple of Xiaomis: nozzle didn't go deep enough into the ear canal.
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  8. SilverEars
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  9. DocHoliday
    *** Welcome to my heavily edited post ***

    Good eye there, Otto. I have the SHQ2300 which have a similar shape to the TX2. The SHQ2300 sound signature is reminiscent of the EMI CI880 but the SHQ2300 has a tad less bass and the CI880 has better resolution up top. The SHQ2300 is decent but I prefer a bit more warmth and kick.

    Looks like I was mistaken about price. The $130 was, apparently, for the "Fidelio".

    Like you I am curious about "diminishing returns" with the TX2. The SHQ2300 doesn't have the TX2 bass (see innerfidelity's FR) but they do have decent tuning. They're clean and clear but I had to use EQ to get more feedback in the low end; I purchased them for the eartips. Unfortunately, they tend to press against my tragus (see spoiler) so long listening sessions are a no-go for me.



    Haven't tried the SHE7000 either but I'll pick up a few sets for the eartips if I catch them on clearance (Amazon).

    At any rate, it's probably best not to hijack the Chi-Fi thread with western brand chatter.

    To get back on topic, Elle at BQEYZ updated me on the upcoming release of the 'Spring 1".
    If the DT6 is as good as everyone says it is then I can't wait to see what BQEYZ has done with a similar set-up. Looking forward to hearing a Piezo/BA/DD hybrid from them.

    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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  10. SilverEars
    Where do you find them on clearance? Stores like Ross or TJ Maxx? It seems some weren't even sold in the US, like SHE3700, which is another I'm interested in obtaining at the moment. On Ebay there's a bunch being sold from South Korea for some reason.
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  11. peter123
    I've got the TX2 and although I haven't used them in a long time I remember enjoying them quite a bit. Not quite up there with the Fidelio S2 but not too far away either iirc.
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  12. zazaboy
    @audio123 better then tfz balance 7? is magaosi dt6 a must buy?
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  13. audio123
    Have replied your PM. I personally enjoy DT6 more than the Balance 7. It has a total of 4 sound signatures. I have only tested with both switches up. I find it to be balanced & natural. Whether it is a must buy depends on what you have on hand currently. Cheers! :)
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  14. LaughMoreDaily
  15. Moonstar
    Hi there,

    Here are my short impressions about the Auglamour RT-3 :slight_smile:

    I have listened many In-Ear Monitors in this price range and the Auglamour RT-3 is easily one of the best in this category. It offers a balanced tuning with good amount of clarity and resolution. It has a very robust and beautiful looking monitor shell and comes with lots of useful accessories, which makes it to a real bang for the buck.

    Pros & Cons:

    • + Balanced Sound Signature
    • + Clarity and Detail Retrieval
    • + Robust and Beautiful Monitor Shell
    • + Lots of Accessories
    • + Price to Performance Ratio
    • - Subbass Depth

    Full review:

    Some photos:

    20190514_011108.jpg 20190514_011152.jpg

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