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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Theri0n
    What about shipping cost and method comparison? Sometimes One Whose Name is Not to Pronounce shows slightly better prices than Jim, but everything changes when it comes to shipping.
  2. tripside

    I got it from the official Samsung store. Or I think its the official store. Are you aware of a tool for macOS ?
  3. TechnoidFR
    Have you seen the last Nicehck M6? like Macaw GT600 S

    love it ! i want it !!!
  4. randomnin
    Aren't fukubukuro like a casino - the house always wins?
  5. nhlean96
    New way to hype a product, by selling limited number of products underprice and for exchange good review, top value :D Last year fukubukuro was the EB2
  6. schom
    today i watch a video from this guy:
    Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews

    Why did he insult people in this video and why there i a connection from others who watch this video to headfi.org?
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  7. B9Scrambler
    That's why he's popular. Loves to ****talk others. Apparently that's considered as being honest and true.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  8. superuser1
    Did anyone else get the Whizzer HE03?
  9. geagle
    I did ... though it will be a bit before I do get them in my hands :)
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  10. Orl14
    Magaosi K5 owner here, do you guys think its worth to sell it and upgrade to a Campfire Comet? I havent have the chance to audition it yet but based on reviews its well into my prefered sound sig (vocal heavy/mid-centric with slight bass emphasis)
  11. chickenmoon
    Me too.:)
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  12. crabdog
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  13. Zerohour88
    this model is up at penon for those feeling adventurous and not flat broke due to 11.11:o2smile:

  14. dondonut
    I ordered 5 D4's lol. Had ordered 3 pairs at the start of 11/11. Then later I ordered 2 more pairs as reviews were glowing. In hindsight that might be a bit much, but I'm planning to gift a few pairs over the next year. If I could choose again, I'd have sticked with the 3 pairs and gotten the KZ ZSN alongside it. Oh well..
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  15. groucho69
    "official" means that they grabbed the name first.
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