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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. tripside
    So my trusty pair of Yamaha EPH-100 tapped out yesterday and I'm looking for a replacement. Anything in the chi-fi hemisphere that has a similar sound under $80? I'm okay with not having a similar level of isolation.

    I'm also looking for a backup pair under 50$. Looking forward to suggestions.

    Edit - Removed references as per rules.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
  2. guiffre
    I'm loving the iBasso iT01 ($99)

    and my 'backup' is the KZ ZS6 ($40ish)

    Love them both...excellent price-performance ratio.
  3. Slater
    That IEM model is unfortunately banned on HeadFi. I would edit your post and remove the reference to it.

    There’s a link in my signature with more info.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  4. tripside
    Thanks for notifying. I've edited my post.
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  5. tripside
    I've heard that ZS6 is a tad sibilant. Which is why I'm weary of going for it.
  6. Dobrescu George
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  7. Slater
    It is (despite being an awesome IEM).

    Most hybrid KZs are a tiny bit sibilant (ZST, ZSR, ZS5, ZS6, etc etc), because they use 1 or more of the Bellsing 30095 BA driver in most of their hybrids.

    You can eliminate most if not all of the sibilance with 2 simple mods.

    But if you don't feel like messing with any mods, and just want something out of the box ready to go with zero sibilance, there are other choices.

    I have never heard the Yamaha EPH-100 (although I did have multiple KZ HDS2, which was KZs version of the Yamaha EPH-100). If you could describe the EPH-100 sound (or the sound/features you're looking for), I will try and give you a backup IEM recommendation.

    You looking for neutral? V shaped? Mid forward? Another micro driver? Smooth and forgiving? etc
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
  8. Dobrescu George
    I will be reviewing something very Chi-Fi named Simphonio Xctied 2 very soon :)

  9. audio123
  10. tripside
    I am looking for detailed but not fatiguing at higher end. Punchy, fast bass with good body in mids.
  11. Otto Motor
    And because it is banned, it will be another bestseller!
  12. Saoshyant
    @Slater Keep in mind your quote also should be edited
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  13. Slater
    Thanks for catching that. Quote edited :)

    I don't want to get "Otto Motored", after all :frowning2:
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  14. zazaboy
    @1clearhead how good is the bass and soundstage and vocals of magaosi y3 its 40 euro atm
  15. groucho69
    I thought you were an Engineer? 16 would be shameful in my day. LOL


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