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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Otto Motor
    I am a geologist, that is a scientist.
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  2. Saoshyant
    Ah the study of the Geo car brand. Gotta imagine that's a boring field of study.
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  3. groucho69
    So that's why you stop at 16? Who new geologists had more sense than engineers?
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  4. Adide
    Banned from geology thread.
  5. Otto Motor
    The forestry students I was with left the bar...so jumped in a taxi to go to the university club. They didn't serve any beer in the taxi.

    WARNING: we are off topic and there is at least one person who is reporting stuff like this to the admins. I got banned because I was reported.

    ...but I am bringing this thread back to beerphones.

    @Slater: Is Heinecken a banned manufacturer? I got them at a Speakeasy in New Orleans.

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  6. groucho69
    No beer in the taxi? How Barbaric.
  7. DBaldock9
    Just substitute Beer for Soda... :beerchug:

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  8. Dobrescu George
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  9. Otto Motor
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  10. Dobrescu George
    There is a quick summary below the main body of text, please read value and conclusion for that

    <<<Measurements done with cheap equipment are worthless, and expensive equipment is expensive. Taking proper measurements requires a lot of knowledge and proper testing conditions. I have great respect for those who do and for those who can do it, but I personally feel that I need to read and learn more about it before I start doing it>>>
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  11. Wiljen
  12. Otto Motor
    The Rumour Mill...cut and paste...cannot confirm whether it is true:

    KZ ZS10:
    "...If you are unaware, KZ retweaked their ZS10 two weeks ago. It was mentioned in the Chinese headphone forums but nobody in the western frontier talk about it. So let it be. We will never catch up with the manufacturer tweaking their IEMs to sound even better...."

    TRN V60: "...Both V60 and the soon-to-be-launched V80 are tuned to be more laid-back sounding compared to, say, V20. I already forwarded your feedback to TRN and there will be changes to the next batch of V60.


    "Update...TRN has agreed to make alterations to the V60 in the next production batch. They WILL NOT reposition the BA driver like those folks on Head-Fi (very crude way of modding). Instead, they tweak the crossover to bring out the midrange by another 2~3dB. This will also "minimize the driver flex" like one of the Head-Fi'ers had mentioned. The next batch of IEMs will come out in about 10 days from today (25/5)..."
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
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  13. Slater
    I hope someone told them to go easy on the BA driver glue...a little goes a long way!
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  14. Zlivan
    So basically they are making us beta-test their crap. If nobody complains, fine, leave it be. If the customers are not too happy, hey, let's retune, tell no one, and keep the production going. Whoever bought the first batch, well, tough luck.

    I guess it's easier than doing some serious tuning work or spending more time perfecting the product. How else could they sprinkle new models every few weeks.

    Pretty lame.
  15. Otto Motor
    Well...don't know. The design is "borrowed" from Fender. That already indicates low interest in coming up with something new and exciting. And, maybe, the flavour of the month in the domestic market is "laid back".

    Some 10 years ago, I looked into Chifi in China, and found the domestic taste of - in this case - speakers was different compared to ours.
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