Chicago August/September Meet Brainstorming
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Nov 30, 2005
Hello Chicago,

I would like to throw a meet during the August/September timeframe in the Chi-- I intend this page to be a place where Everyone who is interested can give input on what he/she would like to see theresabout.

Some of my ideas and concerns include:

--I would like to have blind testing and comparisons of equipment for all who feel comfortable with it.
--I am interested in a location that has a great view of the city if I can secure it at a reasonable rate.
--I am interested in possibly securing a sponsors or two and possibly a manufacturer to demonstrate wares.

I would love to hear from y'all and what you would like.
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<=== I would definitely suggest an August date as Chiunifi 2 is scheduled for November 8.

I for one think that blind testing would be a great idea. I am willing to participate and to offer my services as I teach biostatistics and experimental design at EIU.
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Thank you, Morphsci. How could we set up this type of blind testing in the best way. I would assume that it would be hard to do with headphones because the feel of the headphone on the head would let one know to which can he/she is listening.
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You cannot get rid of the way a headphone feels.
The best you can do is blind fold the listener and hope they will be objective.

Plus, for many people, they will still not be able to tell which headphone they are listing
to based solely on feel, especially if they never had much to no time with it.

And I am interested in attending your meet.
I am currently in the process of redoing/upgrading my current rig- thanks to our last meet.
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I'm up for a summer meet in June/July/very early August. Us college kids will have issues if the meet is set for late August/September.

Location doesn't matter to me, I'm game for anywhere in Chicago
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Originally Posted by Socrates3000 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thank you, Xnothingpoetic. Where would you suggest having the meet? I was thinking somewhere downtown, Loop area--not the same place as our last one.


I have no idea where you could do it. I would suggest talking to some people that have been in the downtown area longer than I have. One place that comes to mind is the
Harold Washington Library, but I am sure you could find something cheaper/better.
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Originally Posted by Aura /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm up for a summer meet in June/July/very early August. Us college kids will have issues if the meet is set for late August/September.

Agreed. I'd love to get to a meet before I have to be back at school.
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Depending on when it is, I might be able to make it. I've not been to a Chicago meet in a couple of years, and it's time!!
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Agreed, since this is prime summer vacation time

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