Jun 22, 2001
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Ecological Geneticist

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Can Jam '10 Lead Organizer

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    Ecological Geneticist
    NOW: My Wife and Son; BEFORE: Mountain biking, Road biking, Hiking
    Headphone Inventory:
    AKG: K340 (Headphile Modded Balanced; Headphile/Fitz/Swt61 Modded Balanced; APS V2 Cable Modded Balanced), K701 (ALO Balanced)

    Audeze: LCD-1

    Beyerdynamic: DT880 Custom 600 Ohm (Headphile Balanced)

    Denon: AH-D2000 (aPureSound recabled to 4pin XLR Balanced: 4pin XLR ---> dual 3 pin XLRM tail, 4pin XLR ---> 1/4" Phono tail, 4pin XLR ---> 1/8" Mini tail)

    Grado/Alessandro: MS1, MSPro, HF-2, HF-1, HP-1

    Sennheiser: PX-200, HD-205, HD-25-1-II, HD-650, HE-60

    Stax: SR-001, Omega I, Omega II Mk. 1

    Westone: 3
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Main: Singlepower ES-1, Eddie Current Balancing Act

    Desk (Home): AA HPA V.1.0 w σ22 PSU

    Desk (Work): HeadAmp GSX

    Bedroom: Headroom Coda
    Source Inventory:
    Main: Cambridge Audio Azur 840c, SlimDevices Transporter

    Desk (Home): Slimdevices SB3 w Wellborne PSU, Musiland SRC10 Upsampler, Headroom Overture (Temp)

    Desk (Work): Mac Mini (optical out), Cambridge Audio DACMagic

    HT: Denon 3910, Rotel RT-1080, Dish VPI-722, Dual CS721 (Parasound pph-100), Slimdevices Duet, Apple TV

    Bedroom: Slimdevices SB3, Headroom Overture

    Garage/Workshop: Slimdevices Boom

    Transportable:Asus Netbook, HeadAmp Pico

    Portable: iPod Touch 1G 32Gb
    Cable Inventory:
    Main: Signal Cable Silver Balanced, Grover S Balanced, Grover 8 RCA, Nordost Silver Shadow Digital Coax, Anti-Cables Speaker

    HT: Outlaw PCA, PSC, PSV, Audioquest CL-3 Speaker, Blue Jeans HDMI, Home-made Dual RG-6 coax with s-video breakout
    Power-Related Components:
    Main: PS Audio UPC-200 (x2)

    Desk (Home): PS Audio UO

    Desk (Work): BPT Custom, APC UPS

    HT: Monster HTS-5100 MkII, HTS-3000
    Other Audio Equipment:
    HT: Outlaw M200 (5), Energy Veritas 2.3i (2), Anniversary 7.2 (2), Polk CC-300

    Desk (Work): Audioengine A5

    Home: 5 TB NAS, 3.1 TB Distributed
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Many and Many
    Music Preferences:
    Real Rock & Roll, Blues, Real Country, Russian Classical


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