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CES 2017: MQA announces TIDAL Masters, and more

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. joe Administrator
    mqa_.jpg ScreenShot2016-10-04at4.10.05PM.png
    MQA has a number of announcements today at CES 2017, and we're really excited to learn that MQA music now will be offered through TIDAL. TIDAL has launched a new feature called "TIDAL Masters" which will offer MQA music and sound quality to all of its TIDAL HiFi subscribers. So, if you're not a TIDAL subscriber yet, it sounds to me like a great time to become one. Click here for more information on TIDAL MASTERS.
    MQA is also announcing that more products will be adding MQA implementation:
    1. Technics will be offering MQA implementation into their Grand Class SU-G30 Network Player Amplifier this year.
    1. AudioQuest will be bringing MQA implementation to the DragonFly Red and DragonFly Black later this year via a software update. 
    1. Mytek is also offering MQA implementation in their new Mytek Clef DAC/amp, and you can read about the Mytek Clef by clicking here: Mytek Clef
    1. Audirvana will be offering MQA decoding in their upcoming Audirvana Plus 3, which is due to be released early 2017.
    For more information, be sure to check out MQA's press release.
  2. Sound Eq
    any chnace MQA will come to tidal on phones app or android daps
  3. lostman
    So I went to the desktop app and to "Masters" section and played a song from Led Zeppelin and it was still FLAC. What's going on?
  4. leaky74
    Using a mac & giving Tidal direct acess to the DAC (using an AK70 as USB DAC), it changes bit/sample rate accordingly. I understand the decision by Chord with the Mojo to mute the first couple of seconds of a track; changing from one rate to another is painful!
  5. doggiemom

    From the Tidal Masters FAQ:  "Master-quality albums and tracks will be available on mobile and web applications at a later date."
  6. sling5s
    Amarra 4?
  7. loplop
    I saw this after an update to Tidal app (OS X) this morning.  Works great.  If you already had HiFi streaming set, it now defaults to Master if available.  So far, all have been 24/96.
    So far there's only 199 albums, even though their FAQ suggests there are thousands...  That is, unless more can be unearthed in search, or stumbled upon accidentally.  They will need to fix that--scrolling through What's New isn't very efficient...
    A nice update.  Looking forward to some more listening, and more content!
  8. Sound Eq
    great news about mqa in tidal mobile app
  9. Roybenz
    Its a setting "Passthrough MQA" ​Should this be on or off in day settings?
  10. germay0653
    Is this implemented with Roon integration?
  11. chefboyarlee
    There is  a noticeable improvement.  I F'N LOVE this! 
  12. germay0653

    Agreed.  Sounds better than some of the 24/96 and 24/192 downloads of the same music and that's without the DAC being MQA capable.  It was indicated that there would be benefit without MQA actually being implemented in the DAC's firmware.  Hopefully, my DAC manufacturer will implement it.  Would love to hear what it sounds like with that in place.
  13. leaky74

    I was wondering the same thing.
  14. raypin
    mm...nice! :D
  15. loplop
    MQA Passthrough should only be enabled for a DAC that has built-in MQA decoding.
    FWIW, like up sampling, this may be best handled by the host computer (assuming it has the CPU to do so), as that can be optimized over time, unlike the DAC which will likely always have the same implementation.
    It does create a noticeable, but not bothersome, load on my '15 MBP i5.
    Sounds great, as indicated above.
    leaky74 likes this.
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