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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. bluewrecK
    I was able to get to the factory reset option and hit yes on the first try, but then it just powered off and not even getting to cayin splash screen or recovery via power+volume up anymore.
  2. seanwee
    Ok, now try charging it for half an hour.

    Does it just heat up and still not boot? In that case it may be a problem with the charging IC
  3. ElKabong
    Any solution for the "google play store has stopped" notification?
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  4. Colors
    Sure, I've demo'd the M11 and own the N5ii.

    - amazingly fast UI, if you're a streamer, this is your ideal DAP
    - larger and more beautiful touch screen
    - feels more premium
    - love the extra 4.4mm socket
    - feels like a smartphone tbh
    - the signature is kind of colder, leaning towards neutral, detailed, but imo, a little in your face, didn't like the soundstage

    - love the small form factor
    - awful UI, it's super slow and not that responsive
    - love the volume knob
    - the sound signature is on the warmer side, I love the mid-bass and lower mid boost it has, giving neutral or colder sounding IEMs life in the vocals and a tighter and more impactful bass
    - it has a wider soundstage than the M11 and my XDP300R which I really like
    - balanced mode is on another level, takes separation, details and dynamics up another level, it's actually very incredible

    If you could take the SQ of the N5ii and combine it with the UI of the M11, I'd have very ideal DAP right there.
  5. Colors
    Btw, @Andykong, how do I get rid of the "Google Play stopped working" popup I get every time I start up the DAP? I have 3.6EN firmware and it's pretty annoying.
  6. Mlambeo
    [QUOTE = "Colors, post: 15049572, member: 493059"] Btw, [USER = 381684] @Andykong [/ USER], comment puis-je me débarrasser du popup "Google Play arrêté de fonctionner" que je reçois à chaque démarrage? le DAP? J'ai un firmware 3.6EN et c'est assez ennuyant. [/ QUOTE]
    Hello, if it can help you, this error of google play, I put the question to the support Cayin on Messenger, the answer, I downloaded the firm on their site copy it on the memory card, and I flashed from the recovery (turn off the dap, and press the play + Power button) once the dap turned on after flash, disable the automatic update in google play, that's what I did with my n5iis, and I fixed my problem, excuse my very bad english, (Google translator)
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  7. fokta
    What about hiss... I found N5iiS better manage it, but DX220 Mids make me forget about it...

    +1 if talk about battery life, even in balanced...

    Just my 2c
  8. ElKabong
    I tried this fix on my N5ii with no such luck. It is a bit irritating.
  9. Andykong
    I think its decision time. The short term response to my initial question was mixed, but when the long term response has suggested that the 2 sec delay is a more important issue, in that case, let's pull the plug and go for the bug fix on 2 sec delay and give up the USB Audio Out feature, unfortunately.

    For the record, the 2 sec delay is not a since-the-launch issue. it was a bug introduced when we enabled the USB Audio Out, we have traced it all the way back to one of the beta firmware between 2.0cn and 3.0cn (or 2.1en and 3.1en for international firmware), we try to eliminate the bug through all sorts of optimisation of USB Audio coding but we failed, that's why we resort to the last option: either leave the bug alone, or to reverse the USB Audio coding back to the v2.1en status. I'll report this long over-due decision to Cayin and move on to prepare the new firmware. This will still take some time to do that because we need to go through all the public released firmware since Feb 2018, making sure when we reverse the USB Audio coding, it won't affect the codes we have introduced in v3.1en, v3.3en, v3.5en and v3.6en.

    Silvia, our previous Cayinsupport had taken a long ( around 7 months) maternity leave, and she resigned when she report duty. We advertised for a replacement immediately and we appointed a replacement recently. He will resume the role of Cayinsupport on 1 August. He probably won't be responsible for N5ii thread immediately, no one can master the content of this thread within a short time, but he'll response to PMs from there on. So if anyone send PM to cayinsupport again, they will be addressed.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  10. Andykong
    We have explained how we embedded our S/PDIF signal in Type C connector in HERE, we use pin A8 and B8 to carry the digital audio bigstream. We had published a DIY guide to make the cable in the N3 thread. I didn't repeat the post in N5ii thread because we were told that finding the appropriate Type-C connector is very difficult, if you want to give it a try, you can check out the instruction HERE.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  11. Andykong
    If you have tried to rest the DAP and still couldn't restart the player, maybe you should contact your local Cayin dealer, whey they sell you the player, they are supposed to offer after-sales support and that includes warranty and repair service. If you can't contact your dealer for special reason (e.g., change of dealership in your area), please email service@cayin.cn and present your case (with data of purchase and seller information). :beerchug:
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  12. Dobrescu George
    *** At the price of either M11 or N5ii as well lol :)
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  13. originalsnuffy

    Thank you for getting behind fixing the 2 second delay. That would be great.

    I do not use the google play feature, but it would make a lot of people happy here based on reading the posts if there was some way to cut down that issue also.

    But all things being equal is would be great to have a release that addressed the two second issue even if there is no way to reduce the google play issue on the next release.

    I have empathy for those with the usb out issue; but then again that has never really worked satisfactorily. Fortunately, the unit itself sounds great without having to go to external DAC devices.
  14. BabouChris
    @Andykong , Is it possible to answer this question please?
    I have the impression that it is related to the problem of USB sound discussed here several times ... but my english is bad, I'm sorry (google translate) Thank you for your help
  15. Mlambeo
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