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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. cathee
    @CayinSupport - another problem I seem to be having is that the Scheduled Power Off resets every time it turns off and on again. Seems like to should be something that can be permanently turned on!
  2. CayinSupport
    It is normal.
    On the early firmware of our N6, we set the Scheduled Power Off to not reset. Then a large number of users suggested that we modify this setting, we adopted the user's suggestion, and have been using the same setting in all of our DAPs.
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  3. rezaswandira
    Scheduled Power Off is like a sleep timer you use it as you need it e.g. using the DAP at night and you planned to left it as you sleep. If you want a more permanent solution, Idle Shutdown is what you asked for. Yet the DAP wont turn off automatically while still playing.
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  4. cathee
    Yup, figured I was using it wrong. The wording kind of threw me, so thanks for the explanation.
  5. nhumdorn
    Anyone use Cayin N5ii as USB DAC ? I just try to use but I hear some noise come and go all the time and I already installed universal driver to my Windows 10. How to fix this please?
  6. CongoFather
    There is no fix you can do by yourself. Cayin engineers have been working on it for over a year but they could not solve it!.. It's like a joke but true..
  7. cathee
    Charged my N5iiS all night and now it won't turn on. The little light just below the volume spinner is on but the screen is black. Anyone know how to force boot the device?

    EDIT: Tried to turn it on/off in Recovery Mode ( power + play/pause) and even then nothing is happening)
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  8. nhumdorn
    Thanks for your kindness. I am sure Cayin N5ii is a great product. Wait for the day Cayin teams can conquer the problem. Cheers.
  9. somnarium
    I have had this happen to the n5ii. I left it for an hour or two and was then able to power on after connecting to PC.

    Problem only occurs occasionally for me but can't work out what triggers it.

    She be a temperamental beast, but I forgive every time due to the sweet sound.
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  10. darkwing
    is the screen off or is the screen is just black
  11. cathee
    Tried this to no avail.

    I think it's off. Only the small light indicator on the top right flashes on and off. Nothing else seems to happen.


    Cayin PM'd me and basically suggested I just exchange/return it. :fingers_crossed:One more exchange (this is already my second N5iiS unit), if not I guess I'll have to find another DAP..
  12. djtlee

    Anyone have bluetooth issues with the Cayin N5iiS? Seems very choppy when I use it with my PSB M4U 8 on bluetooth, no problems with any other device. I have to keep it close to the side of connectivity and can't scroll on the screen or look up anything or else it starts cutting out on me.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  13. NicholasS
    Bluetooth on N5ii is a crap, so yes. Almost impossible to use it comfortably, very weak signal and sometimes it's slowing down UI & produces huge lags during playback.
  14. nhumdorn
  15. Slater91
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