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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. Colors
    If you're looking for a DAP where you can download a playlist through Spotify/TIDAL and play it offline in shuffle mode + small form factor and great SQ, the N5ii is perfect for you.

    If you're looking for a DAP with a very smooth UI, additional functionalities such as Bluetooth or USB DAC + WiFi browsing or intense UI usage, the N5ii is probably not for you.
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  2. Imbrie
    Curious. So the two SD cards perform as they should with Mac involvement but things go awry with Windows?
  3. NicholasS
    Well, they should work both at once, but they don't as I said. I can't work with both cards even on Mac.

    I also got a weird charging time for my DAP. Guys, how long it takes to charge your DAP up to 100%? I kept mine charging from 5% for the whole night, after 6 hrs it's 82% only. And the DAP is off also at the same time. It doesn't seem normal at all...
  4. Imbrie
    Received my N5IIS today and literally just unboxed and updating FW. Unfortunately, I've noticed an, admittedly, tiny issue with the screen - there is a perceivable pixelation at the very top right of the screen just above the last minute of the time that look like 3 white dots. Does anybody else have this?
  5. NicholasS
    I had multiple vertical pixelated lines through the whole screen, asked to change my DAP in a service center.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  6. noverbeck
    That sounds like a set of dead pixels. I had this issue as well. I'd recommend sending it back to where you bought it and warranty it.
  7. Imbrie
    Yes - definitely will do.

    Also, it's recognising my SD card when inserted but it not showing the contents - any ideas?

    EDIT: eventually got it to recognise the SD card by erasing the card with the device.

    EDIT 2: added songs to the internal memory and SD card OK but literally the very first song I played the device started skipping, first through the track, then through the next few tracks. Typical initial behaviour and something that can be done to remedy?

    EDIT 3: device obviously doesn't like the in-line remote of the IEMs I was using which cause it to skip.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  8. CayinSupport
    Our engineer are working on the new firmware.And we need some times to develop and verify the new firmware.Once we finished it,we will upgrade the firmware to fix some known bugs.
    Regarding the Android M,due to the performance limitations of the RK3188, we will not update the Android version.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  9. Imbrie
    Thank you for updating and clarifying.
  10. thedud3
    I tried connecting my N5iis to my car with no go so far. None of the USB connexion mode worked and my car was requesting me to install Android Auto on my device, but when i want to install it on my N5iis, the app says it cannot install as my device is not compatible with this version of Android Auto.

    Am i doing somthing wrong ?

    Also talking about future firmware improvements, i would definitely appreciate if you could let user choose through an option whether they want or not to shuffle through all m3u playlists which are in the same folder. So far, when you manually create several m3u playlists within the same folder, and you are in shuffle mode, it plays all the songs of all the playlists in the folder (instead of just the one you have selected). From my perspective, this is really not logical as when i select a playlist, i indeed want to only listen to the songs of this specific playlist, no matter which play mode i use. I would thus even almost call this a bug, but i suspect one could say this is intended, or that in some user experience, this is how they wanted it to work... Anyway, i guess the better solution to satisfy everyone would be to have an option letting user choose whether they want or not to shuffle all playlists. The only fix i could find so far was to create a subfolder for each of my playlists (instead of having all of them in the same folder), and this is really not handy. Look if i create say 10 playlists (eg for multiple genre) within the same 'Playlist' folder i created for storing them, i then have to create 10 different subfolders and to put all my 10 different playlists in their respective folder. Definitely not practical IMO.

  11. darkwing
    are you trying to connect the n5 to your car as a mass storage device?
  12. thedud3
    As i wrote, i've been testing both 'USB' and 'MTP' modes, but all are ending up with a splash screen inviting me to install Android Auto on my N5iis (which i cannot achieve) :/
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
  13. SoundDouble
    @thedud3 You could try to side load the app. Sometimes playstore doesn't have a device listed as compatible Even though the app works. I think it's licensing.

    On another note, the pause delay. I noticed the n5 seems to preload a few seconds of song. Probably to help with smooth transition between files. The pause command seems to be assigned to the time of the song at the end of the queue instead of the current time being played. That seems to be the issue to me. You hit pause and have to wait for the queue to clear.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  14. Saltyfatboy
    Just updated FW from 3.3en to 3.6en 2 weeks ago, first found the control delay issue, which play/pause/track jump take 2-3 sec to be responsed. wiped cache partition for test but same.
    It's a bit annoying but my post not only about this ..

    After 2 weeks listening, not sure if it just illusion.
    Feel like the sound change a bit from the 3.3en FW .. seems separation and layering is little better, especially on mids/high-mids/vocal, and more obvious on SE output.
    My unit daily used for 4 months, Cycle tested with 4 different pair of IEM, DD, 4BA, hybrid 2BA+DD, got similar impression.

    Just wonder if anyone feel the same, or it happened at 3.5en FW which I skipped ...
  15. Imbrie
    @CayinSupport - a request for inclusion in a FW update is to resolve the issue when unpausing a track using the physically button that results in approx. a second of the track playing and needing to press the play/pause button again to continue listening.
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