Cavalli Audio • 2017 Line-Up • Questions & Updates

  1. TSAVJason
    200 actually
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  2. MaxPowerZ
    Cavalli Audio shut down... their website is down atm, but yesterday it had a good-bye message and contact details for another company if you're seeking repairs

    It's a real shame... I really wanted to hear the Tungsten
  3. boblauer
    Jason is this true?
  4. MTMECraig
    Yes. Alex said it all him self a couple pages back
  5. TSAVJason
    Yes it’s unfortunately true. I was asked not to say anything but I knew this for some time now.
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  6. boblauer
    Somehow I missed that thanks
  7. Icenine2
    I was very sorry to see all of this a few days back. I'm sure Alex needs time to himself with his family.
  8. MTMECraig
    No worries friend
  9. austinpop
  10. Icenine2
    I would like to thank Alex for all the years owning my Liquid Fire. He is incredibly great. He sent me a Liquid Gold and Liquid Crimson to try out for weeks at a time for opinions on what I thought. It was all loads of fun. I still listen using my Liquid Fire rig everyday. A wonderful amp. Alex a wonderful guy.
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  11. doggiemom
    Wow. Selfishly I am really sorry to hear that, but wish Doc Cavalli all the best: family comes first. I'm enjoying the Liquid Gold as I type this...... thanks to the CA team for providing this and others that will give years and years of enjoyment.
  12. jacal01
    Artisanal audio has always been subject to financial leveraging. Cavalli Audio has had a good run, and I'm a happy and as it turns out lucky owner of a Cavalli first run Liquid Fire amp #31. I remember Alex telling me that it all started as a circuit design assist to his daughter's school project. And that Liquid Fire was named after a hot sauce he saw in a cafe.

    Best of luck to Alex and his family (first).
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  13. Icenine2
    I have #4 still up and running. All great.That is interesting about the circuit design and name. Under the hood a nice looking amp.

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