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  1. runeight
    Hi everybody!
    CanJam SoCal 2017 was a runaway success for us here.  I'd like to thank all of you who stopped by - for all of your insights, comments and feedback - and for the pleasure of your company!    What you have told us, without ambiguity or reservation, is that we need to turn our new concept amps into real products, now.  And we are working on that.
    But we also realize that you guys have questions about those concept amps, and where they will fit in to the new line-up, as well as questions about the new line-up itself.  To help get you those answers if and when we have them, I've set up this thread as a central point for general Q&A, and updates from us along the way.
    The Source AV is our flagship dealer and launch partner for the new line-up, and will be getting advanced information, so Jason Lord (TSAVjason) will be here as much as he can to help answer some questions.
    And of course, if you have other questions about our upcoming amps, I’ll do my best to answer them.  
    Again, our thanks to all of you for your support!
  2. TSAVJason
    Ok sorry for the confusion with the previous post from Warren. It seems Alex Cavalli wanted to be the initial post so here you go!
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  3. TSAVJason

    Alex, buke9 doesn't like the "skunkworks" name on the ambiance.

    @buke9, what's your suggestion on the name? Liquid Nails? Hahahaha ....a serious suggestions only my friend
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  4. musiclvr
    Will it be at all possible to purchase a Liquid Spark in its prototype/matte black finished casing? It's just that it closely matches the aesthetic of the Liquid Carbon and, as a portable amp, the current finish appears to be prone to scratching easily.
  5. buke9
    I'll have to give that a little thought but definitely not Amdiance.
  6. TSAVJason
    Sorry it will be in a dark gunmetal color. There are no preproduction or production :)pieces in a matt black finish:)
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  7. runeight
    One of the things we've been doing is revising the Spark's finish. It was a fingerprint magnet and, in general, we didn't like it that much. If you have seen the colors on the Tungsten, the Spark will be as close to the darker gray as we can get. And the finish will be more matte than glossy.
    In fact, the new design aesthetic on the Tungsten will be the aesthetic on the entire new line of products.
  8. musiclvr
    Oh ok. Thank you for the reply. I very much like the Tungsten finish and aesthetic!
  9. musiclvr
    What will the price points be for the Tungsten(Swedish for heavy stone) and the SE version of the Tungsten; the Litesten (Swedish for lite stone :wink: ) be?
  10. kingkikapu
    Any news on a solid state based liquid gold successor?
  11. runeight
    The first version of the tungsten will only be SE. We are targeting $6k-$6.5k. As we get further into production we'll know better.
    Yes, Swedish for heavy stone. So, when we nickname it should we use LT (Liquid Tungsten)? Or LW (Liquid Wolfram)? Which is the actual periodic table name.
  12. buke9
    That is great to hear. Nice your going with something different than traditional looking amps. Some commented that it had a Darth Vader look to it totally disagree as that would be shiny black I think of it more of a retro 50's sci-fi look that I totally am down with. Can't wait till the new amps come out. Everything of yours I've heard which is most of them are all great sounding and the new soon to be named mini Tungsten will definitely be in my house when available. I would love to have the big daddy but next year is my 25th wedding anniversary and I would like to make a few more ; )
  13. Khragon
    Not a question, but a plead.  Please please please do not use the chassis as shown at the show for the Liquid Tungsten, it's ugly and potentially noisy with active cooling causing noise and interference, that's a number one no no in high end audio.
  14. Odin412
    As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I thought that the amp looked cool - in a Darth Vader kind of way. I put my ear next to the fans during CanJam and couldn't hear any noise at all, but the room wasn't exactly quiet so it's not a definite test.
  15. Toolman

    I have not heard that thing but I concur...having fans on that unit is not a good idea but maybe there's a reason to it and only Alex could clarify.

    But seriously...SE only first batch is a no go for me. I uses my LAu strictly in balanced mode and I would hate to re-terminate all my cables for this.
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