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  1. jacal01

    Got the high temp. full Monty Ti HAL-O III-9 stabilizer rings (4) the 1st time around for the LF.
    Sanity prevailed the 2nd time around and I just bought the SS/PTFE/Viton Ultrasonic RX-30 rings (4) for my EAR HP4.

    Gotta be careful for those microphonics... :wink:
  2. Icenine2
    Thanks! Those are pretty cool looking.
  3. jacal01
    Tube amp jewelry.
  4. Icenine2
    I bought the regular Herbie's SS tube dampers. They do sound great. Thank you.
  5. jacal01
    Despite some audiophilic products being perceived as snake oil hype, microphonics have a real potential impact on tube performance. I think that resonance dampening rings are well worth the price as an effective prophylactic, "jewelry" notwithstanding.
  6. Icenine2
    I did notice a difference immediately.
  7. muziq
    Order placed. D@mmit, you people.
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  8. Icenine2
  9. jacal01
    Get used to it... :wink:
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  10. muziq
    Received mine a few weeks ago. I didn't really want to believe I was hearing an improvement because of the dampening rings, but I think I am.

    God help my wallet if I ever walk into a dealer selling Shunyata and Nordost stuff...I'm liable to talk myself into a home-equity loan for pretty cables and isolating cones or some such sh!t.
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  11. Icenine2
    Excellent. A few years back I bought the cheap-o Venom Shunyata power cords (under or around $100) and again noticed an improvement.
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