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  1. BobG55

    Ah man, that's a shame.  My son lost his cat Heidi last year.  He had her since he was 6 & she lived to be 16.  He was 22 at the time, a grown man & when he phoned to tell us I could tell he had been crying.  Some people don't understand what a pet means to owners.  Really sorry to hear about your loss.
  2. gikigill
    Well as cats have 9 lives, your kitty just showed up as a shelter kitty somewhere near you. He wants the same food bowl, the loving arms and the same house he was the owner of.

    So run and get him back, he's missing his human already.
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  3. wotts
    ArmAndHammer, I'm terribly sorry to hear of your loss.
    That is the best thing I have ever read.
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  4. ArmAndHammer
    I'd love another cat. Right now we don't have a good place for a cat. We live in town and too much risk letting a cat outside and no way my dog would take to a cat being an inside cat. He likes to try and eat them (not what happened to the cat in the pic...he passed before I got the dog). So...for the time being I have to stick with the dog and neighborhood cats that come around until we get out house built on the property we have that's not in town. That is an awesome thought and I'd definitely be up for taking on a shelter kitty in the future.
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  5. xsk3l3t0rx
    ive got a small black and white shorthair. i named him albert after my favorite author albert camus. 2014-11-01.jpg
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  6. gikigill
    Very alert and very dapper man.
  7. xsk3l3t0rx
    oh he's dapper alright, but he's straight gangsta too. when he was a kitten he used to have a penchant for olde english. if i left my glass of beer on the table, he'd be all over it. i think it was the malt or something... ive since stepped up my game to tetley's english ale, he knows better now..
  8. BobG55

    What a cute cat.  Just looking at him the word "personality" jumps to mind.  BTW just finished La Peste & L'Etranger by Camus.  Waiting for "Noces" , ordered a couple of weeks ago.  He was some writer, very deep.  Personally I believe he needs to be re-read to understand fully or try to some of his writing.  Anyways, this is a cat thread.  Again, cute little guy.   Mine can be seen on the previous page. 
  9. analogsurviver
    I lifted this one straight out of Facebook - but it also belongs here:

  10. analogsurviver
    Another one from FB - LOL :
  11. lee730

    Micah. Good stress reliever. :)
  12. KT66
    New kittens! Linus and Lucy - he's too cool for school, she's psycho bitch from hell.
    They are joining our existing glorious cats - Ernie and Burt (now both 14) - Ernie is my best friend, Burt is lovely too
    but scared his own shadow
    the pic after shows how big just their tails are compared to Linus and Lucy, the kittens.
    Ernie has great taste in Turntables! on my dusty Mana'd Linn LP12
  13. gikigill
    Oh turntable, you understand me!!
  14. lee730
    Lol lovely pics :)
  15. 520RanchBro
    I've got three amazing cats. Brett is the goofy Chartreux in the second pic, he's a rescue so I don't know his pedigree (nor do I care at all) but he looks and acts just like one. My two others are Britta and Brek (third pic) who are also rescues and are probably at least part Russian Blue. Break was a feral kitten who took months to adapt but he's turned in to such a sweet guy. His mom, Britta, is Brek's mom and the most loyal cat I've ever met. Follows me from room to room, sleeps right next to me every night and whenever I go to the bathroom she follows me in and incessantly meows until I turn the faucet on so she can drink from it.
    I'm sure I'll be posting more pics in here eventually. Love this thread.
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