1. John2e Contributor
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  2. John2e Contributor

    Brothers from the same litter
    Always together
    They follow me around everywhere
    I sit, they are on my lap
    I sleep, they are under the covers the three of us spooning

    I have them trained to do tricks (Up ,sit laydown, rollover ,paw ..Etc..)
    They have me trained as well :wink:
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  3. Fugue
    ​I have sisters from the same litter. Then:
    and now:
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  4. atarione
    my wife has apparently taught Fitz to recognize when I'm trying to shop for headphones on Amazon??
    and have him jump up and get in the way... lol
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  5. ranfan
    lurking this thread :)
  6. BobG55

    He's turning 10 this year.  His name is Grisboy.  First part Gris is french for grey  (Gr"is" is pronounced "ee" as in "see") & boy because he's a male.  I'm French Canadian & my wife is English Canadian so we found a bilingual name for him.  He's not just pretty, he's also affectionate and very mild mannered.  He won't drink from his bowl of water no matter how many times I make sure he has fresh water.  He only drinks from the bathroom tap water.  He'll jump on the counter, put his two front paws in the sink and meow out loud so that someone comes over and turn the tap and get the water running.  I just love that cat.  
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  7. addylo
    This is Cocoa, my constant companion for 16 years.  I had to put her down two years ago and still miss her to this day.  She was the sweetest, most loving cat who ever owned me.
    Her favorite spot.
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  8. Mantygre
    Behold my gorgeous Mizu, now a bit older than in this photo (17 years old already!) and diabetic... A cat with a strong personality!

  9. FastAndClean

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