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  1. gikigill
    So much SASS!!

    Russian Blues are very sassy cats and yours are upholding that tradition.
  2. 520RanchBro

    Britta is a total diva, will absolutely scream at you to pet her or put more food in her dish. She does not take schiit from the other cats but will still groom and cuddle with them no problem.
    The Charteux just grunts a lot [​IMG]
  3. JefferyK
    I adopted Seymour from the pound around 14 months ago -- this is one of the pictures the pound used to advertise that he needed a home. He was 8 years old then. Nobody seems to want to adopt adult cats, but he has been an awesome companion.
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  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    People tend to underestimate older cats. From my experience older stray cats once they get acclimatized to getting fed actually are more demonstrative of their appreciation for the human than for the ones rescued as kittens, likely because while they have a memory of being hungry and exposed to the elements - or in the case of your cat and many similar cases, of living a year or more in a shelter's cage - and now they associate their human with everything that isn't any of that.
    The one problem however despite their tendency to be more demonstrative is that in most cases they are also less likely to appreciate having the human being demonstrative in return. Kittens I rescued or raised are more docile for getting petted and given baths, but the ones I rescued as adults will rub on people's legs all the time but will resist petting in return and worse will really bite when you try to clean their wounds (it doesn't help that the wound in question is usually in their nether regions after they've been neutered).
  5. lee730
    I agree with you on most points above. We had a cat that we adopted. He appeared out of nowhere. We fed him once and that's all she wrote. Named him Snow White. A very loving cat. Would accompany me to the mail box and to the cloths line all the time lol. He was a big white cat with very light orange tabby markings. He hated water and him being as big ad he was was virtually impossible to bath him.

    Micah on the other hand was raised with us since a kitten. I bathed him often as a kitten. Due to that (and his intelligence), he won't give me any problems bathing him. He's also a very big cat lol.
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  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    The cats I have that are the best of both - being affectionate and don't mind humans (well, one human, me) who are - are the ones who went through the worst. One of them was a starving, ant-infested kitten who slumped on my then-girlfriend's office heels while she was waiting for a cab near the financial district, while the other was a kitten who crawled under our gate after some crummy kids tossed him around and injured his hind legs (he was dragging his poop-stained hind quarters all over the driveway).
    As much as I like how they cuddle not just me but every other cat I've taken in (and were the most vocal when I left with any and didn't return with them, as I usually meet up at our vet's for adoptions), I'd still wish they didn't have to go through what they do. The cat my ex picked up for example isn't all that sweet - everytime he's at the vet I need to put a towel over the carrier, as he always erupts into Wolverine/Badger/Bobcat mode when dogs are around. Didn't matter if it was a cute and curious Pomeranian, a sweet Lab who entered the waiting room and just licked my cheek out of nowhere, a smiling (big) Spitz (looked like a Shiba) sniffing his carrier, or a giant Malinois who just took a quick sniff at his carrier - he really just goes nuts around dogs. I suspect stray dogs stole his food, or pet dogs chased him away from people he wanted to get help from. Hell even the nasty stray tom around here took to the neighbors' dogs (at least, the ones that don't bark at him) with headbutts. I even found my other huge tom (the one injured by kids) sleeping at the neighbor's driveway right next to their German Shepherd after I left the window open, and when I brought him in my racist (spiecist?) cat snarled at him until I gave up keeping him away and just gave the dog fur-laden cat a bath.
  7. grokit
    Here's my American Short-hair, from a neighbor's litter.
    He had blue eyes when he was small
    They turned yellow later
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  8. gikigill
    Very nice kitty.
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  9. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Six years with me today, and he's miraculously cooperative. Well, not really - I was cleaning the house and sprayed Lysol all over the kitchen walls, and when I was about to go over this section, he wants attention. Fine - went upstairs and got my camera.
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  10. atarione
    This is Fitz...   He is a sweet cat, he use to belong to my old neighbors but he decided to become our cat instead.    My wife is doing well now, but she is a cancer survivor while she was at home feeling quite unwell from chemo,  Fitz who had always come around our house to say hi started coming in the house and laying down with my wife on the couch and keeping her company all day.  Soon Fitz just started staying at our house 24/7 after talking the situation over with his orig people ... they gave Fitz to my wife (which was very nice of them).   Fitz adores my wife and jumps up on her as soon as she sits down and headbutts her glass off ...   Cat use to bite quite a lot (and hard) me at least... he has gotten better about it now...
    as you see he is getting ready to do his podcast here... since he was so sweet during my wife's illness he can jump up on my desk and get on my stereo stuff and or pretty much do whatever he wants.. he is actually a very well mannered cat and doesn't scratch or in other ways damage anything .. he shreds about 3x scratching posts a year all to heck however.
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  11. wotts
    Hello MR. Fitz! It's pretty awesome he uses the scratching posts like that. When I took in my two, they had all claws removed already, so they are indoors only.
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  12. atarione
    my phone takes generally **** photo's
    Fitz likes to try to nom my hand..
    He also likes to give the nod to my choice of Watches.

    Tonight he is helping me browse the internets.
  13. oqvist
    Sorry but that is just cat abuse :frowning2:
  14. atarione
    the way it is worded ... I think maybe they adopted the cats that had been previously declawed..  I do agree that practice shouldn't be done it, I am in favor of a ban on it.
    Cats generally will use a scratching post instead with a little encouragement.    I have never had a problem with cats scratching when train when little not to do it... other than the cats my wife had when we met... she had let them scratch whatever they wanted.. and her couch was in shreds..    I was frustrated I eventually got them to knock it off however..
    Fitz was an adult cat when he moved in... he was well trained he doesn't scratch at the door frames or carpet... he is a very well behaved cat in general
  15. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I take mine to the post and move their paws the way they'd scratch it. Best to do it by interrupting them scratching something else.
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