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Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by KB, Feb 1, 2018.
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  1. kashmiami
    I am looking for a closed HP with good isolation, these seem to fit the bill. Can anyone who has heard these compare with closed ones from ZMF (Blackwood, atticus). Are they in the same league? (apart from amplification)
  2. Montyburns
    That's good to know. Comfort and isolation seem to make for a good percentage of listening enjoyment in my book. Add portability and I think Campfire has my number again.
  3. misericorde88
  4. Mark Up
    Great review. The graph says a lot and for an $800 pair of headphones it's not good. 5-6 kHz is among our most sensitive hearing areas per Fletcher Munson. The hump in the low hundreds and roll off below 80 hz means lots of boom and as you'd said, overshadowed rumble. Honestly, my Sony MDR-1A, with Meze 99 pads probably has a better response in having similar highs with the peak higher in a better area (10 kHz) a mid bass bump also but not as elevated, and better extension into the low subs (Meze pads enhance it). Those and a hard case that they can fold flat into, would now set most back $200 - $300. A fraction of the cost of these, and they'll also fit around ears of all sizes, and those that stick out.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  5. KB Contributor
    Mark up,

    wow really? Your going to look at a freq someone made on a measuring rig thats undocumented and straight up conclude that the headphone is "Its not good" ?! This is exactly why I do not like measurements, I had this exact conversation with Jude regarding the misperception and misunderstanding around measurements.

    There have been some real bold comments from some here on Head-fi who have not seen (physically held) nor heard our headphone here, this is a open forum and I am cool with the free speech and people opinions. Many comments are critical and have some real good constructive crit and feedback which is great and we here value. However its really hard for me to read some of the comments. My company is a small independently owned, family run USA based operation. I cant for the life of me understand why people would want less choices for their hobby, because when you bash companies with out careful listening or hands on evaluation thats kind of where the direction is headed.

    Sorry I want to participate in the discussion

    We don not hear the Cascade as boomy, the bass is prominent but we went to extraordinary lengths to make sure the low freq was very tight, and we feel we did a good job here. Yes I like electronic music, hip hop, rock and EDM and the Cascade excells at such.

    I hope people can come to the NY show and listen. Also I have a bunch of review units going out so hopefully we will see some more detailed impressions and reviews.

    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  6. Montyburns
    Can't make it to New York, but I was already planning a trip to Portland to take a listen. I've made the pilgrimage twice and walked out with product. :). I even brought the girlfriend with - to reinforce the idea that my my money was going to a worthy company. Keep up the good work. The overall desire you create around your products is almost unparalleled. I've been thinking about these for days. I recommend a coffee bar and showroom in Portland for those of us who indulge in the complete sales package.
  7. Spandy87

    Well said. Unfortunately passing judgment before actually experiencing the headphone is a common symptom around here. I occasionally even find myself guilty of it. For the record, I did NOT find the Cascade overly boomy or bloated with bass. I found the bass to be a bit big for my tastes, but I think many people will enjoy that aspect of it, as they probably would listen to some of the genres you mentioned.
  8. LaCuffia
    There's nothing wrong with bass, guys. The audiophile always seems to dismiss a headphone with a bit more emphasis in the bass region as not neutral or reference quality, but rarely do you hear that criticism when the treble is like shock treatment to your ear drums. But I must be different than most - music listening should be enjoyable and not a clinical exercise. Looking forward to hearing the Cascade at CanJam next week.
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  9. KB Contributor
    Please call me if your out my way phone number off the website just as for Ken. Would be happy to lay out listing stuff and give you a tour of the sausage factory :wink:

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  10. Spandy87
    I live in Vancouver, can I come by for the sausage factory? :wink:
  11. Montyburns
    That's what you should call your new listening room, showroom and coffee shop - The Sausage Factory. Maybe do a little barter with "Cheese and Crack" down the street. I will definitely let you know when I'm coming with wallet in hand. Thinking May 5-7. :)
  12. RollsDownWindowsManually
    I hope my comparison to the Aeon didn't come off as negative and tried to give the proper disclaimer on my measurement. I quite like the headphone and am enjoying it! Keep doing what you do, I'm a fan and would encourage everyone to at least give these a try. They're very comfortable and look great in addition to sounding bad-ass.
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  13. WCDchee
    I don’t think your comparison is what ticked Ken off.

    Right off the bat, the moment the cascade was announced, people started dissing it for having a high price, poor sound quality and crappy build. I don’t know where these come from.

    2 years ago I heard a prototype of the cascade, and even then, they had real potential. And the build quality was top notch. Solid aluminium cups which is more than can be said for most headphones.

    I can’t comment on the cascade because clearly I have neither held Nor heard it. But I think some measure of respect should be given and a level of prudence should be exercised. Don’t comment on things that you’re not in a position to and make it sound like it’s an opinion formed after having some real experience with the product. Because so often while you might not expect it, people read it and think that you’ve actually tried the product, and take your word for it.
  14. KEV G
    I’ve got to say I was quite surprised to read some of these criticisms on here and the headphones are barely out of the box. I have the Andromeda, just ordered the Vega and will be looking forward to trying out the Cascade at the London CanJam. Don’t really care what people say between now and then, good or bad, I’ll still be heading over to the CA tables to find out for myself.
    I’m pretty envious of all the people being able to try em out in NY next week. Keep up the good work, see you London :L3000:
  15. Mshenay Contributor
    Awesome! If that's the case will you be shipping these with a balanced Cable? I've got 3 portable balanced rigs at the moment, but only one Balanced portable HD 800 Cable
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