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Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by KB, Feb 1, 2018.
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  1. Mark Up
    Sorry about that. Someone before mentioned the mid bass overshadowing sub bass and the graph illustrated that. Of course folks should try them out to see for themselves.
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  2. pervysage

    Can we get an answer to whether or not there will be a non-crystalline diamond driver version of the headphone coming out in the future? There were prototypes of a supposedly more expensive version with non-crystalline diamond driver?

    Quite a few Campfire Audio fans in this thread wondering about this including myself. Love my Vegas BTW :L3000:
  3. RollsDownWindowsManually
    I briefly heard the Eikon and from memory found the treble way too dark for me, not my preference, I'm sure many love them but I found them too polite and dull. I obviously can't a/b them but I'd take the Cascade all day over that one from memory. Haven't heard Atticus.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  4. AlwaysForward
    Not to speak for Ken but unless a company makes an announcement on their own, it’s probably unlikely a product announcement will come from an enthusiast inquiry on a forum.

    For every product that gets released, there are many prototypes to the wayside. Also, companies with long term plans have roadmaps around business market timing. Generally you’ll not see 2 announced closely together. It’s either concurrently at the same time or timed for another season for unannounced reasons.

    For example: there may be the possibility of a diamond like Driver design in the wings but since the company is testing the headphone market, they may need to validate the new business vertical before expanding. Also, it’s possible that scaling manufacturing is another factor. New product types are expensive to scale. It’s a common strategy to reinvest profits from the initial product into the next generation. Tesla Auto is a great example of this to point to.

    Based on that, I’d not hold breath for any pending release this season or two outside of this one.

    If the cascade is a successful venture, there will be others.
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  5. KB Contributor
    HI Friends,

    Good question.

    So its possible but at this point in time we need to evaluate a bunch of things. I need to be sure the ADLC vs BE is going to make sense, will ADLC preform significantly better than the current BE drivers? This we are doing some preliminary work, is it cost effective? Will we release a ADLC version? its possible but it would be a way off and honestly I am not sure if that makes sense. A 8.5mm speaker (Vega and Lyra II) is going to be a lot different from the much larger 42mm ones we are using in the Cascade. So if it makes sense to make a ADLC version it will be a while, also the ADLC drivers are a lot more $ than the BE so again its got to made all add up. Cost is a issue, we want it to different (better) enough to make the extra cost involved add up.

    Thats where we are at this moment in time, of course I am evaluating this but its not conclusive at this point. At the moment we do not have a ADLC locked and loaded by any means. I do hope it works out but for now we are super happy with the Cascade as it is.

    I cant stress enough that the Cascade sounds killer using a balanced source and our SXC8 cable, sorry I am not saying this just to sell cables. I hope to be able to AB SE and Balanced and demonstrate this to people at the show. I also am sending out balanced cables to some review folks so they can report out on that.


    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  6. alchemical
    Very excited by these, Ken. Been patiently waiting in the wings since I first heard news of the prototype, I'm glad you've gotten them to where you wanted them. Source (and budget)-wise right now, I'd just be driving from an iPhone. Do they require scaling to really sing? Your feedback here is, as always, appreciated. Cheers.
  7. ExpatinJapan
    5C21A74C-E950-400A-820F-FEF4B098CF1E.jpeg 6A8A3BCC-397C-4920-9436-FC49A2338B2A.jpeg

    Looking forwward to unboxing and listening to this beauty.

    Once I get a decent amount of hours on it I will report back.

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  8. MadMusicJunkie
    Lucky guy! The box looks really chic, too!

    This is definitely a front-runner for me. I'm a little torn, as I usually prefer IEM's. I've got 2 over-ears, and more than 8 in-ears. I think its because I'm on the go and want to be able to wear them at the office and all day. I've heard some awe-mazing IEM's (including an all-time favorite Dorado), but I've never really been blown away by an over-ears set. I really think this has the potential to really impress me, though. But that said:
    a. I have not heard from Ken whether there will be a portable cable for this? I would love to try the balanced cables as well, so I'm sure I'd end up with 3 different cables for these bad-boys.
    b. The other set I've always wanted to own (among a hundred others) is the AAW W500.

    I listen to electronic (Ulrich Schnauss/Tycho/Emancipator/Saul Stokes-style) about 95% of the time.
    Is the bass on the Cascades well defined and extend really deep? Good non-piercing highs?
    The Cascades give me the impression that they're like the Bowers P9, but with a significantly better audiophile sound... I'd love to hear a side-by-side of those two, although I'm confident the Cascades would embarrass the P9.

    I'd like to hear any thoughts from my fellow head-fi'er family on my conundrum before I blow another $1K on this selfish hobby/obsession...
  9. ExpatinJapan
    Campfire Audio unboxing pron


    391AC59D-AACA-4339-BC9F-CA6560A7F318.jpeg 7651CC5F-F851-4F83-A163-3287C29101E4.jpeg

    F5A946FE-E361-4217-8F94-FD7AAEDFA0EC.jpeg DC50BE61-EC53-4880-880D-9E401D2E1467.jpeg 2E565314-09F4-4F10-8A42-022EB202E125.jpeg 8D5ABB2E-7FBA-4A7C-8489-BD2796D58C87.jpeg DC50FD9C-9CB9-4FCA-8F9E-87D1AB2D8117.jpeg 69859795-19BD-426F-925B-189C72D2378C.jpeg 159C26DA-353F-4408-BA88-7E5ECC47967D.jpeg 672AA99C-F19B-4700-AB5D-89541EAAD0B5.jpeg C43D2793-902C-482D-A5C4-30ABCBAEAA7D.jpeg 4A054307-1FDC-4DFD-AB5E-8B57DA8B4B73.jpeg 337B0DC1-BA31-4B1E-9E9D-056D98435F26.jpeg 15AD11FC-6A6C-4D54-BB77-202DB73C98E9.jpeg 18859F68-170D-433E-8C3B-54CB4F5C61D1.jpeg CBE42E95-163D-4489-8D4E-7732D5CB4E0F.jpeg DDFD6BD2-A325-4106-8FD2-104AB0FE8E8F.jpeg CD96EC56-45BB-4904-A92B-6E66966305D1.jpeg 77FD03B6-7AAD-492D-92A4-265AC8B6AC7A.jpeg 271C292E-8061-406E-B4E9-E1D6E359021B.jpeg 2CD88BDB-B8F8-4FE7-84E6-EB07CEA85090.jpeg FC6AD296-491B-44D6-BA85-E96A7DEEDCE1.jpeg

    D6DA30A3-0B50-44B1-A96B-2FA2092B7060.jpeg 31E54557-5FBD-48EC-9079-46BFAF2E27B2.jpeg

    More shots on my blog, 25 photo limit per post here.

    Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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  10. KEV G
    Nice photos indeed, if these pictures are anything to go by, then CA are continuing their high standards in build quality.
    Look forward to hearing your impressions.
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  11. trellus
    By the looks of it, @ExpatinJapan, they are a premium portable set. Very nice! Can't wait to hear your impressions.

    I know tastes are very subjective, but personally, I was very puzzled by a comment I read earlier in the thread casting them as cheap looking. They have a very premium look to me!
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  12. LaCuffia
    I agree...the case looks very nice too.
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  13. Niyologist
    Wow. This looks fantastic. If I ever get $800 for just spending on what I want. This will be my first choice.
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  14. snk8699

    Thanks for posting these real world pics to showcase the quality of materials and craftsmanship. I never had any doubts it was going to be special since Ken and company have such high standards in regards to their products. I know Ken commented long ago about how much he enjoys a good closed back, so it's not surprising that his first foray into the headphone market was closed. I don't even have an affinity for closed backs, but I believe in CA so much that I'm on the cusp on purchasing anyway for that CA sound signature. CA has built their reputation on offering a tuning that is emotionally engaging and technically competent in a landscape where those two characteristics, for the most part, are mutually exclusive.

    Well played Campfire, well played.
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  15. Alanaudio
    As the owner of Andro who recommended two of my friends to start with Jupiter, I have never been skeptical about the build quality of CA. The Cascade looks great to me, I prefer the design of the headphone does not attract too much attention in the crowded but also does not look cheap.
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