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Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by KB, Feb 1, 2018.
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  1. ExpatinJapan
    Thanks for the kind comments.

    Would you believe the photos were taken with a ipod touch 6G?

    I am presently letting music be played through them for a period of time and will report back in a couple of days.
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  2. Tumyum

    We don not hear the Cascade as boomy, the bass is prominent but we went to extraordinary lengths to make sure the low freq was very tight, and we feel we did a good job here. Yes I like electronic music, hip hop, rock and EDM and the Cascade excells at such.

    I hope people can come to the NY show and listen. Also I have a bunch of review units going out so hopefully we will see some more detailed impressions and reviews.

    Hi Ken,

    I'm very impressed with your company. The Vega is my first iem when I joined this forum and recently it got issue and sent it back for repair. You guys replaced it with a brand new one. I didn't expect that at all and you earned my loyalty and respect on that day. Thank you.

    Question: what's the weight of the Cascade? Are you guys going to SoCal Can Jam? If so, please have a balance cable in 4.4mm ready so people with Sony can enjoy the balance out.
  3. KEV G
    Couldn’t agree more, first glance they just look like a nice set of headphones. On second look, you will see they are extremely well made and of the highest quality. I’ve only seen a few pictures, but every time I look, the more I like them.
  4. stenog
    Have you ever heard B&W P9? If so could you do a brief comparison. Especially mid bass. P9 has a lot of mid bass...
  5. RollsDownWindowsManually
    I will say I'm really enjoying the Cascade now in my 3rd day with them. I've put in the #4 damping pad and have had them burning in with pink noise overnights. I feel like the #4 maybe shifts the bass response into the lower octaves and cleans up the low mids a bit. It could be pyschouaustic brain-burn-in adjustment or pad settling though. Really satisfying bass response now, and clear, crisp, yet non-fatiguing highs.
  6. chicken beer
    I feel differently. I think the build quality looks pretty bad... The way they look does try to reveal a feeling of elegance out of them though, but the stitching (on both the pads or the band) is really crude, the leather on the headband feels not even, and the braiding of the cable looks really cheap. The headphone is quite heavy as I can tell rendering them less portable-friendly. The design, to me at least, is somehow reminiscent of the look of Monoprice 8323.

    The HD800 connector choice increases the build cost by at least $28 and only causes trouble to buyers. This stupid connector won't help improve the sound, and it won't help secure the headphones too much, and the marginal improvement in the joint does not justify the inconvenience at all, so another disagreement from me. The best choice was obviously a dual 2.5mm entry IMO, and of course I'm not a headphone maker so I can't speak for CA. Just a friendly disagreement.

    All I hope is they sound good when I finally get them. Can they at least sound good? Not sure. Can they sound $799 good? Even more doubts. It's not $399. It's $799. Twice the price of a TH-X00/PM3, same price as Aeon/street TH900/Ether C/Atticus. They just have to sound incredibly good to earn a homerun now.

    Well, although I cannot yet fully appreciate the CA pursuits of a good closed back headphone, I gotta say I hope the headphone really would sound well, and eventually survive with some reputation.

    $799 is a bold move though. Hope it's really $799 good.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  7. Primum Audire
    New user Cascade pictures seem to belie posts suggesting poor build quality to my eye.
    Someone please measure inside opening of Cascade earpads and post on this thread.
    No fan of high-mid-low bleed, exaggerated bass or painful treble.
    Await opinions/reviews for Cascade used with Chord Hugo 2.
    Now to get Tyll to review these.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  8. ExpatinJapan
    From the CA website

    Earpad Dimensions Outside OD approx – 2.75-inch wide x 4 inch tall

    Inside ID is approx – 1.5 inch wide x 2.5 inch

    Sheep Leather Detachable Headphone Pads


    They have a couple of nice photos on there too:

    BA4EF025-A814-41C2-BF84-BAC8554BF8C4.jpeg 02842C87-E97A-4DC4-AB65-35ED018B1D51.jpeg 7C1D9118-2527-459F-83C5-924D0DB006FA.jpeg
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  9. Primum Audire
    Thank you for measurements and apologies for my ineptitude in not searching CA website for information :)
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  10. Primum Audire
    Like to know if Cascade earpads are user replaceable, how easy to remove/replace and cost of replacement. Thanks!
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  11. Wiljen
    They don't show the cables or pads in the store yet but I'm sure if you give it a few days they will probably appear just as the ones for the in-ears did.
  12. Satir
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  13. cash1489
    I'm really looking forward to checking these out...I really liked the sound of the IEMs when I tried them at AXPONA last year...
  14. supervisor
    the earpads are attached by magnets. simple to remove and replace.
  15. rantng
    The earpad & filter system reminds me of the Marshall Monitor on-ear headphone. The earpads attach magnetically as well & it has the FTF filter pads, which were basically thin felt inserts that dampened/warmed the sound. I loved everything about them, but the sound. :triportsad:
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