Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio
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Believe it keeps selling out on the CA site regularly, so guessing they are happy with the way things are going too. :wink:
Haven't sold a single unit at the hifi store I work at where I've worked for almost a year. I happen to own it, but I think it doesn't compete with comparably priced competitors eg Elegia, AFC. Just my 2c, YMMV and all that.
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Haven't sold a single unit at the hifi store I work at where I've worked for almost a year. I happen to own it, but I think it doesn't compete with comparably priced competitors eg Elegia, AFC. Just my 2c, YMMV and all that.

Fair enough. I had the AFC for a while - great sounding headphone and ultra comfortable, but I just preferred the more full bodied sound of the Cascade with the T2 filters.

Guess this is an unashamedly coloured sounding can, so it depends whether that is what you are after. I actually find it quite technically proficient, but I do very much like the bassy style of "house sound" that Campfire offer with these and the Vega/Atlas, so it does play right into my personal preferences.

As you say, YMMV and all the usual caveats - I personally love these headphones, but wouldn't necessarily recommend them to someone looking for a neutral or lean "audiophile" type signature. That's one of the things I really like about CA - they aren't afraid to put out polarising tunings.
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I would suggest the SMSL SH-8 or spend a little more for the Schiit Jotunheim. You can always find one of those on the use classifieds here or on r/a exchange. And for those on a tight budget the Fiio K5 is still an underrated amp with plenty of power 3 gain stages and a very low output impedance. I slap that with my Q5 and make it a bounce DAC.
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How do these compare to fostex th900?
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Well I've bought one off eBay today. Hopefully I'll like it
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I like them very much. Huge slabs of bass but still good mids and highs. Not sure which filters are in but I like it very much as it is
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Hello to everybody.
Did anyone tried these cans with the alo sxc8 cable? Does it change the sound significantly and in wich way?
i covered it my Cascade review and other bits and pieces

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i was wondering if the thought of having cloth big pads were thought of, as i really like the cloth pads, so i was thinking how amazing it would be if big cloth pads were released, or perforated big leather pads

i owned the cascade few months ago and sold them, and today rebought them when i heard them with the cloth pads and big leather pads, i am not enjoying them now alot alot
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The larger leather pads are more akin to the sock leather pad sound wise, the cloth pads are going to be a flatter response.

No plans to make a large cloth pad, sorry.


if you do big cloth pads this means it will be so difficult to push cascade mk2, as i am sure big cloth pads will be taking everything to highest levels. Time to source out modders to make us our own big cloth pads :)

love the cascade as is :), cloth pads just rules, dam it why no big cloth pads dam, unless u want to make us ultra happy and release big perforated leather pads

i will order a couple of extra big leather pads and mod the hell out them using the plastic frame and try the tons of pads i have with cascade
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Not here, still after months of my cascade purchase I still regret purchasing them. Simply not on par with other CF offerings.

To be honest this is hard to believe. Even though I don`t know every CA headphone but for me they sound great especially with the cloth pads. Not to bassy, but still with a meaty and strong low end, no piercing highs. Very enjoyable with electronic music which i really like. They are easy to drive, without taken hiss like some other iems of CA. The Cascade have also the quality to play older recordings very well. I´ve heard a lot of headphones where in particular older recordings could sound very thin. Some of my 80/90`s music sound really good on them.
Also i like the industrial design and this way of understatement. The matt black of the cups looks and feels nice.
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