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Cardas Clear Headphone Cable

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  1. Icenine2
    Wow!  These look pretty cool.  I wonder how they sound?
  2. Icenine2
    Here's more info from the site:
    Cardas Clear Headphone Cable has a separate cable for each ear, each featuring concentric, Matched Propagation Conductors, terminated like a miniature pair of Clear Speaker Cables. The two parallel cables have a black & white fabric braid over the Alcryn jacket, and are kept together with several anodized aluminum joiners, with a custom machined Delron splitter.

    Outside Diameter: .17"X2
    Conductor Type: Concentric, Matched Propagation


    Available with a single Cardas stereo 1/4" plug, or in balanced configuration with a pair of Cardas Golden XLR plugs.
    Headphone options include Sennheiser HD800, Audeze and Hifi Man plugs.
  3. Icenine2
    And a balanced setup picture:
  4. Mr.Sneis
    I like Cardas stuff but the look is not doing it for me.  Would rather have their regular cable!
  5. Icenine2
  6. fhuang


    how expensive are we talking about?
  7. wink
    Buy one - take a hit for the boys.... Write a review, and, sorry about your wallet........
  8. flargosa
    Do they sell this by feet?  It doesn't seem to be available online.
  9. Icenine2
    Todd the Vinyl Junkie has these.  A 5 foot w/1/4" and Audeze termination is $648.....................Moon Audio Silver Dragon w/same termination $280 and it's silver (Duh).  Unless Cardas wants to send me cables out of the grace of all that is headphone I'll be getting the Moon's at some point.  
  10. Dennis
    Still waiting for reviews..... [​IMG]
  11. 2dyclectic
    I would think u have better result if u cut original cable into half length
    and double up wire size.
  12. fradoca
    I hope that someone will be able to try it,post some impression and compare it against other cables [​IMG]
  13. Icenine2
    Someone here got a pre-release test version months back.  If I'm not mistaken he was given this by Cardas so they could get feedback!  Lucky or what!  I guess we'll just have to wait until someone can pony-up $$ and give us feedback.
  14. obzilla
    It's on my list.
    After I get my LF, I'm ordering an LCD3 and a pair of the Cardas Clears, so I'll add my 2 cents. Just not immediately.[​IMG]
  15. Icenine2
    Excellent!  I own the LF so this will be great to read what your listening impressions are!
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