Oct 17, 2010
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    Baseball, COD, music.
    Baseball, Hot Chicks LOL
    Headphone Inventory:

    Monster Beats Studio

    Grado RS1i (Whiplash TWag2 w/ custom shielding)

    HD800 (JenaLabs OCC Cable) & (Whiplash TWag2+OCC hybrid 8wires cable)

    Audeze LCD2 Rev.2 (DHC Teflon 8wires OCC Copper cable)

    Audio Technica W3000 ANV

    Audio Technica W2002

    Denon D7000

    Denon D5000

    Denon A100 ANV

    Sennheiser HD25 Adidas

    Vsang R03

    Shure se315 (CM)

    Shure se530




    Heir Audio 4.A

    JH 16 pro (Whiplash TWag2)

    Ultimate Ears 11pro (DHC OCC cable)

    Ultimate Ears 18pro (ALO OCC cable)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    ALO Amphora (Limited Edition)

    Woo Audio 3

    Woo Audio 6SE

    Woo Audio 2 (Premium Upgrade + Tubes upgrade)

    Meier Audio Classic

    Meier Audio Concerto

    Meier Audio Cantate #2

    Burson HA160 Headamp

    ALO RX

    ALO RX (MK2)

    RSA Shadow

    RSA SR71A

    RSA P51

    iBasso T4

    Fiio E5
    Source Inventory:
    Cambridge Audio 740C CD player

    Rega Apollo

    MacBook Air

    Alienware M15X

    Alienware M11X

    Samsung X360-34G

    Sony Vaio-P (SSD)

    Benchmark DAC1

    Music Streamer 2 DAC

    Musical Fidelity V-Link convertor

    Apple iPod Touch (64Gb)

    Apple iPod Classic (6th Gen)

    Apple iPad (2nd Gen)

    Samsung YP-Q2
    Cable Inventory:
    ALO 18awg OCC Triple-Pipe line-out cable

    ALO 18awg SXC line-out cable

    Wireworld OCC speaker cable with banana plug (9Ft)

    Whiplash TWag2 Low-Profile LOD

    ATH W2002 3.5~3.5 cable (7 inch)

    ALO 18awg SXC 6-wire interconnect cable (3Ft)

    Kimber Kable Timbre interconnect with WBT 0147 (1M)

    Homegrown Audio Cyro Pure Silver interconnect 1M with Silver Bullet RCA Plug

    Monster RCA ~ 3.5 (2M)

    Revelation Audio Lab Cyro Silver S/PDIF WBT (1M)

    Nordost Baldur Interconnect (1M)

    AudioQuest 0.7M Forest USB cable

    Monster USB cable (2.5M)

    Wireworld Ultraviolet USB cable (2M)

    Wireworld Starlight USB cable (2M)

    Furutech GT2 USB cable (1M)
    Power-Related Components:
    Jellyfish powercord X 2

    Monster 200 powercord

    Tripp Lite Noise Filter Powerbar

    PS Audio - Noise Harvester Power Line Filter

    Monster Power Filter (Stage 2)

    PS Audio - Duet Power Bar

    Pangea Audio - AC-14 - Signature - Power Cable

    Pure Silver PN-2 Power Cord

    OCC Copper Power Cord with Standard Furutech FI-11 (1.5M)

    HiFi Tuning Supreme Fuse(s)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    ALO Panda Speaker set

    Bose Companion 3 Speakers set

    Viablue Isolation Feet

    Cardas Golden Wood Isolation Cube

    Tube dampers

    Vibrapod Support Cone

    Vibrapod Isolation Feet
    Music Preferences:
    Jazz, Pop, Classic, Vocal
    My Baby..... ~350Z~
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