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CanJam SoCal 2017 (April 8-9, 2017)

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  1. buke9
  2. buke9
    I have not seen them here but they are quite good. The Mills is a awesome amp. I like my Kenzie a bit more but that is after a bit of time so I won't be definitive on that.
  3. Sko0byDoo
    If Sennheiser is doing the same at CanJam Singapore, it's the HE-1060 (marble one, not sure why we started call it HE-1, it's confusing as hell!).  Demo'ed it in Singapore, one word -- "WOW."  It's the best system I've heard (I've heard 009 thru bhse/carbon/HV, though not DIYT2 yet).  Even at half-priced, no $$$$/kidneys to pay for...   
  4. EZE99
    @third_eye  How many people are expected to be competing against me in giveaways at attending CanJam SoCal?  haha
  5. makethemusic

    Echobox Audio is looking for 2 people to help us out throughout the show! The job is pretty simple: you will be at our booth as an Echobox representative during regular show hours. A 1 hour break will be given for lunch / show exploration, and your meal will be paid for. Hourly rate is $20/hr for show hours, and $25/hr for any setup or takedown you are asked to help with. A general understanding of DAP's and IEM's is required, and bonus points if you are already familiar with our products :wink:

    If you are interested in the job, PM me with the title "CanJam SoCal Job"!

    Also, we are looking for a part time customer service person, so if you do well during the show there is a real possibility of a more permanent job, should that be of interest :wink:
  6. NPWS
    it's april fools lol
    8 drivers I think CMIIW, 2 ba for low, 2 DD for mid and 4 ba for high
  7. EZE99

    When you say 10% off for all Show attendees, is that for all vendors?
  8. Shure or bust
    The Hifiman RE-$2000 will steal the show :)
  9. asquare3376
    I think he's saying 10% off for all attendees on "Effect Audio" if you don't own any of their gear already. If already own one, then you'll get 15%
  10. Edward777
    So, I've never been to a CanJam before, so I've got a couple of questions, as I'm considering going, but not sold yet.  
    As a background, I'm not a huge headphone nut, but I would definitely be more into the headphone game if I had more money right now (currently unemployed, and in general just someone in their 20s, haha).  I just moved back to Los Angeles, so it wouldn't require travel or staying overnight or anything.  If I went, it would problem be with my GF.
    Can I buy tickets at the door, or is this something you need to buy ahead of time for?  So, could I show up last-minute if I have nothing else to do this weekend and decide spur-of-the-moment?  Also, would you guys recommend CanJam for a total newbie like myself?  I'm assuming the bulk is going around and trying different headphones and amps out, and meeting other people with the same hobby?   
  11. EffectAudio
    07 Apr 17' - 09 Apr 17'
    Save your dates ~!!


    Effect Audio's team (Guess who?) will be attending the SoCal CanJam with a few brilliant items in our arsenal!!


    Heres the show headlining features:


    1) Premier of "Lionheart"

    Since it's debut in Singapore CanJam, "Lionheart" is the most inquired, most sought after product offering in our repertoire after "Leonidas". Cable designing and manufacturing pushed to the extremes to seek a SOULFUL sound. "Lionheart" baring it's fangs for the first time in the western hemisphere of Head-Fi. Don't miss your chance to listen in!!​

    2) Debut of "EA PSquared Plug"
    After SG, we pushed ourselves on how much further could we value-add to our supporters who were dead set on getting a "Lionheart" regardless of crazy wait times or unpredictable stocks stability. EA seek out the best materials in plug materials deriving at the PSquared Plug (Specs to be revealed at a later date) - which shockingly made the "Lionheart" sounds we daresay 20-30% better; Coherence, Phasing, Staging, Width , Details, Layering, Separation. You name it, you got it. Sounds too good to be true? We challenge to you a live demo!​


    3) Official launch of "Merlin"

    After a successful bout of collaborations with EmpireEars on the "Arthur", we moved on to the next project with similar concepts in mind - "Merlin" a 4 drivers titan which will impress with its energy and dynamics!!


    4) "New Trends of Portable Audio"

    Eric will be entering the seminar on to discuss on whats coming up and what we would be looking forward to with industry titans like Andy Reagan (JerryHarveyAudio), Jack Vang (EmpireEars)(Sam McKinney (Echobox)...​


    Promotions Aboard~

    Tier A Rebate - EA Family Tier
    15% off for all Empire Ears / Vision Ears Users [At Show Event]
    All EmpireEars / VisionEars users gets 15% off our any of our entire line-up during the show upon showing us their EmpireEars / VisionEars CIEM/UIEM

    ["Lionheart" excluded]
      Tier B Rebate - SoCal CanJam Attendees Tier
    10% off entire Effect Audio Product Offerings [At Show Event]
    All SoCal attendee gets 10% off our any of our entire line-up during the show

    ["Lionheart" excluded]
      Tier C Rebate - Global Tier
    5% off entire Effect Audio Product Offerings [Available Globally]
    Between 6th - 13 April, Effect Audio website will run a 5% discount off our offerings - Coupon Code : socalcanjam
    ["Lionheart" excluded]

    Giveaway Bonanza~!!

    1) Thor Silver II Giveaway
    Like Share and comment on this post.

    2) Eros II Giveaway
    Like Share and comment on this post.​



    SEE YOU GUYS ~!!



    Effect Audio Stay updated on Effect Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/effectaudiosg/ https://twitter.com/EffectAudio https://www.instagram.com/effectaudio/ http://www.effectaudio.com/ info@effectaudio.com
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  12. moedawg140 Contributor
    CanJam SoCal - it's going to be grand, especially in the heart of L.A.!
    Thanks again to the Head-Fi Global Team for putting this on!
    For those that may want a little extra fun before CanJam, there is a place for people to unwind, eat some tasty food (food truck style designed by their executive chef, Chang Sivilay), drink some scrumptious drinks (full bar), play some ping pong (cushioned Olympic competition flooring), and share in the camaraderie of others!
    The location is:
    SPiN (at The Standard), 550 South Flower Street Los Angeles, 90071
    This location is only a 15 minute walk from the JW Marriott, so if you are around the area, you won't even need to move your car or Uber to the location!
    Time to meet: This Friday at 7:30pm, 4-7-17.
    Here are a few photos of SPiN Los Angeles: 
    Feel free to RSVP in the thread (or PM me if you'd prefer) - to get a general interest (and to find out how many tables I should reserve/pay for).
    Looking forward to seeing and hanging out with everyone who can make the Showdown and CanJam SoCal this year!
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  13. Eicrux
    @jude How would you rate DSR7BT, DSR9BT and MDR1000X purely based on sound quality when the audio technicas paired with aptx hd and sony with ldac?
  14. Jalo
    @Moedawg, is Friday the only time for the meet at 7:30 pm? I have not touch a paddle for at least eight years but I will be interested if this is the only time. Thanks for organizing. Do you know the parking situation? By the way do you have a USTTA rating? Just want to prepare psychologically to be killed :D
  15. razzer001 Contributor
    Brainwavz Audio @ Canjam SoCal 2017
    Hello headfi'ers, team Brainwavz will be at Canjam SoCal and we looking forward to meeting up and chatting with all of you. This won't be our first Canjam but it will be our first at SoCal and we are stoked!
    We will be exhibiting our Balanced Armature based B Series earphones, the B100, B150 and B200 as well as our headphone storage gadgets and earpads. We will also have on hand our not yet released triple and quad driver B300 and B400 earphones. You can find more information at this thread. The B300/B400 at the show are early 3D printed prototypes and we would be delighted to get your feedback on their sound, shape and fit. These are just the first prototypes, so the final versions maybe quite different.
    B400_white_back.jpg B300_white_back.jpg
    We're giving 3 lucky people our Brainwavz B200 Dual BA Earphones + Krudul Earphone Storage Solution - to enter, visit our booth, try one or more of our products and fill out the contest entry card, a random winner will be picked by the 14th of April.
    **Show Specials**
    Brainwavz B150 Balanced Armature Earphones + Krudul: $70.00 (Normally $109.50+)
    Brainwavz B200 Dual Balanced Armature Earphones + Krudul: $120.00 (Normally $199.00+)
    Brainwavz Sheepskin Earpads: $30.00 (Normally $40.00)
    Brainwavz Sheepskin Angled Earpads: $40.00 (Normally $50.00)
    There will also be a 10% Discount coupon card at our booth which can be used on any Brainwavz products sold on Amazon.com (Sold by Brainwavz Audio).
    We can't wait for this weekend and looking forward to meeting ya'll :)
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