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CanJam SoCal 2017 (April 8-9, 2017)

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  1. bosiemoncrieff

    The Orpheus Successor is the Orpheus 2 is the HE-1060/HEV-1060 is the HE-1.
  2. Jozurr
    Is someone driving from San Francisco on any of the days? Is it possible to hitch a ride?
  3. third_eye Moderator
    Yes, you would be able to buy tickets at the door. And this event is perfect for newbies as well as establisthed head-fiers to bring along their non-audiophile friends. Hope to see you there!
  4. musicman59
    Does anybody know if AudioValve will be at Canjam SoCal and will show their Solaris amplifier?
    If they will be there, can somebody report back impressions?
  5. czy6412
    You can get a megabus to Downtown LA
  6. darinf
    Hi everyone,
    Just a few announcements about Darin Fong Audio and Out Of Your Head at CanJam SoCal:
    We will be having a raffle at our booth.
    1. Just stop by our booth and listen to our running demo. At the end of the demo see one of us at the booth so we can get your name and e-mail address and Head-Fi handle. We will be giving away a copy of Out Of Your Head software with all 30 presets. This is over $675 worth of software!
    We will also be having our show specials (at the show only and must be purchased during CanJam.):
    1. Out Of Your Head with one preset will be 50% off which is normally $150 but only $75 at the show.
    2. Out Of Your Head with all the presets will be $300, normally $675.
    For those that cannot attend the show, we will still have a "show special" available online NOW! :
    1. Out Of Your Head with one preset will be 33% off which is normally $150 discounted to $99.
      Use coupon code "canjamsocal2017"
    2. Out Of Your Head with all the presets will be $400, normally $675.
      Use coupon code "canjamsocal2017all"
    3. To use the coupon codes, you must download and install the Out Of Your Head trial first.
      Then from within the Out Of Your Head Control Panel, double click on any preset.
      In the pop-up window, enter your e-mail address to get to our store.
      Add the item Out Of Your Head with one preset to your cart (and pick the preset you want to license.)
      If you want to purchase all the presets also add Out Of Your Head - All Licenses to your cart.
      Then use the coupon codes above when checking out.
    We will also have our Koss ESP-950 products for sale at the show:
    1. Vesper Audio replacement leather pads with memory foam - $89 (We will only have 8 pairs in stock.)
    2. Koss ESP-950 to Stax adapter cable - $149 (We will have 6 in stock.)
    Finally, if you are not familiar with Out Of Your Head software and you aren't able to come to CanJam SoCal, here's a pre-rendered online demo. Just put on your headphones and listen to our demo:

    Looking forward to meeting everyone at the Darin Fong Audio booth!
    -Darin Fong
  7. HiFiGuy528
    We have new flagship full balanced 2A3 tube headphone amplifier - WA33. 
  8. Zachik
    I dare everyone to listen to Darin's demo, and not buy the software on the spot!  [​IMG]
    I listened to Darin's demo at RMAF 2016, twice, and pulled my credit card to pay.  It is THAT good. [​IMG]
    I will probably buy another preset, so I can install it on my 2nd PC at home.  1st used for watching movies, 2nd will be used for music listening.
  9. makethemusic
    Just letting everyone know we are still looking for people! 
  10. ejong7

    Sam get me a flight ticket to do this hahahaha.
  11. makethemusic
    That would be awesome! Probably not gonna happen though :/ 
  12. mochill
    I would take the job:sunglasses:only need a ticket
  13. Watagump
    Pm sent Ethan.
  14. Watagump
    Oh man, I don't know anything about IEM's sorry Sam. [​IMG]
  15. makethemusic
    Never too late to learn :wink: 
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