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CanJam SoCal 2017 (April 8-9, 2017)

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  1. Deftone
    LOL that was an april fools joke.
  2. Deftone
    I think this is the only time A&K have released a player that doesnt look sleek and sexy, actually its quite ugly.
  3. bmichels
    2 SD Slots in the Astell & Kern Kann !  Finally   [​IMG] .  Thanks A&K ...
    Hope Wifi/Tidal streaming is still implemented..  
    Also hope that Q&K will launch a 480 serie ( Kann is not a successor to the AK380, but another line)
  4. geoffalter11
    I have a slot for the Ether E's as well. Looking forward to 15 min.  Although this is my first Canjam, I have been going to the National Restaurants big show in Chicago for the past 6 years.  The show is gigantic and takes 3 days to walk and see everything.  My experience tells me that you pick a starting point and pace yourself knowing there is enough time for everything.  Once you walk it, you back track to the things you need more time with.  I find this pace and flow to allow me the opportunity to really understand what is there and what I am interested in really digesting.  The rest becomes superfluous.  Just a humble opinion from a chef, not a Canjam expert.
  5. buke9
    I was at CanJam SoCal last year and if you don't take two days you will miss some things like I did last year even with two. I was too much like a kid in a candy store. This year will be a bit more focused well maybe; ) It is a great time with great gear and great people. I have heard the Ether E's twice now and both times in meet conditions so it will be nice to hear them in a quite room. If this is your first CanJam your going to love it I'm sure.
  6. Jalo
    If they put 2 standard SD card slots then A&K can claim to be the first one comes out with a 1T dap. What does that even means "3.5 times more power with high gain setting". What is the impedance, what is the wattage and voltage per channel? 3.5 times has no meaning if not specify. They still don"t have digital out just line out?
  7. ExpatinJapan
    1.3 ohms balanced

    0.65 ohms unbalanced

    'Twice the voltage of the 300 series players in unbalanced and three times in balanced mode.' Paraphrased (if its helpful).
  8. geoffalter11
    Thank you for the advice.  I will heed your advice and try my best to see it all within the time I have.  I am beyond excited.
  9. ExpatinJapan
  10. stevenswall
    Any chance a swathe of smartphones could be tested, or is this more for product development? Most of us probably have DAC/amp combos, but with the everyday consumer who might be interested, PocketNow has been doing "Real Audio Reviews" on Youtube and getting some engagement by measuring the capabilities of phone's onboard chips. The technical measurements of an iPhone7/GS7/OnePlus 3T/Google Pixel/LG devices with their apparently 'hifi' dac would be useful. I'm betting that between the staff and a few attendees we could get a nice sample. I have a 3T.
  11. buke9
    Me too it is a lot of fun. Soo much to listen to. OT as a chef you should make it to Louisville lots of really good stuff here. Just went to Mesh this Sunday to check out thier Bloody Mary as I love a good one and theirs was pretty good but the deviled eggs were so good. Your basic deviled egg topped with bacon and a Wasabi and something drizzle on top and a parsley and cilantro drizzle on the bottom holy crap good.
  12. geoffalter11
    That sounds delicious.  I love a good deviled egg, especially when the egg is cooked perfectly lending the perfect texture to the creamed out egg yolk.  I haven't eaten in Louisville since 1995.  I was in Louisville for a Phish show in October of 95.  Been too long.  Would love to see My Morning Jacket in their hometown.  I have a list of things I am interested in for Canjam.  I want to replace my Focal Elear.  As much as I love The Elear, I have fatigue issues that have become increasingly more prevalent.  I need a tube amp and I am interested in a DAP.  I should leave my CC's at home.  I already have a Wells Audio Milo en route.  haha...
  13. Trager
    geoffalter11, if this is your first CanJam, I'd tell you this -- bring your own DAP if you have it, or load a bunch of your favorite songs onto your phone in the highest quality you can. Set up a playlist of stuff that's common and that you really like so that you can try (usually in vain) to do apples to apples comparison.

    Even if you're going in with a plan and specific things you want to see, check out some of the random things you've never heard of. Two years ago, the Oppo PM-3 and the Pendulumic Stance S1+ were my stand-outs, and I was going mostly to look for new IEMs. Last year, 1More blew me away with their value for price, and I've introduced a bunch of people to this hobby via their wares now.
  14. geoffalter11
    Thank you, Trager.  I really appreciate it.  I have loaded a very extensive playlist on my phone and will also bring my portable Oppo and Leckerton should I need.  I love the PM-3.  It is my travel headphone and still my favorite because of my history with it.  I will be ready with an open mind to take it all in.  
  15. x RELIC x Contributor
    Ok, since the announcement of the Lola this all I can hear playing in my head.... :D

    Interested in the Lola and look forward to impressions from CanJam SoCal. :)
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