CanJam Singapore 2023 (March 25-26, 2023)
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Yes. I just bought 2 tickets. It's right across the street in between the JW Marriott and the Pan Pacific Hotel.

@yaps66 and I are going tonight for the 10 pm showing.

Got to see this entire Marina Bay area. All new from when I was last here. I remember when I first came to Singapore in 1991. I stayed in the Pan Pacific Hotel. I remembered it when I went inside. I remember the same trouble finding the lobby. The only thing that was here was the Merlion and open space. Now, it feels like the new Sentosa and a lot like a much nicer and cleaner Las Vegas with a Casino, high end hotels, great food and high end shopping.

I told the water cooler gang that I was ready to move here after 4 hours of being back. The humidity is only annoying if you go inside and outside a lot because you sweat up a storm and need to take a lot of showers. Outside of that, just about everything else is done perfectly.

Coolers are meeting for Dim Sum and then a meet up with Effect Audio and Nicholas Teo from Aur Audio. Chicken Rice at Boon Tong Kee. Quick nap and then John Wick 4.

edited to note: Food is really cheap here. About 1/2 of what I am used to in Hawaii, California and NYC.
I’m guessing you’re off to the Welcome Party then? If so, see you there!
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I’m guessing you’re off to the Welcome Party then? If so, see you there!
Please say hello. I'll be wearing my name tag.
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project perception 4th floor for stax x9k and some nice diptyque speakers + audio research gear
jaben iems headphones
av one for dynaudio and woo and lots of headphones
clarity av 2nd floor for t+a solP + HA200
eighteen 77 4th floor for b&w, dali, fyne, Cambridge audio
Audio 88 for lumin stuff
Norman audio 3rd floor for primaluna
coherence 4th floor for cardas and mbl
absolute sounds (multiple floors and shops) for Focal and naim
sound decisions 4th floor I recommend this for a listen for their d&d 8c, amphion and gauder akustik speakers. amazing stuff those gauder speakers.

It's a non exhaustive list but just a few of the shops I like.
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jaben iems headphones
Just don't expext to find a nice looking shop after the COVID problems these companies had. They're in survival mode and will get there for sure, but as of now they don't have a setup where you can nicely sit down and demo stuff. Do your research on what they have, ask for it, and you'll get it without any problem though. Awesome guys!

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Dear Head-Fi'ers,

We are excited to be back in Singapore again - happy to meet old friends and looking forward to making new ones. And once again, we are looking to give away two brand new pairs of EVE20 to two lucky visitors of our booth :heart_eyes:

Those of you that went to Canjam NYC, or followed the respective thread, will already have gotten wind of our blue and red prototypes.

Vision Ears is celebrating the 10th anniversary this year and we are very proud of what we achieved this far. As a special THANKS we are planning to launch an anniversary model. We designed an anniversary logo „ X „ (attached).


This will already be the last chance to listen to those two prototypes, after both models found their fans in NYC! So this is your chance to be the one person deciding which model will be released in the near future :astonished:

For all visitors who listen to them and would like to give us their feedback by writing a super short review on a card, will get the opportunity to win a brand new EVE20 by the end of each day.
Btw, a VE pen is a gift for each „super short reviewer“ :wink:

FYI: both prototypes will be covered with a foil - it’s not the final design, of course :wink:

Here are the conditions for participation
  • drop by the VE booth
  • ask for the prototypes and review card
  • give us your name on a separate card
  • come back to our booth 30 min before the show ends
  • we will shout out the winners name 2 times, if the winner isn’t available, we go for another one :)
  • the price „EVE20“ will be given away directly at our booth, no waiting time

Please help us to spread the word! Again: we are doing this exclusive prototype test in Singapore only!

Let me know if you have any questions.
All the best from Cologne, Germany

Jonas :L3000:
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