CanJam Singapore 2023 (March 25-26, 2023)
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A late demo entrant to CanJam, HiBy Music's AK4499EXEQ R6 Pro II – for testing tomorrow, and a special, special price this CanJam Singapore weekend!

HiBy R6 Pro II
Looking forward to learning more about the R6 Pro II and how it differentiates itself against other popular DAP's like the ZX707, 1AM2, Cayin's new N7 and their own RS6. One thing for sure, it does turn heads. That's very fast entry to market (straight on the shop) and a banger opening discount!
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Man, we had a great day yesterday, didn't we? We have been doing so much, I feel like we have been here for a week.

The day started out with @metaljem77 picking @SteveK27 and me from the JW Marriott and heading over the Pan Pacific Hotel for a watercooler group DIM Sum buffet. We called the meeting to order and present were @metaljem77, @SteveK27 @klyzon @yaps66 @AxLvR and @HiFiHawaii808 Delicious! We exchanged gifts and we spent 2 hours listening to everything from Storm to Trifecta to Ronin and more. It literally left like Christmas day especially as @metaljem77 opened up her Trifecta and Centurion and eagerly put them into her ears. She did a quick test between my Trifecta/Centurion with hers and she declared, "burn in matters. These sets sound different."

Then, for of us squeezed into a Grab which is basically an Uber or Lyft and headed over to Effect Audio and were greeted by a friendly group including @JordonEA and Heley whom we met at both CanJam Socal and NYC. @ejong7 met us there and we had a great time all day long. They offered us some daan tat egg tarts and iced coffees. We got to listen to a host of EA/Elysian Accoustic Labs products including GAEA, DIVA and the new Annihilator 2023. More specifically, I got to hear the Storm and Anni with both the Chiron and a new Chiron/Horus combination cable. Oh boy, this Chiron/Horus was my favorite especially with Storm because it had the best combination of sound, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Then, we went over to Zeppelin and we listened to the Aur Neon Pro with our coffees. We also ran into Ken and Chang from Subtonic as they had a group demoing their products. I gave Chang a hug and let them alone since we would be meeting with them tomorrow. We got to meet Nicholas from Aur and I must say, I think his Neon Pro is probably the best IEM I have heard under $1000. I like it better than the Monarch mkii and I even liked it more than GAEA and DIVA. It is a 10 BA set that has the exciting signature of a FIR Frontier Series IEM with the great clarity and resolution provided by an all BA set with great bass (with switchable settings) great imaging and instrument separation. I could see in my minds eye every instrument on the stage. We had coffees (I had a iced mocha latte) and desserts and also listened to a Grado Hemp which I learned to love at Audio 46 in NYC.

After Zep, we headed over to get some world famous Chicken Rice from Boon Tong Kee. Also got sweet and sour pork, deep fried tofu and more. Oh so delicious.

Headed back to the JW Marriott where I took a quick nap 45 min nap to get my second wind. The rest of the guys sat in the Tonic lounge and listened to a combination of Brise cables and a monster known as the Python. @AxLvR, @SteveK27 @yaps66 and another friend who is not on head fi were beaming about the Brise cables, interconnects and Tsurangi amp. Pay attention to these names because this group was beaming about these products like I haven't heard since the Orpheus first came out. That Brise amp is going to make a huge hit on the portable audio scene.

But wait, there's more. We then went to see John Wick 4 at the Golden Village Cinema. What an EPIC 4th part of the series. Other than getting revenge, I won't provide any spoilers. Then, @yaps66 and I got a cab as we had to get some Satay. Got back to my hotel around 2 am and thus ended our first pre CanJam Audio Rave in SG.

If I get a chance, will add some pics to this post later.
What a great write-up! These past few days have been intense for me and are passing by like a big sensory blur… a huge huge thank you to Uncle Wilson of Jaben SG, @Subtonic Ken and @Chang for their generous hospitality and munificence. To my Cooler buddies whom I’ve come to call as family, it’s been amazing meeting all and even strangers - we are all simply bound by the pure love of audio gear and music, Canjam FTW! 🥳
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side topic what is the third photo which looks like curry and where can i buy?
That one is called “lontong sayur” or sometimes just called “lontong” you may order it from Malay stalls or other stalls that sell Nasi Lemak. And yep the gravy tastes similar to curry. 😆
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:medal:Badge Reminder :medal:

Again, if you're attending CanJam Singapore 2023, and you'd like a badge on your profile, please PM @joe or myself and we'll get you sorted! :relaxed: Don't post badge requests in this thread please. Thanks!
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@Roasty @Sajid Amit
Have fun at Canjam!

I would be very interested in your opinion on the DCA Corina and Spirit Torino Pulsar, if you happen to stumble upon them.
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