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CanJam Singapore 2016 Impressions (February 20-21, 2016)

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    Just come back from CanJam not an hour ago, really tired now but that was a lot of fun! Missed the new Woo (will try tomorrow) otherwise tried most of the stuffs I wanted, including all the new JH full metal jacket and Shure KSE1500.

    p/s: meet many HFer as well. :-D
  2. audionewbi
    Looking forward to your impressions.
  3. bmichels
    I am really really looking forward for the first listening feedback on the NEW Stax SRM212 dac/Amp

    Is it here in prototype stage ?

    Also, I would like to know does it runs on Battery or AC.

    And...if someone could post a picture of the Back panel... to see which connectors are there

    thanks in advance
  4. ClieOS Contributor

    Unfortunately I didn't see any prototype there. Only the local distributor was there, not edifer / stax themselves.
  5. bmichels

    Thanks for checking.
  6. tassardar
    Today was fantatic. Shall upload pics later of todays stuff hehe
  7. bmichels
    Did someone listened to the WOO WA8 on the AVone booth ?
  8. tassardar
    Yup I heard it. Compared to my CDM, it has a much thicker mids, more sub bass and stronger bass impact. Its overall smoother due to to thicken sound VS the CDM. Also, the vocals felt a little further away. 
    The build on the WA8 is great though. Solid build, nice knob. Its darn heavy. One thing I like about WA8 is with the Angie, theres absolutely no hiss even when the knob goes almost 3/4 of its max turn.
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  9. FeedingNation
    The choice between the Fostex T50 and the AAW A2h was tough :thinking::thinking:
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  10. bmichels

    Thanks. So can we say that in all aspects the WA8 is better thanthe CDM ( besides the extra weight ) ?

    Also, do you mean that you experience hiss with the CDM ?
  11. tassardar
    Amp for the Shangri-La. Since the headphone looks exactly like a HE1000 so no pics for it. It sounds great, very nice vocals and positioning of sound. But the hall is really noisy so could not tell much more.
    The WA8. I call it transportable
    Versus the CDM. Its heavier then it looks. Sound wise thicker mids, stronger bass and a more laid back vocal range. I quite like it really. And very good blacks even on IEM.
    The Chord Dave. Tested it out with my KSE1500 using rca to stereo. Really good details, punch in the mids and all round enjoyable signature. The greatest improvement was those small little bass rumble within the tracks thats mixed with the vocals. Its all clearly heard today. Great stuff!
    The Abyss. Impression was its good. I put it at just below the HE1000 personally. Want to try it again in the future in a better condition.
    The full metal jackets. Was investigating the difference between the old Angie and new Angie II. Its slightly smaller in dimensions. Sound wise a touch better clarity and a little less warm at the same setting on the knobs. Unsure if its the cable as I didnt go round swapping with my personal Angie.
    SR-009. Definitely one of the best in production headphone. Fast, punchy, great clarity and lots of air. Though I felt the soundstage is a little small, everything else is just great. Use to be totally pricey but today with all the new headphones similar or even out pricing it, this is quite a good deal.
    The Opus player. I thought it was great. Very nice controlled bass and a little on the neutral side. For 599 usd, running android with balanced out, I thought it was great. But note the Onkyo DAP cost around the same but way bigger. Also it has a rather terrible screen. Non IPS, terrible viewing angle but hey we are head-fi so its all good. 
    Meze Classic 99. Im really impressed with it at just 300 (with additional 20% off canjam). Its sub bass rumble is really good, clarity is still maintained and nice vocals. However tracks with many quick drum beats can get all jumbled up.
    IEMS from Music Sanctuary. Tried the Zeus, felt it was very reference but the universals has some sort of 'sss' sound whenever it peaks. They did say the customs are much better. The most suprising find is the HUM which they recommended me to try. Quite like its smoothness, warmth and well controlled bass.
    The Codex. Pity I cant try it fully.
    The Orpheus. Great sounding thing after so many years. Maybe its too noisy but the bass is a little lacking compared to the other 2 electrostats.
    The Blue Hawaii amp with SR007. Tried it out with SR-009 and it was great. Improved mids with a touch of warmth and smoothness. Things felt more lively with more power in the vocals and bass. I actually preferred this setup to the other 2 electrostats (at least in the canjam condition).
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  12. tassardar
    Its not better. Its different. If WA8 was honey, then CDM is probably soda. Airy, light and refreshing.
    Yes CDM does hiss even in high gain lots. In low gain, it does hiss with the Angie but really really soft. Low gain do not have much volume control so the WA8 is definitely better in this aspect.
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  13. NV2U
    Wow! What a day. I am sufficiently jealous, lol. Thanks for all the great pics!
  14. ezekiel77
    Oh Stax oh Stax how you've poisoned me.
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  15. Sound Eq
    is their any price on wa8 and when will it be released
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