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CanJam Singapore 2016 Impressions (February 20-21, 2016)

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  1. audionewbi
    Did you get to compare it against HUM Pristine UIEM?
  2. Ritvik
    Ahhh I'm 10 minutes away from the Pan Pacific but can't make it! In the pictures, are all the prices shown near the gear in SGD our USD?
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  3. noobandroid
    those with dealers at sg will use sgd, only a couple of them making their first debut uses usd
  4. gyx11

    I echo this sentiment. Truthfully the reason I visited the Klipsch booth in the first place was to get a signature on my scavenger hunt as it was the last 15 minutes of my time before I had to leave.

    Upon first look the X20I doesn't give off the impression of a good sounding IEM, at least in the aesthetic sense of how conventional 'audiophile' IEMs look like. The Klipsch range of IEMs all have a certain housing shape (sleek and low profile), and the X20I is no exception.

    Anyone who has owned a Klipsch IEM before can attest that they are a very decent offering for the mass consumer market. The S4 was perhaps my first real IEM and was in essence catapulted me towards exploring the world of personal audio.

    With no expectations of sound whatsoever, and assuming that the X20I was just a top end consumer model (good bass with nothing else noteworthy), in the ballpark of $400-500 (which would be a natural step-up from their current catalogue), I have the X20I some quick listening.

    And I came away impressed. Slightly warm sound but with overall good balance. It is a very cohesive throughout the entire frequency range, and it struck me to be in the mould of a Jack-of-all-trades IEM that would handle everything very well. If I had to nitpick, perhaps the treble could do with a tinge more sparkle.

    For the street price of $999 SGD which is approximately $700 USD, I do think that they have done a good job on these. I do believe that they have a modular cable system as opposed to traditional detachable connectors, but I didn't have sufficient time to check it out further.

    It's also worth adding that the comfort is quite spectacular owing to the geometry of the housing which is thin and light enough not to exert pressure on any part of the ear. Coupled with what I believe is a redesign of the old Klipsch oval eartips, the isolation was also top notch, arguably the best of all the IEMs I tried yesterday. Needless to say, the venue was really noisy - the X20i blocked out almost all of it.

    I'd also like to mention another pair of IEMs that were the standout surprise for me yesterday - Advance Acoustic Werkes Nebula 1 and 2. These are AAWs new universals, and they are priced with the budget audiophile in mind ($99 for the Nebula 1 and slightly more for the Nebula 2). At this price point, the build quality of the IEMs and the level of comfort is truly excellent. And the sound is very very competent as well. The N1 has deep plentiful bass with rumble with very decent technicalities. The N2 sees an additional BA tweeter to give bigger presence to the high mids and treble, for an overall more balanced sound signature.

    If I have spare time (2 days for CanJam is just not enough!) I'll definitely check both the Klipsch X20I and the Nebula 1/2 out again.
  5. DecentLevi
    Classic photo. I can almost imagine the sonic wonder he must be experiencing from this Orpheus... anything else there that's even comparable - albeit even with a different sound character?
  6. Emerpus
    Cross posting my impression of MrSpeakers Ether 1.1 upgrade.

    Dan just upgraded my Ether here at CanJam SG and I tried my upgraded Ethers using my Cayin N6 and a Cavalli Audio Liquid Spark (Prototype I Believe).

    What little peaks there was in my music was gone. Micro details and low level sound details surfaces more apparently. I can't say if the textures improve or not yet (I'll need to listen to it on my usual setup on the Gumby).

    But boy, the upgrade is definitely worth it even if I have to pay for it. Dan did it for free and upgraded it for me personally. Big Thanks to Dan!

    PS: the Spark really sounds very close to the LC.
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  7. gab840
    Checked Ether and Ether C put up along with Schiit Bifrost and Asgard 2 Amp via questyle music player
    Tracks - Dangerous, lightning strikes (ultra japan) were basically listened again n again


    Ether C were great , bass was really good mid were great treble seem to bit neutral or just below down neutrality (never harsh) but everything was great
    Most importantly the presentation and separation was great and the sound never seemed to be congested


    Ether open ones are fine too but.. Wait lemme putlt up aome good points first
    Good open headphones bass fine for open headphones ,mids are fine too but not as smooth as the way ether c was. Esp. When it comes to treble, though ether is more open than ether x but treble seems a bit weak its not harsh but it is weak, weak un the sense that it is not able to display n portary character of the treble.ether c seem to have a better separation though lesser sound stage and c seems to have a better overall balance,micro-details was easier to listen on ether c.
    Update : tested it with yggdrasil and ragnarok - soundstage opened a bit more on both, bass became much better on ether and so the presentation as expected due to much improved dac n amp but the weak treble character was still present.
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  8. gab840
    Had a talk with Dan from ether
    He told me that they made their sound characterstics like that
    Ether c has a bith more treble presence
    And you cqn change character of ether by putting ether c pads which will. Help with better treble presence & vice versa.
  9. SMBuscemi
    Any update on if we can get t-shirts from this event?
  10. joshuachew
  11. piotrus-g
    I did listen to HUM demo and custom, but did not directly compare them. HUM is really well sounding IEM, but I don't think I can say more cause of my MOT status
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  12. tassardar
    The Hum was really good. I place it up there with the rest of the top range IEM without the bulk
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  13. third_eye Moderator

    We have a few left at the Registration Desk...
  14. audio123
    Not sure where is the demo for Aria by Vibro Labs
  15. Kiats

    It was good to be able to listen to the 009 and 007mk1 off the BHSE at last. And benchmark against my existing Stax rig which I am listening to right now (LL2 or VAW 8PS). :)
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