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CanJam Singapore 2016 Impressions (February 20-21, 2016)

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  1. thatonenoob
    Singlehandedly the best thing at this canjam.
  2. crashtest33
    They had the Shangri-La there?!! Wow! Bet the queue was out the door!
  3. tassardar
    Actually Shangri la is shorter then Orpheus.
  4. ejong7

    Possibly because its just really hard to get a chance to listen to the Orpheus in SEA and they've heard about it so much before that. The Orpheus 2 hype helps too. The Shangri-La is only really known by people who chase for Hifiman news.
  5. thatonenoob
    Took a short short nap haha...but it's been a great experience for me. Loved meeting everyone and it was absolute fun being together with so many people passionate about good audio. Cheerios!
  6. autumnholy
    Thoughts after the show:
    I'm quite drowsy throughout the first day, and was only 45 mins there in the second due to wrongly purchased early ticket leaving.
    JUPITER: Very very detailed, even more so than my Dunu 2000J. Bass is surprisingly quite present and a lot (at least I was expecting a flatter FR). Ken Ball himself said he preferred the Comply tips because something like it extends the FR while normal silicon tips makes the FR a ^ shape. Something like silicon creates a large contrast on the FR but less extension. <--- My limited understanding on what he's trying to mean due to poor command of English.
    LYRA: I love dynamics because of its decay. And for this reason I love the LYRA. I'm not sure if it's less detailed than the JUPITER, but I really enjoyed it and very very close to buying it. Enjoyable, very.
    IE800: When I'm sober up, this thing is very capable! Gosh, it's really detailed and the stereo separation is wide! The mids are rich, rich without too much treble annoyance. Very very close to buying it too with the great offer!
    ORPHEUS: This one is unobtainium. So I just take it as an experience. I can only say, this stands out from pretty much anything I have ever heard. The test track from Tsai Chin was totally redefined by ORPHEUS from 1991. I may not ever buy it, but I'll remember it for it's really a statement product from Sennheiser.
    FAD LAB 1: This is somewhat obtainable even though the price is not cheap too. It's not good in terms of the entire FR, but the mids... oh mai... Good enough to get it for the mids. Jojo-san can speak Mandarin too.
    QP1r: Aww.. If not for the price tag and godawful UI, I'd have bought that. Let's not talk about the sound, but I'll go nuts with the UI. Really. I wish I could just compile every song I like, and press play and just forget about it.
    SR009 w/ BLUE OCEAN HAWAII: Aww.. sublime... ethereal... really enjoyable. AND WHO SAID STAX NO BASS?

    SOMEWHAT "?"
    SHURE 1500: I'm not shure if it's amazing, but I'm totally shure it's not ideal in loud place. The bass is definitely present, but perhaps due to my source or its own amp, the sound was kinda soft. It'll be unfair to call it a disappointment right now, but I was hoping for more surprise judging from the fact that Jude said it's the best IEM he's heard right now.
    UERR: Yeah, it's detailed. But somehow... maybe I was short of time... That I find like the low, mid and high sounded like they are performed individually rather than together from a source. Very different from the dynamic driver IEMs that I've heard. I'm not sure I heard it right tho.
    RADIUS: I have the old flagship, and the new flagship definitely interests me. Especially the design. Love it much. But the sound, well, not the upper echelon in terms of detail.
    HD800s: I was like.. huh? This thing costs so much than HD800 but it sounds not noticeably... Wait, I'm in the open space, so I don't think it's fair for Sennheiser to put down HD800s.
    AK T8ie: This thing is almost the mini T1. Almost. The flavor is so strikingly similar. With somewhat a little too much bass for my ears. I like bass, but this is a tad more than my liking.
    NOBLE K10U: Uhm... ~.^ I don't know what to say. It's... good I think. Somewhat conventional. Might need longer time to listen and appreciate.
    ETHER w/ YGG+RAG stack: Erm... I blame the noise around. Can't really sit down and appreciate this. It's not bad, definitely. But not WOW OMGBBQ.
    SHANGRI-LA: Speaker-like. I can say. I didn't turn up the volume, and the Norah Jones test track didn't do it justice. 

    ECHOBOX IEM: Wow. It's really not bad! Mainstream, yeah. But it's not bad! Sounds fun, with a little harsh on mids and highs.
    ACS Evolve 5: This thing is quite enjoyable! Would need more listen.
  7. lookingforIEMs

    If you like dynamics, you should have tried the dita IEMs available at the show. If you're still in Singapore, you can try them at E1
  8. somanydynamos
    Tried the Merlin from UM and was told that they have the Merlin 2 coming up this year
    Im a sucker for hybrids and this Merlin 2 rly step up the game
  9. autumnholy
    Yeah, should have. Did the new Dita successfully remove the upper end harshness? It's not really much, but a little bit harsh to my ears. A tiny little bit.
    YES! Those MERLIN MKII is amazing! Clearer than the dual dynamic dual BA one.
  10. noobandroid
    i took the spin on all the booth and tried all the iem, and by far took me by surprise was the rha750i, that i literally tried the second day again and still is surprised and impressed that i took one home, and in flight i became so emotional in listening my songs i got tears running down in flight
    crashtest33 likes this.
  11. Kiats
    As for Stax not having bass, that's only if you use the Stax amps. I've never had any issues with any of my Stax cans in that respect. :wink:
  12. autumnholy
    Oh God I should've tried that.
    That's just hearsay and I have witnessed otherwise!
  13. noobandroid
    i didn't expect something that flew under the radar this long was that good, even earsonics can get packing, contenders will be customs like zeus or um
  14. Kiats

    Indeed... From people who have only heard Stax off Stax amps, if they have even heard one at all... Another of those urban myths. :) Glad you have now heard for yourself. :wink:
  15. noobandroid
    i somehow didnt went into the stax room, but went to all and every single location
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